Mortal Kombat Conquest-Episode 11-Plus Fort Que Le Sang

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Join me. You have earned it.
An honour, Scorpion.
No honour. Only victory... or failure.
I can do better. I beg for another chance.
Then you shall have it. A chance to die.
Get over here!
In each of us there burns a soul of a warrior.
In every generation, a few are chosen to prove it.
Centuries ago in a time of darkness and fury that fate befell three strangers.
A monk - Kung Lao...
An exiled guard - Siro...
And a thief - Taja...
Who have to defend our Earth Realm from the forces of Outworld.
By fighting for their lives.
By fighting for their honour.
Your soul is mine!
And by fighting for their realm.
It's the burden you must carry.
In a tournament called... Mortal Kombat.
No more. Please.
- We just started. - I think he broke my arm.
Well, in that case, I think we just finished.
You should have been able to take that hit.
What, are you kidding? I've never seen that move.
Isn't that why you're here?
To learn new techniques, to commit to what we're doing here?
Yeah, but I at least thought I'd survive the training.
Look, I didn't mean to hurt you.
- I just had to see what you can do. - Here's what I can do.
How's the training going? That good, huh?
- KUNG LAO: That bad. - Another bust.
- Well, he sure looked like he could fight. - He was big enough. And real slow.
Well, I guess the Trading Post is mine now. I'm gonna open up.
Why don't you give me a hand?
How many does that make now?
A dozen maybe. A couple had potential though.
In their bodies, but not their hearts.
Yeah, most of these guys come in just looking to learn...
a few good moves and then take off.
We need fighters that will dedicate, that have the will to win.
Well, it's not your fault none of these guys have what you're looking for.
I mean, you found us.
I'm awesome.
He's okay.
I guess the answer is we just gotta keep looking.
The Trading Post...
- Could you tell me where I could find it? - Yes, it's over there.
- Oh, thank you. - You're welcome.
Here you go. We should be getting more cinnamon in next week.
- Thanks. - Thank you.
- What can I do for you? - Is there a man here named Siro?
- Maybe. Who wants to know? - An old friend.
Well, any old friend of Siro's would know he's lived here for many years.
We haven't seen each other in a very long time.
Are you his wife?
Siro, married? You must not know him very well.
Or you don't.
He almost married me. Once.
Siro, get down here now.
What's wrong?
Hello, Siro.
- What are you doing here? - We need to talk.
- It's a little too late for that. - Well, it's about your brother.
- Is he dead? - No, no. Well, at least I don't think so.
- You don't "think" he is? - He's missing. I'm afraid he's in trouble.
Not my problem.
After all these years, are you still blaming him for what I did to you?
Can we... can we talk alone?
Oh, uh, it's okay. Really. I'm... I'm like family.
Let's go.
Damn! Just when it was getting good.
- It goes well. - An army in the heart of Earth Realm.
It will be soon. My numbers grow daily.
Your numbers?
It would be well to remember why you're even here.
To do what you cannot - fight in the Earth Realm.
I find the men and turn them into warriors.
I found you.
The sorcerer released your soul only to see you defeated and humiliated.
It was I who was able to retrieve you from NetherRealm.
To lead my...
To lead in my name.
You can be returned to your agony at any time... creature.
Bow to me.
Yes, Emperor.
Now go do your job.
Watch the place for me.
Hey, the trading part in Trading Post is yours.
You want it, you run it.
Oh, come on, Kung Lao, just for a few minutes.
I do plenty of favours for you.
Well, how long will you be?
Welcome. May I help you?
After all this time, you still hate me.
I put a thousand miles between us, Hanna.
- What are you doing in Zhu Zin? - Following Cassar.
He was restless, wanting to travel.
And so you tagged along...
- like a good little... - Wife.
More wine.
I've gotta celebrate my new sister-in-law.
I'm sorry, Siro. But it happened, just like these things do.
I'm touched you came all this way to tell me.
I need your help. I'm here because something's happened to him.
He's left me.
First time? Or happen often?
After all the fear I swallowed to come to you...
and all I get is the cruellest thing you can think of to say.
He's in trouble, Siro.
He's your problem now.
- He's your brother. - Bad blood.
- Don't just sit there. Go after her. - What are you doing here?
- Spying on me? - Enough to hear what an ass you're being.
Stay out of this, Taja. You don't know anything about what's going on.
I know you have a brother and there's something wrong with him.
And if you don't help him and her now, you're never gonna forgive yourself.
Then I'll just have to live with that, won't l?
We need to talk.
- Did Siro send you? - No, I came on my own.
I wanna help you.
Thank you, but I don't think anybody else can.
I shouldn't have come.
No, no, you did the right thing. Who else are you gonna turn to?
It's very complicated.
