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Transcript: to be a player
all right what's the show
quick question
was that was between student and the united
the said at one time or
podcasting honey is better than vinegar in the gain
app dividends between using hymie
and uh... vinegar and sent them and the end
there's a big difference actually
and let's separate that therefore items you got their honey and vinegar how to be a player 0:00:37.870,0:00:41.040 a lot of guys who come from the pickup artist industry
uh... you heard about that make it shipped how to be a player 0:00:47.030,0:00:49.430 building that's why
that's values honey than vinegar
you've got to recognize that you know
millions of those super intelligent sites
in your humor doesn't fit average people humor
you guys are pure and they're down here how to be a player 0:01:05.040,0:01:06.790 so you try to make hitting
but one guy that he was making a girl say
well you're cracked
and she was there
so that's what that person
well you're fact file flap how to be a player 0:01:19.240,0:01:21.300 that's what's up
the who did that is a that you do that but she said my skirts
that susan
now bigger
is up
improper humor
just being
uh... mean and nasty also what about is that whole thing of
being the asshole bacteria can be the actual
just be a real man how to be a player 0:01:45.729,0:01:46.950 acts are translated
what asl has
is that confidence in these unattainable
that's the two qualities maples but suppose but
yes i think what we see as the tracks where
tannins uncaring
that kind of stuff
uh... for you guys how to be a player 0:02:03.000,0:02:04.980 that doesn't work
if your argument looking for answers you're one of them
whether you're a nerd dot
it's two one oh
screw this up so that happened in finance and rest of the
no army started to develop
so you got
in the city
so they'll give you the females tom but i'm not gonna yes you are
so it's better for you guys max using type of vinegar but right inside
that simply ending
bend over backwards to please her how to be a player 0:02:41.209,0:02:42.239 simply is
she said something he does
brentwood group
correctly stated the show that did yesterday
sets their vast
uh... looking for text all the time
obviously bigan
people would like to see the pussy
being nice
is just being gentleman about dates uh... i hope the doors for girls
that part or support you know i want to be only
over the world
eyes that this morning
to radio young lady who was heather uh... gag kids behind
i hold the dorm for old folks too
that's been nice how to be a player 0:03:21.169,0:03:23.329 uh... i don't pull out of her last year
at the table
idols about the judgments on
but high
i do
conical tonight's i'd love it
so uh... i hope that
helps with the difference
assembling is
you don't you put the woman
pedestal at you sympathize with their this is their first sympathizer how to be a player 0:03:45.509,0:03:48.889 you're with a strong surprises
and that's your personality
i believe in using niceness
as a tool
but you have a whole uses a tool
notes how to be a player
came as close to
use it
yes it is
hey player how's it going
since learning to gain by learn to listen and pay attention
towards the said
narrowed to solve the women sing
that player should
pay attention to me
appear to have the studios
make responsibly
the heartening is that
in the middle show
acuity right out of the woods
so when you set me stuff like this you know
i would come in here to look
and start to show adverse or israel
uh... that's report the incident
on how to be a player
locator unit that one
let's see if i can listen to uh... you're the one real quick
alike reruns music
elect which looks to
just like
i don't think so
what's wondering
though could save money
was monday
for caterpillar
season rate
totals three
i would love there
your unit for you
here how to be a player
those innocent best songs that criminalistics
just kept up with me
and shit like that uh... social network movie
is also asked about social networking will be
others say the guy the guy should watch the first few minutes the show how they come across
the web
that's good news
a lot of guys that are dinners they say the nightmares about realizing there's
but they still had never been touting
i've seen that
time and time again
i went and uh...
als that uh... fries yesterday
and i picked up one of these things
uh... given notebooks
and importantly were released
two dinners
state worker alerts
you know types
when he had really long
long stringy hair
is born into our
the other guy was this big fat white guy
that's what
is bottles that wonderful that hit a flat ass how to be a player
anything major
they carefully
walk among us outside
but there are nervous
your letters
but they're nervous
mirror spirit
next conference kicker strike
and watching your show on youtube
for quite some time now
even just your videos on youtube
not be in many ways
applied all around the sun appear constitute program how to be a player
i'm not sure how it works
are going to see what you know from you
uh... road you should look
uh... outs you should've gotten email everyday
if you're using hotmail close
please go get a gmail account
we've had so much trouble hotmail
hotmail rejects everything comes through
yahoos that also
yahoo you can define in your spam
if you're sample of my programs we get mailed everyday accomplice caterham against program
yep hotmail or yahoo chicken it doesn't come
check your spam folders
also keeping eight now
if that means anything works
uh... paper also in the way toothpaste saliva
don't know
how deeply
uh... you give your credit card please help
i guess s which prompted
that that works to what's you still can not you think the power
i let me know what's going on there
thereabouts write me back let me know
i'm piece a meter paparazzi bessmertnykh
and uh...
