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finally, you've chosen wich side you belong
toghter we'll rule hundreds of these planets
i can't wait
i don't want to disappoint you but...
i think you gotta slow down a bit
nicolas, kill him and open the gate to our father
alex, why don't you join us, you don't belong to this planet
i love this land, that's the place where i grew up
what about you... you don't even love yourself
i'm a son of a God my friend, i have nothing to do with humans
you're wrong, more than you imagine
don't you remember his words? and why he sacrificed his life?
you're ruining everything
he? that poor stupid?
this is like ends who refuse his own nature
you got out of mind bro...
you need a life's lesson
finally, this is what i wanted
did i see the future again?
i'm franco
sara, alex isn't arrived yet?
you're a policeman aren't you?
please my boyfriend is missing since last week, can you help me to find him?
hey what you doing?
sshh we're not alone
mom.... hmph mom there is no time for these bullshits
alessio was at school today?
why everybody wants to kill me lastly hah?
guardians, nothing personal but i gotta take your heads
hey i don't even know you, what you want from me?
i never hurt anybody , only the boxers against me...but they were boxers
and then who's this child?
hey, nicolas is speaking
nicolas , perfect timing my friend
there is something strange?
noo they just trying to kill me , so it's everything normal
listen , my bro is missing, i don't want to think he's in danger
but , maybe is yours the child that have these guys
tell me where you are
at the wood by the playa
let's give me that child
hey mate , easy...
in this cases is important to stay calm
leave that girl or i will smash you down
everybody stay calm please
here we are
hey , you could get arrested for this
you don't want me approach you hah?
do you know when guardians cannot use their powers?
when they feel pain
are you alright?
listen, you're not safe here, come back home and close up inside
where you brought him?
in a safe place