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More than 20% of Americans have read a book in electronic form during the past year and
nearly 30% of American adults own at least one e-reading device or tablet PC. People
using the e-readers report reading an average of 24 books during the last year compared
with 15 books for non-e-readers. As prices for the devices continue to decline, more
users will emerge and even libraries will begin offering loans of e-books.
The first-stage booster of North Korea’s rocket has been placed on the launch pad in
preparation for its planned launch in mid-April. Despite strong objections from virtually every
neighboring country, North Korea has entered the final stage of preparation for the upcoming
More than 100 Pakistani soldiers were buried by an avalanche that covered their headquarters
on a remote glacier in the Himalayas. Both India and Pakistan have deployed soldiers
to the area that receives an average of 11 meters of snow and temperatures as low as
-45 degrees Celsius.
Seoul Fashion Week ended April 7. Designers displayed their creations at a new venue in
Olympic Park’s World Peace Plaza. The events were hosted by IMG, a fashion consulting company,
and the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
Are Google’s new prototype glasses an interesting but short-lived fad or are they destined to
become as ubiquitous as cellphones? The promotional video suggests a lot of interesting functions
but some experts doubt that the glasses are really capable of fulfilling all the hype.
Chocolate is always popular and a multi-million dollar business and the top brands in America
are Mars and Hershey. Snickers is #1 in units sold followed by M&Ms, Reese’s, Hershey’s,
and Kit Kat. All these sweets were introduced in the early 20th century but remain a hit
with today’s hungry snackers.