Gianluigi Castelli - Executive Vice President Information & Communication Technology

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We are here with Mr Gianluigi Castelli,
The Executive Vice President of ICT at ENI,
who will help us understand this project
of IT Transformation,
how it will start, and what
it will entail.
The IT Transformation project is a project in continual evolution,
putting many points in line
without at the start claiming
to have a comprehensive organic vision.
The first step is the necessity of having a new Data Centre.
At this point we decided to plan it
to be highly energy efficient
so much so that we feel that
at least for a certain period of time,
it will be the best example of energy efficiency in the world.
The Data Centre is then a kind of pretext
for initiating a more deep rooted act of reflection concerning
a comprehensive review Of ENI's Information Technology.
The next step we have planned is this:
once we have a container,
if you like,
with a highly technological content
the question is "what shall we put in it?"
Do we put the old machines in there,
the old calculators we already have
or do we seize the opportunity to execute substantial technological renewal?
We decided to try to investigate this new stage.
A stage that calls for the creation of
of a computing infrastructure of homogenous level machines
that can be used
with a high level of flexibility and dynamism.
The step after that:
"but once we have new machines
will we transfer all the applications we have today
the result of decades of ENI's IT history?"
Our view is that a technological
break of this kind should really
be accompanied by a similar applications break,
so we have decided to tidy up our house
instead of transferring all the applications
we have launched a program
that identifies which applications it will be
useful to transfer to the new
environment, which should be eliminated,
and which can be modified
to better satisfy the company's needs.
Once the applications pool has
been defined, the last step leads us to reflect upon
the methods used to manage these applications.
thanks to the newest solutions the market has to offer,
we have decided to push virtualisation as far as possible
almost to 100% in fact,
so the final step is to
build a private cloud where
all the processing power,
all the available applications
are managed in a totally dynamic way
based on the effective demands of our internal colleagues.
So, Mr Castelli,
to summarise the project
what are the fundamental key points?
There are 4 fundamental key points:
the construction of a new Data Centre,
the design and creation of a new technological infrastructure,
the revision of the entire applications pool
and the definition of a different operating model,
all within in 36 months.
Another big challenge for ENI then?
A very big challenge and a big opportunity
because we are building the foundations of ENI's IT systems
initiating in 2013.
Thank you.