Do You Eat Unhealthy Foods? You'll NEVER Lose Wight

Uploaded by nkellermantv on 20.04.2012

Hello, it’s Nichole Kellerman here and we’re into another episode of Health Nugs.
Today is our last and final part of our 6-part series on How To Lose Weight When Everyone
Around You is Unhealthy. So if you deal with this problem make sure you check out the videos
below and you will have the access to all other parts of this series. So, today specifically,
I wanted to talk about How to Eat Healthier Around Your Family either they are in your
house or you are in their house on vacations or things like that. The reason why I bring
out this topic is because I struggled it within myself. I’m just like you. I really admit
it that’s why I’m in this industry because I’m real. That’s me. I like my ice cream.
I like my sweets and I like to eat. But we got to be healthy right? Into the 3 tips.
Tip 1. Get out of the house. Get out. Go move and do not forget to exercise. I understand
that when you are around with your family, it’s usually for vacation and there’s a lot
of stuffs going on. But actually, you should be moving more during that time than ever
because usually stress is heightened. And to de-stress, reconnect with you and silence
all that stress is by exercising. And it gets out of the house and gets you out of the
food. Tip 2. Give yourself something unhealthy. Yes, I’m totally telling you to do that. So
you have to make sure you are a food lover, of course and eat smaller portions. You don’t
have to put huge chunk in plate and piling everything on, but you're giving yourself a smaller portion
on something that you really enjoy and you’re being a food lover. Depriving yourself
will only make you want to eat more. So don’t deprive yourself. Tip 3. Make your own meal.
I struggle this with myself and sometimes my family members are not eating things that
are healthy all the time. And I just don’t want to feel like crap. I don’t want to have
to deal with spikes in my sugar. I don’t want to have to feel that all guilt of eating that
crap. I just fix myself with a meal- a nice healthy meal. Yes, they can eat what they want
and I’m going to fix this for myself, not feeling like an outcast, not feeling like you re being
punished when you’re creating those meals for yourself. But you're standing yourself
in that place with that confidence and being proud of yourself for choosing healthy meals
for your body. I know that’s a tough one but you have to do it. You really really do especially
if you are going to stay with your family for long periods. So that is all I got for
you. And actually I would really like to hear from you. Do you have any tips on this? As
I was sitting in there and struggling like, “Okay, I have to figure out a plan. I have
to figure out the system.” And these are 3 things that I’ve found out. But maybe you
have some things or tips and you can even share it with me and other like you is watching
this video on how to be more healthier around family members that aren’t really that health conscious.
So please, if you have any of those great tips, please, please, please share them with
me. I want to hear in the comment section below. If you haven t opted in into my website, make sure you come over there and there’s lots of things that I shared
in my lists, not on these videos that are free valuable information. I will see it next