- Two brothers, one woman. - He hates me and Cassar.
Well, I don't know about his brother, I didn't even know he had a brother.
But it's pretty obvious he's still crazy about you.
- What? I mean, you heard him. - Yeah, all the anger and meanness...
just a cover for his pain. He's still hurt. He's a good guy, Hanna.
And he'll help you if you can get through to him.
He just needs time to deal with seeing you again, that's all.
You'll see. Come on.
He'll never have her.
This would be perfect.
- Where is she? - Where's who?
- Taja. Where the hell is she? - Right here.
- Well, you're unbelievable. - All right...
I admit it wasn't my finest moment...
but you can't let your feelings for Hanna...
stand in the way of doing what you know is right.
Who's Hanna?
Siro's old girl. She ended up marrying his brother.
Damn it, Taja, this is none of your business.
He's missing, Siro. Hanna's got a bad feeling about this.
She said on their way here, he started acting real strange...
disappearing for long stretches.
Well, now he's vanished completely. No word. Nothing.
- Maybe he just got sick of her. - I don't think so.
The point is, she's worried and you should be, too.
Why? They never give a damn about my feelings.
Well, maybe if you'd stuck around, instead of running off...
things would have ended up differently.
You had a hell of a talk, didn't you?
What else did she tell you? How I am in bed?
No, but remind me to ask her later.
You two going to beat on each other or tell me what's going on?
I'll explain it later.
She's outside. If you want me to, I'll send her away.
Do whatever you want.
None. I am pledged to you, Scorpion.
As I am to you. From the moment you were chosen.
Like the others, you now have a place in this world. And a leader.
Yes. And I wish to help.
I know you're building a force. I know a woman.
An extraordinary spirit.
- Will she join? - I know she will...
but you've sworn me to secrecy.
I haven't told her yet.
Bring her to me.
She's being held against her will.
I may need help freeing her.
You always have help now.
I got Hanna settled in Jen's old room. Kung Lao said it was okay.
This isn't going away, Siro.
- You don't understand. - Then help me. Let me hear it from you.
You've never told me anything about your family, where you're from...
- how you... - Nothing to tell.
I couldn't sleep.
I'll go back upstairs.
Stay if you like. I'm going out anyway.
He might stay like that for a while, you know.
He's a very stubborn man.
Always was.
Like his brother?
No. Cassar and Siro are like night and day.
You know, it's as if nature gave each one of 'em what the other one lacked.
Like two good halves making a better whole.
- Might help you sleep. - Thanks.
- What about his family? - Military. His dad, his uncles.
And as kids, they were expected to follow tradition.
They didn't want to?
It's funny...
because I thought it'd be Siro who'd be the one gladly to join in, you know?
The born fighter, upright and moral.
But, uh, oddly enough, it was Cassar that was drawn to the army.
Proving something?
Maybe. I think it had to do with his family.
The way he was brought up really affected him.
He never really made any close friends.
I think the dream of of having the army life...
just kind of made him feel that he could belong somewhere, you know?
Oh, that doesn't sound like Siro. He's pretty independent.
I'm not sure if Siro would have gone that route if...
if things had been different between us.
I had no idea he was carrying all this around inside him.
And I don't really understand why.
I mean, he's not the first guy to lose a woman to someone else.
Well, the problem was, it was to Cassar.
It goes back to their father.
He had the boys compete over everything.
And never really knowing how much they hated it.
I think, in a way, I became one more thing to win.
- Is that what you feel like? A prize? - No. No.
Cassar and I really did fall in love.
He... he allowed me to know how much he needed me.
Siro could've never done that.
So I tried talking to Siro, you know, but him being himself...
he bottled up and just blamed Cassar.
I thought he was gonna kill him.
And I think Siro did, too, so he took off.
- More? - No. It worked. I am feeling pretty tired.
- You need anything else? - No, thank you. You've been great.
Siro's very lucky to have a friend like you.
Good night, Taja.
Good night.
Hanna, it's me. It's me. Hanna! Hanna!
Don't fight me, Hanna.
Cassar, where have you been? I've been so worried.
I'll explain it all later.
- What's going on? Who's he? - He's a fellow warrior.
We've come to get you. Come on.
- We have to leave now. - You have to tell me what's happened.
Cassar, why did you leave me?
You have to trust me.
- Yeah, I'm trying, but you know... - Hanna, please.
Okay, look, I've been training for a very special regiment.
Well, what happens to me?
You're gonna join us. I've arranged it. I've got a plan for us, Hanna.
I've met someone remarkable. Scorpion.
He's a great fighter and a great teacher. He really knows how to lead people.
Come on, you'll see for yourself.
Yeah, well, l... I can't just leave.
Cassar, this is Siro's house.
I know. I saw you together.
