RIT Athletics 2013

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Announcer: It's a new era of success and pride for Rochester Institute of Technology
Jamie Martinez: I've had an amazing experience so far.
Eliot Raibl: You have all the orange tee shirts, the Corner Crew and the band and it's a
rush. Lou Spiotti: This is a special time in our
R-I-T, with a rich and respected history of achievement, has more than 500 student athletes.
Ronnie Canestro: I believe this school perfectly fits me, especially playing two sports and
the academic rigors you need in life.
Jamie Martinez: You're really getting tough competition that prepares you for the national
Announcer: In 2012 the women's hockey team reached the pinnacle by winning the NCAA Division
Three championship. Two years earlier the men advanced to the
Division one frozen four.
And now both RIT hockey teams compete in Division One.
The University, members of the Liberty League, also has 22 teams excelling at the Division
Three level... RIT annually has a large contingent of athletes
receiving All-America and All-Academic honors.
Tanesha Hiller: By winning the national championship last year, it was probably the greatest experience
I've had here. Through sports, through school I'm a more balanced person. I know what
I want, I strive for that.
Lou Spiotti: We're really proud of our athletic accomplishments, but even more proud of the
fact that we feel we do it right.
Liz Masterson: We do a really good job of putting on events to make sure that the student
athletes have an enriching experience on the field, develop as leaders off the field and
can really be model citizens on campus.
Sean Sercu: Everyone wants to be a national champion so we work hard at that, but we also
want to be a scholar All-American.
Announcer: With brand new state of the art facilities for training, fitness, recreation
and competition, RIT continues to be at the forefront of college athletics.
And the investment in athletics continues with more improvements now and in the years
to come.
Liz Masterson: Everyone is always astonished by the quality of the facilities that we have
and constantly comment about how they rival division one programs.
Announcer: Located in Greater Rochester, New York, RIT's excellence begins in the classroom.
The university has world renowned programs with eight leading colleges.
The campus and surrounding area has been energized with new buildings and improvements...providing
an enriched college life experience.
Eliot Raibl: Our professors are so willing to help and I think that the GPA reflects
that on a team to team basis. Sean Sercu: I completed an internship through
my major and it got me into the real world fairly quickly. I haven't even graduated
yet and I've got a full-time job. Lou Spiotti: We have the true student-athlete.
They come here, they come here for an education first and foremost and they're not to be
denied. We support that, we believe that academics come first.
Jake Coon: Athletically you're going to be challenged. You have the opportunity to
succeed here and academically, same thing, you're going to be challenged in the classroom.
You're going to have the opportunity to succeed both in school and after school.
Announcer: RIT student athletes have gone on to successful and distinguished careers
in business and industry.
Dr. Jacquie Mozrall: I was very fortunate I got a great educational experience and coupled
with that I had a great experience being involved in intercollegiate athletics, playing soccer.
Sean Bratches: A lot of things that I use today at ESPN to support our continued growth
are things that I learned at RIT. Matt Hamill: When I won that national championship,
I feel like it was a special opportunity, it was a special time that I will never forget.
Alexa Martinez: I was completely happy with my decision to come here and it's been completely
perfect. Sean Sercu: It was a completely life changing
experience. Tanesha Hiller: Coming to RIT has been the
best years of my life.
Announcer: From proud alumni to today's new generation, Tiger student athletes continue
a legacy of distinguished success at the Rochester Institute of Technology.