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Hi this is PJ Graham. Welcome to this week's NABI Chicago News.
Our next local NABI Chicago Tournament is Sunday morning March the 18th
and being hosted by Classic Bowl Classic Bowl is located at 8530 Waukegan Rd
in Morton Grove IL. Their phone number is 847-965-5300 and you can view their website
at This is a bonanza sweeper
being rolled on classic shot#1 which is actually a Kegel sport pattern #2839
This is a 39' pattern with heavier units in the middle
The last time we had this shot out was New Year's Day for the Year End Champioships,
and it saw handicap cuts of 625 for the 1st squad
and (ah) 619 for teh 2nd squad. The eventual champion of that event
Hall of Famer Bill Doyle used a MOTIV Raptor to qualify with and a
MOTIV Primal later in the day for his match play.
If you haven't figured it out by now NABI Chicago is proudly sponsored by
MOTIV bowling. The brand new MOTIV Raptor Attack
was just released, and is specifically designed to handle those sketchy conditions that happen
on sport conditions towards the end of the day.
So ask your local pro shop to get your MOTIV Raptor Attack today.
At outr sweeper at classic on Sunday, check in will open at 9:30am with squads at
10:30am & noon. The bowler with the high handicap series on
the 10:30am squad is guaranteed to finish no lower than 2nd
palce in the tournament. You can cash twice at this tournament
but only once in the top 3 spots. Those bowlers that check in for both squads
at the same time can enter the optional 6-game side event.
We also have some changes to the combo pot this Sunday at Classic.
Even though we've already paid out over three grand in the
combo pot so far in 2012, the strike pot hasn't been hit once
since we brounght in the combo pot onto the tour last May.
So, that's obviously not acceptable. Pots should be difficult - but not impossible.
When we first put this pot together, we copied strike pots
from various centers around the Chicagoland area.
But obviously what they use in leagues, apparently is
too difficult for us to hit on our sport conditions. So we're making a couple of changes this Sunday
at Classic. The first is going from a 2 teri system to
a 3 teir system as far as how many strikes you need to hit
the pot. So we've added a new tier that is specifically
for our bowlers who average 135 to 155.
the 2nd tier is now 156 to 175 and the 3rd tier is 176 and above.
Bowlers in that 1st tier only need 9 strikes the 2nd tier need 10 and the 3rd tier need
12 strikes still - 1 in each frame. So (ah) we also made another change
It used to be that you had to strike on the 3rd shot of the 10th
that would force you to go spare strike or strike, strike,strike in the 10th frame
of game 1 if you were a higher average bowler.
We've changed that. So now that 1st game is now just any strike
in the 10th frame for tier 2 and teir 3 bowlers.
Tier 1 bowlers do not even need a strike in the
10th frame in that game 1. And last but not least, the final change we've
made is when the combo pot reserve
gets over $8,000.00 I know that sounds like a lot of money, but
we're almost there. We're already over $7,000.
So once it reaches over $8,000, we will draw a number
at the beginning of the day, before anybody bowls
between 1 and 9, and that card that's drawn, will
be the frame that will be your "mulligan". So, the way the pot's set up, everybodys got
to strike once between the 3 games in frames 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
& 9 So, now we'll draw a card once it's over 8
grand and once of those frames will be a freebie - you won't
have to strike in it. So hopefully these 3 changes to the strike
pot will see more of you leaving with more cash every weekend
at NABI Chicago tournaments. Our most recent tournament was held Saturday,
March the 10th and hosted by Stardust Bowl in Addison, IL.
This event was using our new NABI Chicago Eliminator format
that we rolled out on the tour in 2011. We ran it 3 times in 2011, and each event
it grew in popularity. That didn't change this time, as it grew again.
46 bowlers showed up for the main squad, including 13 new faces.
So we want to thank everybody for coming out and supporting the club.
For those of you that have never bowled oue Eliminator format,
here's what it is... Instead of having a multiple squad sweeper,
we have 1 big squad that we start out with. Round 1, which is 3 games across 6 lanes
just like normal sweeper. 1 out of 3 bowlers advance to round 2 and
are still bowling. Immediately after that 1st main round
THere's a 2nd chance round for those that didn't make the cut.
Which is a single game and 1 of 3 of those bowlers
advance to round 2 as well. Now round 2 and all subsequent rounds are
single game elimination. So this is fast and furious competition.
We keep cutting the field in half from round 2 and beyond
until we're down to the championship match. All bowlers that advance to round
in this event. So the cashing ratio stays the same as it
is for our sweepers at 1 out of 6.
Once again, more bowlers get to bowl more games which I think is more fun.
Saturday's tournament at Stardust was rolled on their shot #1
which is in fact Kegel Sport pattern #2235. This is the shortest pattern on the NABI Chicago
Tour along with the PBA Cheetah
and bowlers were able to find success from multiple different angles
and multiple different speeds. So everybody was able to find a shot on this
pattern, which was sort of nice.
It took 607 with handicap to advance to round 2 from the main squad
and 207 with handicap to advance to round 2 from the 2nd chance squad.
To go from round 2 to round 3 where the money is,
it took 211 with handicap. To go from round 3 to round 4, it took 206
with cap and then it got pretty serious.
With 5 bowlers left competing for 2 spots in the championship match,
it came down to the 10th frame. And 4 bowlers had a chance to grab one of
those 2 spots. When the dust cleared, Rick Zeller advanced
with a 237 handicap game, and he was joined in the championship match
by 70 year old Ron Maize with a 231.
Just missing were Christian Pimental with a 228
and Vince Mayweather with a 225. Rounding out the top 5 was relatively new
member Eugene Royal, in his 2nd tournament finished
with a 201 handicap game. So that brings us to our championship match.
We're going to split that into a separate video,
for those of you that don't want to watch both or see my ugly face...
and just so you know, I did try to get Debbie to do these newscasts,
but she wasn't comfortable doing it. I know she's much more
pleaasing to the eye, so I'll put some sort of mask or cartooning
over this particular video so you don't turn into stone
when you watch it. The 2nd video from thsi weekend will in fact
be our championship match. I apologize in advance for the quality of
the video. The 1st championship match that we recorded
we used a little... tiny... regular... pocket camera
that also records video. And it came out pretty good,
It just didn't zoom well down the lanes to see the pin decks.
So we brought out our HD Camcorder which supposed to be one of the best made
on the consumer level, and it proceeded to torn out terrible.
I have no idea why, we're trying to figure out if it's
the settings or if the camera itself is broken, but
the autofocus apperently wasn't working so it's sort of blurry
THere seems to ba a little wave going through it
so we do apologize for that and hopefully we'll
have it fixed before the next time we film a championship match.
If you're wanting to see the championship, I'm not going to
give you the result here. Just to leave a little bit of suspense in
the match. Thank you for tuning in to this week's
NABI Chicago News and we hope to see you all out there Sunday
March the 18th bright and early...check in opens at 9:30
at Classic Bowl in Morton Grove.