i heard you to go get
eight just as a free
gmail account
uh... clearly
but you can't get out you know anyway so just use them how to be a player
and you guarantee to get older
mail every day
as i said a hotmail sucks ass pls
uh... storms no anywhere
sorted out
the emails
and a lot for
let you guys is the last
week alone
and i will go hotmail this recent change something but there like a new corporate
somethings they do recently
uh... must be stopping mail from getting through
who knows what you guys writing this email to cite urge you
if you get one more programs
please how to be a player
at gmail account
did you get your mail id
or a world where one of those
doesn't matter
anything but yahoo and
they're really good at keeping spam
uh... we might yahoo account every
few days of once a week
it's not working
elements of spam
so how to be a player
that's absolutely
passages that show on site
and i'm gonna pass on some missing information you've got
we wake up in the morning
want you to review prom
that shortly
when you wake up reaffirm
of multiple comple
in everyday
overuse of the two
new marketing
possible its
i_q_ i did come up with this
so most of the southbound instead knackered
player how to be a player
new marketing in the marketing
sorry he wanted to
new marketing possibilities
as a player again tomorrow so winds are blowing offline
no matter where you are driving the car i think the girls driving the car
right where you are
you want to be wants you
new marketing possibilities
i gave michael's mister
argued that same assignment to you guys
or to go to a baller
bookstore or
schools reflect that
i want to post up
but i want you to observe
also watch the girls
trusted growth funds in your view
or walk by and continuously
central keeps walking by
that happens
did your marketing presentation is okay
if nothing happens
in women domestic near you
this woman o'hara how to get your attention basic near you it hope that you may have talked
to the walk by new hope you're going to stop
that's how they are highly improper
all right so different model whatever
uh... school whatever
post up
an observer if you do not get looks for i contact or a task traffic stops centenarian
messed up
there's something wrong in your marking presentation
that's fine you
you gotta get fixed
tambocor you're wearing bad close to the game that do not attract the i that's why i told
a group of builds or decides that shit dot
it sort of also all-time beasts
but uh...
uh... adults we've addressed their shit like that how to be a player
we just did an analysis of
uh... they don't shop arkansas
desires to sell these inexpensive uh... jeans and we get it done at our video on their products
of excellent without website the site will be done this week is called how to dress for
me and dot com
uh... we have
a excellence book program a program of their also on the site you can order
uh... discover product is not the first product
founded we looked at it looked good
tocqueville's out also
she'll be available for consultations uh... biggest ten dollars for ten minutes a sausage
isn't due a video for your audiophile or whatever uh... email response within ten minutes
but just let me ask you to a close unique but she'll
see what she needs
uh... basically
close-up headshots and full body shots
she'll be also billed to
you can hire hurts to look at you before you go out
to the club
she'll tell you
what looks good what does it look good
that's very important if you want computing n c gets the club's awsome to tell you what
looks good
estimate partners popular
uh... i wasn't going to want it to this community
per se how to be a player
but im sent one and it's only has about
uh... i'm actually going to great per site
and every mother's
like thirty thousand guys looking for that team he worked there how to dress for mezzo
that was one of them are pretty what i want to help you guys also
and that's why i will be a
by sunday
i've been last month and working homework
from a mentor that i'm working with that
treatment to teach me how to
unless there was a properly
as a marketing tool
and i've got a lot of homework uh... do in fact
uh... are busy for the rest of the works includes
it's friday
you get out there to the clubs
if your child porn is concerned that sir
wilson is still since
stern will reopen workers
spreads car
we don't spring under guild house sometime of oil red how to be a player
in brussels regardless of a built-in townhouse how to be a player