BONJOUR STAR WARS (Disney - Star Wars Parody)

Uploaded by Comediva on 14.11.2012

Help me, Obi-Wan, you're my only hope...
I've said it before, but not in song...
They're too short to be Stormtroopers.
Is this some Imperial plot....?
Bonjour! Greetings! You're here! Hey there!
There goes Darth Vader, he's Force-choking Mickey
Obi-Wan wants to train Mulan.
None of the Princesses have guns...
...their hair is not in buns.
I have a very bad feeling about this!
Look there she is, that brazen, strange new princess
Does she have bagels in her hair?
Never misses any shots.
But her temper's fiery hot.
No denying she's a strange princess, that Leia.
Bonjour! Good day! I'm C-3PO. Salam! Ni hao!
I'll help translate!
My Padawan!
My name's Mulan.
Someone get this walking carpet outta my way!
Look there she goes, that girl is so peculiar.
I heard she kissed her brother once.
Just once! We didn't know!
With a sword made out of light.
Seems that Yoda might be right.
He's not like other shining knights, that Luke!
1:58 Jedi. I'm a Jedi. Like my father before me!
Ohhhh! Why are we all singing?
I'd much prefer a blaster fight!
Who is that ugly Ewok?
If he's anything like Wicket, he probably bites...
Now, it's no wonder she's an angry princess....
...Daddy issues, she does have!
Daddy issues aren't that weird, all the parents are dead here.
Not so different from the rest of us.
I'm nothing like the rest of you!
You've worn a metal bikini too!
And she looked damn hot in it.
Before Darth Vader froze me stiff in carbonite,
she said, "I love you," I said, "I know."
'Cause Lando sold me out.
What the hell was that about?
You can keep your damn rebellion, Your Highness!
Look there he goes, an odd Prince Charming.
That roguish grin is disarming!
He's so my type, my diamond in the rough.
Back off, that scruffy Nerf Herder is mine!
Who's scruffy-looking?
Maybe I could fit in here.
My best friend IS an animal.
Oh boy!
Nice ears. Gosh, I've never met another guy with ears so big before!
Size matters not.
I've got a very bad feeling about this.
I find your lack of faith disturbing.
At least we get Episode 7! And George Lucas isn't at the helm!
May the Force be with you!
Look, I'm a wizard!
Help me, Obi-Wan, you're my only hope!
Trust me, eventually, you'll learn to cope!
Droids, mermaids, Jedi all living together
May the Force be with each one of us!
We can learn to co-exist...
If I rule with an iron fist!
'Cause she really is a strange princess...
This really is a funny world...
'Cause she really is a strange princess / This really is a funny world... Leia!
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