DIY DSLR Viewfinder (550D/t2i) - 15€ tutorial - PROlike #1

Uploaded by JKProduktion on 12.02.2012

Hey everybody, welcome to PROlike gear where we make builds for your set, looking and working like professional products but being inexpensive.
My name is Jano Kaltenbach and actually this is my first English speaking tutorial I ever did in my life – so I hope you can enjoy it, I hope you are gracious to me.
Today we start with this: a DIY viewfinder for your DSLR or video camera. It’s very easy to make, very inexpensive, check this out!
Looks nice, doesn’t it? This little baby with a soft eyepiece, a very strong, light and waterproof body? It magnifies your LCD 3x and costs me around 15€ in production.
Let’s go!
I assembled the viewfinder out of only three main parts: from the home depot I got black foam board, 0.3mm thickness and also a pipe seal fitting to my eye with a radius of 40mm.
On Amazon I found the main part of our DIY viewfinder, the rectangle loupe. I will provide the link here below.
Also we need this: adhesive for our foam board and a carpet knife to cut it. Let us go directly into building process.
I started by measuring out the distances. We take a folding rule and mount a simple object on top of it. Then we take the loupe, which I had to break out
of it is case and measure out the distance you need to get a sharp and magnified image of our testing object. Also you have to remember to use the eyepiece on it.
Then we take our LCD and measure out the size of it. Also we have to add the thickness of our foam board to the larger sides of the LCD screen.
With this data we could draw a perfect sketch for the body parts. We also have to mark the ellipse for the eyepiece with the parameter of our pipe seal.
If you want to build the viewfinder for your Canon t2i or 550D, as called in Europe, you can use this template I will provide below.
Because actually I build this viewfinder for my Canon t2i and I am a nice guy…
Next step: cutting. We simply cut out the parts with a carpet knife after sticking on the sketches. We also make the hole for the eyepiece.
After finishing the parts we glue them together and put the loupe into the body – before we finish the body by assembling the eyepiece-side.
The final step is to easily mount the pipe seal on the viewfinder’s body. And finished!
Actually the first documented PROlike build.
To finally use it you could mount it with rubber bands to your camera. Or you mount a stripe of foam board
from the camera’s to the viewfinder’s bottom, drill a hole into it and mount it with a tripod screw.
Simple but professional. This was the first PROlike tutorial.
I hope you liked it, leave a comment below. I will be back in the future with more tutorials if you like.
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I will be back, see you next time and good bye!