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DRAKONIAN CHRONICLES webisode 1 part 2
Drop it.
Take her to the fortress, treat his wounds and lock her up.
Yes, my captain.
Fortress of the Dragon, Taimos-Ruhz
My lord.
Tell me Guideon, what happened on the way to Taimos.
We fell into an ambush.
A strange... warrior, killed all my advance and I could barely keep myself alive.
I think she was looking for my medallion.
This morning I received a report that since the attack...
...several people in the surroundings have asked for you.
The Shape-shifters are here... and they are looking for you.
Those beasts can take human appearance.
We hadn't heard about them since before the Cataclysm...
and this could be due to the influence of your medallion.
I thought it was just a family heirloom.
Did my father knew aobut the secrets of the medallion?
Your father gave you a simple medallion...
...which was in your family since shortly after the Cataclysm.
For him it was just a family heirloom.
Your father knew little more than you on that item.
And you sir?
The deans of the Order of the Dragon know many of the secrets...
...of the lands of Drakonia.
Captain, you don't want to know too much.
Guideon, the precepts of the Order are clear.
Behind these walls you will be safe and so will be the medallion.
However, I deem necessary that no other member of the Order,... that priest or soldier, ...
...knows about the value of the medallion.
Regarding the shape-shifters lurking Taimos,...
well..., we will find the way to keep them off here.
And now captian, go and rest in your room.
It seems that this woman has beaten the hell out of you.
Melek, only you'd dare for this insubordination.
That woman is unusually skillful, a mercenary I guess,...
...has she been interrogated?
That's what I came to talk about
...she refuses to talk,
...only a name is coming out of her mouth...
So I guess you will have to interrogate her yourself.
and you'd better hurry, our men are calling for her head...
And they'll have it,
...tomorrow she will be executed for the murder of our men.
So... are you going to interview her?
Yes, I need answers.
Do you think... you'll need help?
Who are you?
I will only talk to you.
My name is Valeria.
Why did you attack us?
I was just following orders.
From who?
That's none of your business.
Of course it concerns me.
Five of my best men have died and I want to know why.
This medallion hanging from your neck... more than just a family heirloom,
it hides a great secret,
...many are looking for it, they'll come to get it.
It's just a matter of time that they attack the fortress.
I do not know.
But... I know who can answer all your questions.
Get me out of here and I will take you to him.
Tell me Valeria,...
why should I trust a murderer...
who is going to be executed tomorrow...
Because I can be much more of your help than the prior.
He'll never let you leave the fortress.
Because your life and all your loved ones depends on it.
Every man, woman and child in this fortress would die for you Guideon,...
...would his captain give his life for them?
Without doubt.
Then you have no choice.
Leave the Order...
get me out of here...
...and I'll take you to the man who can dispel all your doubts.
I'm not going anywhere, my place is here, with my people.
You fool!
This medallion will be your ruin and that of all your people!
Here they are...