I came to him only for help.
We don't need any help, Hanna. We're gonna be together in a new life.
Okay, all right, look, I don't know what you've gotten yourself into, okay?
But let's just stay here and we'll talk...
and you'll explain everything and then I'll decide.
- It won't work, Hanna. - She comes now, we have to leave!
What're you doing?
Hanna, still up? I thought maybe we could...
Kung Lao, Siro!
- Are you crazy? He's getting away. - I know. That's my brother.
Is she all right?
- I think so. She's coming to. - Did he hit you?
- No. No, no, no. It was the other one. - Why? What do they want?
I don't know.
He does.
Cassar has returned.
Bring them to me.
There is only me.
What happened?
We were discovered.
There was a fight.
With the woman?
No. With those who still hold her hostage.
- What of the other ninja? - Dead.
I was promised a new fighter. Instead, I loose one.
Yes, Scorpion. We faced a fighter like no other.
- His name? - Kung Lao.
You may go.
Tell me. Where is my brother?
Where's Cassar?
Soon, I expect.
Yeah, Siro has a way of getting people to...
It still doesn't make any sense. You said he wanted you to join Scorpion.
Scorpion's dead. I saw him fall into a lava pit.
And I've seen guys throw ice and women shoot fire.
For all we know, Scorpion's always been walking around dead.
It's stuff we've seen. It's hard to explain.
Well, so much for the code of silence.
These guys are hardly Lin Kuei.
I barely pricked his skin and he started spilling everything he knew.
It is Scorpion. He's recruiting fighters here in Earth Realm.
Cassar is one of them.
An army?
Something like that. I couldn't follow it all.
Talked about a brotherhood, a movement.
Point is, he's got them believing in it.
It's more than I've able to do.
Let me talk to him.
Yeah, I wanna hear about this family Scorpion's throwing together.
Did you find out where he is?
Yes. But Scorpion already has too many fighters for us to handle.
We'd never get close to him.
Well, we have to try.
No. Cassar's chosen this path.
Partly because of you, Siro.
How can you say that? I haven't even seen him in years.
It doesn't matter. He's never stopped trying to beat you.
Do something better than Siro.
He told me Scorpion was teaching him how to be a great fighter.
That's all he wants. To be the best in life for once.
He already has been, Hanna. He was the best man with you.
And because of that pain you carry...
you will turn your back on him and see him destroyed.
You think he's lost, Siro.
But if this is the way you feel then so are you.
I do care, Hanna, but I can't save him.
Well, if you'll try, I think I know of a way.
She has come.
Wait. You said the other ninja was dead.
I thought he was.
He died helping me. Siro killed him.
Would she risk her life coming here if she were lying?
Why do you wish to join us?
If Cassar believes in you, then so do l.
- There will be a test. - Of course.
To the death. With him.
I... I've known her for years. There's no need for this.
She proves herself as all must do. Our path is only open to the strong.
I'll fight him. But why kill him? Seems like a waste of a warrior.
If you're successful, he'll be replaced by a better warrior.
Our path is only open to the strong.
Give me a moment to prepare.
One more thing...
There. I prove my skills, you still have your fighter.
A quick diversion. Ending in defeat.
We shouldn't be out here.
He doesn't like us to leave unless ordered to.
I just wanted a moment alone.
I haven't seen you in weeks. I love you, I miss you.
Come here.
Hanna, where're you go...
Hanna! Hanna! Hanna, what're you doing? Hanna!
No! Hanna, you tricked me. Hanna!
Coward. You won't face me in a fair fight.
And you, finally back where you always wanted to be. With him.
I don't want Siro. Not in that way. I want you, Cassar.
Listen, you son of a bitch.
Hanna risked her life to go after you, after you deserted her.
Now she may want you, but I sure as hell don't.
Not seeing what you've become.
We're together only to help you, Cassar.
Stop me, you mean. Stop me from finally doing something for myself.
How? By swallowing some line of crap Scorpion fed you?
By becoming nothing more than a slave to a murderer?
Someone who preys on innocent people, someone who killed a friend of mine.
If that's true, then why is he still alive?
Why didn't you take your revenge?
- Someone else did. - Someone else had to, you mean.
You're afraid of him and you know he's training me.
Damn anxious to use your new skills, aren't you?
- That's right. - If I thought it would do any good...
I'd beat some sense into you right now.
While I'm tied to a chair?
Come on, fight me now.
You are afraid.
Afraid I wouldn't stop. I'd kill you for what you did to Hanna.
- Using her to hide your fear. - Don't worry, little brother...
you'll get your fight. We brought you here for it.
Kung Lao.
- We need to finish what we began. - Yes, we do.
But there are choices. We can fight as enemies or as friends.
There are no friends here.
