Redirect Script | Mobile User Agent Detection Script Generator

Uploaded by mobilemoxie on 09.04.2012

Hi my name is Cindy Krum and I'm the CEO of Mobile Moxie. At Mobile Moxie we've developed a
groundbreaking mobile marketing tool set to help make mobile marketers
more effectively. One of the most important things for mobile marketers is
automatically get visitors to the right version of the page based on the device that
they are on. This process is called user agent detection and redirection and
we've created a tool to help generate the scripts that you're serving
needs to do it properly.
The tool assumes that you using parallel site structure across all versions of your
So the first thing that you do is you put in the base URL for all the versions of
the site that you'd like to map. You can map things across as many as four
different device types, including desktop, mobile,
wap and tablet. Below that we even have options for a specific types of
phone redirection if you an iPhone specific site, an Android phone
specific site, or
other landing pages that you want specific types of phones to redirect to. So in our
example we'll just do a mobile version of the Sears desktop site.
So we will put in the desktop field, and in the
mobile field. Choose what type of sever the user-agent detection code will go on and then you
hit the generate code button. You will need to download the user agent detection script in set it
up on your server, then copy and paste the code in the text box; Labeled step 2, and
put that on all of the pages on your site that are using the redirection.
To try this and other awesome mobile marketing tools for free
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