Pescaditos Fritos / Fried Strips Fish

Uploaded by hdroadknights on 21.01.2013

Fried fish recipe
1 cup of wheat flour
1 spoon of baking powder
and salt
add water and mix
by the magic of time here we have it done
2 pounds of fish snook / sea bass
Here we are in the fish market in Mexico City
the fish is cut into strips
you also can do it with red snapper, sierra, pompano, pargo and a variety of other inshore fish species.
Now what we do is to bathe the fish in the mixture and must be well covered with the mixture
put it in the pan with hot oil
I'll do one at a time because my pan is not very large
when you see this color is that it is ready
mmm delicious
let excess oil drain on absorbent napkin
add more fish
this step do it with all the fish that you want to cook
see that crispy fish
mmm delicious
and they got hungry? and want to try?
add lemon juice
add hot sauce
mmm smells delicious
suscribe to channel
let me taste it in front of you
see you in the next recipe