Shield and Sword (English Subtitles), PART 1 (2/8)

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- It's like new - You're welcome
- Good day - Good day, how can I help?
- I would like a bycicle repaired - I'm sorry, we're closed
- Here is the form - Thank you
Excuse me, your face... Perhaps I knew your father?
- Is he a doctor? - A physician...
- Where is he now? - He died
- When? - In 1923
Where was he buried?
He died of typhus
The hospital burned the bodies to prevent the spread of disease
- You remember your father - Of course
I remember him very well, too. He was a great smoker
I just forgot his favorite... He smoked pipe!
My father was a medic always warned me against smoking
You've mistaken me, my father never smoked
Yes, perhaps...
What time is it now?
Seven to...
More precisely?
Seven to whatever you have on your watch
Same here
Shall we go for a walk?
I'm at your service, you can call me Bruno
I hope you remember that I let you date my daughter?
She had a limp after jumping from a tree
You thought we were going to marry, but she died
Poor child
- What else will you ask? - Please, don't be mad at me
I'm older than you are, however ranks are irrelevant
You can't be too safe...
Rain?.. That's bad for me
Everything is bad for me, according to my doctor
You're right, your father never smoked
Not on a single photograph is Max Weiss seen smoking
Shall we go inside?
In Riga everything is fine
Using Willi Schwarzkopf is a good idea
But you have a competitor: Papke
He will want a good position within the Reich
Pay attention to him
What more, I don't like your night sea cruises
What if, God forbid...
My bad
I will probably be spared from the front lines when I go to Germany
At least our doctors are sure of that
I like that, we will be able to meet freely
I'll contact you myself
Insidious weather...
Preventive measures...
I recommend... For the future
- You should get some rest - Yes...
I hope that you can find a cozy place in the German intelligence
in Abwehr
You must blend-in three times over
Johann Weiss is needed right now
Alexander Belov won't be needed for a long time
Everyone stay calm! Quiet!
Everyone will now head to the immigration control center
There you will be registered and receive new identification
I congratulate you all with the arrival
Fatherland! People! Fuhrer!
I hoped to embrace my brother as well, but...
I'm glad to see you, my boy
My nephew...
I kept my word, met him on the new border of new Germany
In Latvia they didn't even know how close it is now
- Stand back - Heinrich there...
Poland is now behind us
Poor Rudolf...
He knew everything about radios and not much else
Well, my boy...
Uncle Willi, this is Johann
So that's you.
For your services to our family...
If you need anything, find me after the registration
- Is that OK, uncle Willi? - Yes
Now for a short rest and to Berlin
Work, work, work. Destiny itself points to the east.
- Everything's fine - Mr officer I'm not married
You need my blessing?
Mr Papke said it wasn't proper at my age
It can prevent me from finding a job
Look, Schultz, another one.
He's asking for a girl so he can start making troopers for the Fuhrer...
While he avoids the military service himself
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