Remembering Elaine Goren Part 2 of 3

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Then there was Gigi - a poodle who on cue would pee on the floor every time the door
bell rang. There was DJ. A schnauzerÖ Mom had a real affinity for schnauzers. And then
there was another Schnauzer she named Alfie. Mom trained all of them. Well, except Gigi,
she was not very trainable. She taught them tricks, taught them how to behave, rewarded
them for good behaviorÖ hmm.. come to think of it she did the same for us Kids and Dad
Our mom may have come from humble beginnings, and started out as your typical 50ís housewife.
However, she really evolved from a 50ís housewife, to a strong, savvy independent woman. In the
mid to late 70ís she went to college. She loved going to class. One of her course of
studies was Human Sexuality Ö.she loved going back to school, never missed a class!
She really did love to learn. She would pour over medical magazines, and nutrition articles.
My familyís nick name for her was actually Dr. Goren. If you described symptoms of an
ailment, she always knew what it was.
She was a worldly womanÖshe traveled throughout Europe with DadÖShe loved to travel. She
had been to Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Paris, Switzerland,
Austria & Italy. Her most favorite trip however was Israel where at the age of 62 she was
She was an involved woman. Involved with her community. As a very young woman, she became
a member of Ort. And she became a member once again after moving into the Bellagio. Down
here she was also a very active member of the Jewish Heritage Club, The Yiddish Humor
club and Hadassah. While living in Willowbend She sang with the Willow bend chorus. She
would travel with the Willowbend chorus and sing at nursing homes and schools.
Back in Douglaston, she sang as a proud member of the Samuel Field Y Choraleers. She loved
to sing and perform. With the Yiddish humor club she translated many stories from English
to Yiddish, including the Wizard of Oz, where she performed the role of Dorothy in Yiddish.
And Dad proudly photographed and videotaped every single performance she was in.
Not only was she a story teller, she was also a writer. She loved to write poetry and short
stories and at one point in time she would send them out for publication. She may have
received some red slips in the mail rejecting her stories, but she never got discouraged.
She kept on writing!
She was a working woman. For 15 years Mom worked as a Teachers Assistant at the Queens
Center for Multiple Handicapped Children. This was an extremely challenging job. She
would push wheel chairs, and change diapers, and feed the kids. She loved to teach lessons,
and received praise from her co-workers and many hugs and kisses from her students whose
lives she powerfully affected.
She even became just a little bit of an activist. She discovered she had a food allergy to a
food tenderizer& flavor enhancer called MSG. She wrote letters to the FDA to try and get
it taken off the market. In that sense she was ahead of her time. She became very health
conscious, and a hardcore label reader. One day she put a huge poster in the center of
the wall in our kitchen in Douglaston. This poster highlighted every chemical that was
bad for you that was put into food. We went though our refrigerators and pantry and threw
out anything that had ingredients the poster highlighted in red. That was hard for usÖ
no more Lucky Charms due to the artificial color. But, she was passionate about keeping
her family healthy and that had a huge positive influence on all of us.
She was an incredible MOM! She took a real sense of pride in her children. She was so,
so proud of all three of us. She loved us so much.
I hated going to school because it meant leaving her. Very often, a little too often for her
liking, as soon as I got to school, I suddenly had a belly acheÖ (I really did have a belly
ache) So the school nurse would call my mom, and sheíd pick me up from school and take
me homeÖ and she had to take the bus or a cab mind you because she didnít drive. But
she never complained about that. She get to school, give me a big hug and weíd get homeÖ
Sheíd take my temperatureÖ hmm no feverÖ.sheíd look at my throatÖhmmÖ not redÖ sheíd
make me lunch...hmm...youíre hungryÖ guess youíre belly ache is goneÖ. YesÖ Yes it
wasÖ healed by the magical presence of my mommy.
When my brother Bruce was a toddler, about two years old, he enjoyed following mom @
the apartment while she was doing housework. As mom told the story he was ìhelping herî
clean the bathroom sink and he slipped and fell. As he fell he actually ripped part of
his scalp several inches off the top of his head, poor thing he was bleeding and screaming.
Momís natural instincts clicked immediately into gear. Without panicking she picked him
up, wrapped him up and ran down 2 flights of stairs instead of waiting for the elevator.
She ran out of the apt building and two blocks around the corner to a pediatricians office
where they sewed my brother back up good as knew.
Her maternal instincts were so strong; someone else may have panicked and not known what
to do.
She was always calm in an emergency, the perfect mother hen taking care of her baby chicks.
My sister Stacey has a very fond memory of how Mom used to show her love for her. When
Stacey was a child and home sick from school Mom would carefully select Staceyís favorite
foods and place them on a tray and bring them to her. This is a tradition that Mom kept
up as Stacey grew up. For instance, when Stacey returned home from the Peace Corps. Mom prepared
all her favorite foods. Most recently, even as mom was in the grips of her illness, she
managed to direct Stacey to prepare some special Matzoh Ball soup that the two of them shared.
It was a very special moment for both of them. Momís greatest pleasure was perhaps feeding
her husband and children.
Our Mom had a very special appreciation for Jewish cooking; Jewish Soul Food you could
say was her specialty. She did an incredible stuffed cabbage, and her kugel was always
sweet and delicious. Her Matzo balls always floated to the top! She took great pride in
that! She loved to make us ribs. We used to call them brontosaurus ribs, because they
were so huge. She did a special chicken with peaches. And kasha Varnishkas! I think that
was her favorite. She loved to feed her family! She put so so much love into every meal.