Battlefield Heroes - Robots v2

Uploaded by bfheroes on 23.01.2013

This is news from the world bringing you the latest updates!
The space race is far from over as both sides continue to make giant leaps in the field of science.
After a less than stellar start to their space program,
National scientists now report that they successfully installed their first functioning surveillance satellite in low Earth orbit.
Even though the fighting on the moon continues,
National and Royal scientists have now deemed the moon safe for robotic exploration.
But soon after the first detachment of volunteer robots arrived on the moon to mine its riches,
it became apparent that the tools provided for them were if not inefficient, then highly unsuitable.
Unsatisfied with their working conditions, the robots unionized in an effort to make their demands heard.
The ensuing strike had catastrophic effects on the arms industry,
as the flow of essential resources for war production dwindles.
Attempts to substitute strategic resources with more abundant materials,
have so far been unsuccessful.
Both scientific communities quickly implemented an extensive upgrade program,
in an effort to get the robots back to work.
But after the upgrade, the robots have been far more eager to join the fight,
than with the menial task of mining.
And on both sides, robots are now arming themselves and heading for the frontline.