Shogun Interview part 1 of 3

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Special Sensei SporTV on the air with the best of martial arts.
We will see how our most famous HW, Rodrigo Minotauro, is doing and right after Sensei, SporTV will transmit UFC 110 live.
As always, I try to win by submission or by KO. I think it’s interesting you always try to finish your fight, so it's something I always look for.
And a courageous interview with Mauricio Shogun, who in May will make one of the most discussed rematches in modern MMA.
Shogun had promised not to give anymore interviews, but Sensei SporTV broke his silence by finding the challenger to Lyoto Machida's belt in the middle of “Carni-fight”
The Carnival from UDL
We can definitely say that this interview was all “samba”
We don’t even stop for Carnival, we were even joking the other day when I met with three friends of mine who were all traveling and asked me where I was going for Carnival
I said I was going to “Carni-fight”
Training has already started actually, right in the Carnival season
I had no choice, I rather train than go to Carnival
Right now we’re only doing light training, mostly for my physical preparation and condition, and next month I’ll train mostly for my tactic preparation
Every father has a soft heart, to me that was one of the most emotional times in my life, to see my daughter being born
I taped the whole thing, I thought to myself that I’d be cool, but my legs ended up trembling once she was born
I thought I was so used to the adrenaline high from all of my fights and that this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it really shook me
I will try to be the best father in the world, an available father
I joke that she’ll be someone's girlfriend, maybe when she’s around 15
Once she’s 18-19 and she starts bringing boys home, I’ll show them my fights and tell them “we'll talk later”
He’s a very protective father, when he’s home he stays all day with “Duda”
He showers her, changes her diapers.
When she gets a little smelly is when he says “momy; go breast feed her”
He thinks that any little smell is time to feed her
Go with your mom
Dana White called me to go to the US
told me he had a surprise for me; to fight Lyoto for the title
Before I thought that I’d need at least another win to fight for the title
So I was happy for the opportunity, and used that as a motivation
I came back to Brazil training already
Lyoto is someone very hard to train for, given his style
He’s a guy that is different from other fighters, his game is different
The first thing I did was to bring in someone to train with that does what he does
Every time I fight I always look for the KO or subs, but Lyoto is very dangerous and always fights in counter-attack mode
so I was a bit more cautious with him because I was sure he wanted me to expose myself
As the fight played out, my corner was telling me I was winning the fight, and right before the 5th round my corner told me if I win this round the fight is mine
So in our perspective we were winning through the 5th round, so why expose myself if I’m winning the fight?
So that’s what happened. If I was losing the fight instead, I’d have been more aggressive and risk myself more
This fight is yours Mauricio
You won all the rounds, all of them
So that’s it, let’s go!
Look, I have no regrets, because the fans recognized my victory and so did the media
Obviously if I knew that the judges were giving the advantage to Lyoto I would have been more aggressive
but I do not blame my corner because their opinion was the same as 95% of the people that watched that fight
So I don’t blame my corner and obviously if I knew that was going to be the decision I’d have done different things in the fight
Let’s go champ. This is all you, let’s go
Am I winning?
You’re winning, this is your round, all three rounds
Lyoto is an athlete who has great striking, and some surprising strikes as well and he tries to trip you with his front leg
So I was well aware of that, he’s the type of fighter that likes to fight on the defense and I’m the type of fighter that likes to fight on the offense
I fought in a way that I was advancing and he was backing up, and that’s the way I trained
I believe I had the advantage in 4 rounds. I was always looking to finish the fight
The strikes I was throwing were strikes that had purpose to connect in such a manner to end the fight
Shogun, obviously is a great fighter, but you can tell that he was making a game to win the fight on points
I watched Lyoto’s interview in Sensei, I know Lyoto for a long time, and he’s a cool guy. He always carried himself well
So what he said is what he believes, but I disagree with him in certain things. I believe he thinks this way because it was him on the other side. So I disagree with him
If you look at the statistics for this fight, my strikes against his, you’ll see that I hit him more
He claims that he was hitting more on my face but if you look at the statistics I even hit him more on his face than him on mine
This is not even counting the kicks to the ribs and legs
there are people saying that leg kicks don’t win fights, how so? It’s a strike, I am hurting him
He broke his ribs, he hurt his knees. How am I not trying to end the fight?
His father said in an interview that if it was any other fighter, they would have gone down in the first round. How was I not being aggressive with him?
So it’s different perspectives