Sega Genesis + Shock collar (short version)

Uploaded by furrtek on 01.08.2012

So tonight we're going to test our new videogame-based torture system.
Here we have a perfectly normal Genesis 2
Here we have an Evedrive cartridge with an SD card which hold our patched ROMs
And the joypads which are also modified, they have a connector right here
Which is used to plug in shock collars for dogs
That's the funny part
There's a tiny red LED which lights up here when we get zapped when we lose
And each one of us is going to wear a collar and... try not to (have fun) lose too much
We tried it yesterday and... (putain de merde)
Just got a big zap in the fingers, so we know it works !
I wouldn't have done better if we had planned that I think.
It's dumb !
It doesn't hurt that much finally...
I thought you had already tried it !
No. On my finger yes but...
You never tried it on your neck ?
No, never...
You're an asshole, I thought you already tried it !
No only on my finger.
We're going to have fun !
I hope yours is well tightened !
Three... Two... One...
It hurts too much !
What a stupid idea...
Hey, you're hitting me.
You hit me with your tail !
I don't control my tail.
Did you hit me ?
Don't hit me, it's more than 3 points and I get shocked !
Really ?
Yes !
The purple thing hurts a lot !
I'm out of here !
Stop it, it hurts too bad !
Who hit me !
It wasn't me, I was far away !
The green guys have weapons.
Stop, I'm done, I'm fed up with this.
It's really unbearable.
That was ONE stupid idea !
One round of Bomberman
Two minutes playing and twenty to get motivated...
I'm depressed.
Maybe I won't lose and won't get shocked.
Yeah you can always get away with it...
But if you don't lose, it'll be me...
I don't care if it's you.
I'm already in pain.
It's C to drop a bomb.
Should I try catching a disease ?
If you want.
Does it work ?
Works very well.
I'm too scared to move.
My heart rate is at 100, I'm too scared.
Me too.
No, no, no ! Go down !
I'm in pain for you.
Hey, I'm still alive !
I'm not playing anymore, that's it.
Come on !
No !
F* you.
I took an illness.
Do you see this ? My big finger in your butt ?
You can't imagine how I'm relieved to know I'm not playing anymore.
I'll only be happy again when I'm finished.
I'm going slowly but I don't care !
I'm afraid for you now.
I didn't even see how you died in Bomberman.
I got stuck in front of a bomb.
I didn't want to get shocked so I panicked.
Two times in a row, that's it !
Third level ?
Okay, third level.
There's spikes below !
You have shield.
It's reassuring to have the shield.
Yes, I love this thing.
Not too fast there.
This collar develops new sensations...
In the fingers again damn it !
That's a good ending !
I'm done, I'm done.
That's an end, yeah.