Toastmasters Story Telling Advance Manual Speech 1

Uploaded by capitaljoy on 18.11.2012

we started on it
is pale pictures
but you
happiness a ball
it's a story about
a farmer
who lives in far western part of Nepal
he was
one of the most
happiest guy ever lived
they live in family of four
he has a son
wednesday has little startup dania fl
he has his rice field
just ten minutes
run from his house
he wakes up early in the morning
do his exercise
and run to his field
students read
hero's death
thing dancing
dozens halls happiest blackberry
rice field is surrounded by treatment arguably here is the unified so if you
have the problem is yet but it worked
he analyst at good harvest withdrawals
examples apple howell wilson films
and with the prettiest weekend
get his appeal
by three meeting together
so what would be it what to do it
individually wintergreen back into school
yeah let me go back home dancing and singing it dot no ability
wasn't it
that was created
they are very very happy
as that
is what that without it
and his mother died when he was fourteen
and it was that
over the last word you heard from mob
anti dipti
and mantra
so people happy
teammate everything by himself
from the fourteenth
even forty two thirty
if not great
no sorrow no worries
this lead
if alleghenies
all about
with bullets
it's got to get speedy
who was a policy trent lott pins
etype buddy holly scarecrow was everywhere
you have
he dying
the product appleone winds winning walked eight
and water
people often
softly defensible
balls all the day
but does not getting approved
don't will look for them
you have around the stall the people's thoughts
deciding police dogs one day
on what you
e-cadherin stones
was really good let's
i did and start hitting the books
gift giving the book needs to
he had to grow up because the boot
and it's getting a lot
dating users
k anna anne
bob dole
the fight against
like that
it's not a began seventeen is targeting
for you
his son also spotted had no
but monday
through methods and
somebody not and snow
was that
won the door
uh... old man
with the long here
along here like here
ground old seventy years old
but not every
it is that the people there i think so
obscene voted for it
d_h_ and then the house
welcoming twofold
uniform impact
prosecutor into the field
then heaped in
the same to repeal
at all about it too dot in that
and op ed
so used
and aust
if i want to repeat that please
phone won't be surprised
what's the matter
and ox
because the pace
the state makes
with people
have ab
lawyers that
bread all of his
racist or collected during composed yes
in all the great here
custody out with them that
the exact
and hip-hop and rap
it was because very
and you talked about as and always will be
went up
that was the wheel
listening to that
the problems instead
a matches file
what world
last i'd definitely something to stop being the first
and statements that you know
he was the akeystar all of a sudden
when did you
those what happened different bag
in the back
moby dick
blowing it
you have
he with apple of my you bought those things
hugh grant all in
might be didn't happen in life
and you will be there
was the way the animals that is that
but you know it
find he is not doing the value
but the bedding
while it
is not black
the payment value
and them
for the follow-up
there was still a m values
he was going to get rid of the gloves
wasn't alone
you are and was unions
not fortune
so that might
it with incident
the bit more about the story is
lawns and happy
week what you have
being present
is normal
get back past
let's finish
the future is due in the present not passed
present if
kitchen if they were
thought they could be a little bit
dole it would be worried bubble boss that little q