I've seen you. You're good. With my help, in time you could be great.
I already have a trainer.
What does he offer you?
What he offers all of us, a place, a job, support to carry out his plan.
And you?
Much the same.
But with a cause worth fighting for.
You're free to go. Now, if you wish.
Back to Scorpion. Our war with him will come.
Now's the time to choose.
If you go, our paths will cross again...
then I will kill you.
You're taking a chance. Walking out here with me.
You heard Kung Lao. You're not a prisoner. The crossroad's that way.
Go if you want.
You can be back with Scorpion within the hour.
That's not the chance I meant.
Oh, you mean our fight?
There's no one around. If that's what you want, start it now.
Siro, I'm not just some kid you can push around anymore.
I know, Cassar.
Scorpion, he knows my worth.
He knows I can fight.
He senses my courage and loyalty.
We do, too
What if I am better than you?
How will you handle that if I stay?
I'll have to, won't l?
I'd be willing to try though.
- More competition. - No, it is not, Cassar.
Dad's not around. This is between us.
Neither one of us has to break their neck to get a quick glance, an approving nod.
No one is going to pit us against each other...
to see which one is more like him.
He was very upset when you left.
Because I ruined his game.
He lost a pawn, not a son.
Seeing you after all these years forced me to face the truth.
Dad did this to us. He drove us apart. It wasn't us.
He's gone.
We make our lives now.
Like you've made yours? Dad didn't make you leave. Hanna did. And now she's here.
- She's mine, Siro. - Yes, she is.
Because she saw in you what I couldn't be.
You have a chance here. We both do, to start over.
It means a lot of hard work. No gold, no glory.
You heard of some of the things we have to face.
Like Scorpion.
I can't leave him, Siro. He's too powerful.
Stay and you'll have me beside you.
You'll be safe.
This... I promise.
It'd be nice to fight with you for once.
Be nice to have a brother after all this time.
You were right. We found their old trail.
They escaped the woods, headed for Zhu Zin.
Should we prepare to bring him back?
No, I will do it alone. No one leaves us. Ever.
- Go home to your wife. - Huh?
I'll see you at the Trading Post.
Hanna. There's someone here to see you.
Oh, is everything all right?
- Is Siro? - We're all fine.
- Yeah? - We're okay.
He's watching me. Making sure I'd really come back.
Oh, you did, you did.
Do you mind, uh, taking over for a bit? I wanna pick up some stuff for tonight.
Yeah. Sure.
Where's Kung Lao?
Probably at the lake outside the city. He goes there sometimes to meditate.
Doesn't know I know, I just followed him one morning. See you in a bit.
You know, nothing gets past Taja.
You know why I think she followed Kung Lao?
She was watching his back. These people care about each other, Hanna.
Oh, I'm stuffed.
The horrible result of being a great cook.
This is great, Taja.
But how can we afford this?
Profits. Did I mention I'm also a great saleswoman?
We do have a little bit left.
Anybody up for a drink at the tavern to help settle this feast?
- I could use the walk. - Ah... me too.
- Let's go. - Hold it.
You, my friend, promised to clean up.
- Too late to take it back? - Hmm...
- Okay. - I'll help.
No, you go. I'll stay with Siro.
It's kinda cold and dark out here tonight.
The tavern will warm you up.
- Well, maybe we should go back. - No, Kung Lao's right. Let's go.
Brings back memories, huh?
Yeah. Like Dad watching and criticising our every move.
- Siro, Cassar, don't do that. - Siro, Cassar, don't do that.
You ever miss him? Mom? Your old life?
At times.
- But not enough to go back? - For what?
This is who I am now.
It's a good place, Cassar. And we all want you to stay.
I'm glad to be here.
You said that to me once.
I've come to take what's mine.
- You can't have him. - Siro, get out of here. This is my fight.
It doesn't work that way. We stand together.
I've done what I came for. Flawless victory.
Let's get him.
He's gone.
Hell of a fight. Dad would've loved it.
Take care of her... brother.
- You don't have to leave, Hanna. - Yes, I do. This is not my place.
You're going home?
I don't know.
It's a long way with nobody waiting for me.
Then think about it. If you stayed...
I'd see him in your face every day.
I couldn't stand that.
I'm sorry, Siro.
He doubted us both.
At times.
But not at the end.
Maybe now he can rest.
And what about you? Hmm?
Will you find your peace?
I don't know.
I took him away from the Scorpion with a promise to save him.
- And I failed. - No, you tried.
Would he really remain safe with Scorpion?
But he'd still be alive.
For how long?
You gave him the one thing... the one thing he was longing for.
Your love.
It wasn't enough to keep him safe.
Nor was mine.
Oh, God, Hanna!
I should have done more.
I should have done more.
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