To the Point Episode 45

Uploaded by MCCBlueRiver on 11.10.2010

I like Corn!
No class next Tueasday...

This episode brought to you by the MCC District In-service,
giving you the day off next Tuesday,October 19th.
We have meetings all day....
But I plan to play Suduko!
It’s time again for another College Transfer Day!
Join the folks from the University of Missouri Columbia, this Thursday October 14th, in the Arts and Sciences Gym.
From Journalism to Vet Med, Engineering to Business, Education and Environmental Sciences….
representatives will be on hand to help you transfer to Mizzou.
It's Missouri!
There are no ZZZs in Missouri.
I should know, the N is for Knowledge.

AFJ: Looking for scholarship money? Yeah!!!
Have a3.5 GPA? Yeah!
Then apply to become a member of the 2011 USA Today/CocaCola All-State Academic Team!
You could get $2000 and a trip to Louisiana!! Yeah.
For more information go to
or see Suzanne Boatright in the library! Yeah.
The Blue River Theater Troupe and Metropolitan Chorale are back at it for their 2010-2011 Seasons.
Check out Scenes from American Playwrights October 12th and 14th at 12:45 in the Black Box Theatre AS 124..
or check out the Chorale for Mozart and more October 23rd, at Community Christ Temple.
For more information visit
And now a word from your president.
(Phone rings) Who’s texting me…..
Oh,Dr. Seabrooks.
If you want school closings and emergency text sent to your phone sign up at
Thanks Dr. Seabrooks…SUL, your BFF...smiley face.
And now it’s time for a segment we like to call….What if! (Cheers!)
What if To the Point hosted another pumpkin carving contest?
mmmm...candy corn.
(Muisc) Do you like doing this to Pumpkins? (Cheers!)
Weel, before you smash em, you gotta carve em.
And we at To the Point wanna see em!
So carve out a pumpkin...take a picture...
and post it to the MCC-Blue River Facebook page.
Ben will pick his favorite, and the winner will be annouced during To the Point's
Halloween Sppoktacular!!
The winners will recieve an autographed 8x10,
and lunch on Ben at the Cafe'.
Entries are due by October 25th.

We hope you enjoyed this episode of To the Point.
Don’t forget to take a picture of your pumpkins and post it on the Blue River Facebook page.….
Be sure to join us next time for our
Halloween Spooktackular!
For everyone at MCC-Blue River, I'm Ben Wolfe...
Get to class!!! (Music)

I'm getting another wife...
She says, I'm not funny.
Another show in the toilet.