Video guide for setting up email accounts on the BlackBerry® Pearl™ 3G Smartphone with Telstra 3G

Uploaded by TelstraKnowHow on 01.07.2010

With the BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone, you can setup your personal emails to be sent directly to you
so you can read and respond while you’re on the go.
Whether you’re linking to one of your email accounts for the first time
or you’re adding an extra account, like Hotmail or BigPond, this is all you need to do.
Step 1. From the main menu click on the ‘Setup’ icon.
Step 2. Scroll across and select “Email settings”.
Step 3. Read the terms of the service agreement, and click ‘I Accept’.
Step 4. Scroll through the list and select an email account type that you’d like to add.
Or, click ‘Create new address’ if you’d like to create a new address just for your phone.
Step 5. Type in the email address and password you want to add.
Step 6. An icon will then be added to your main phone menu and your mail is pushed immediately to your device.
When you have new mail there’ll be a red asterisk on the icon.
And that’s it – all you need to get yourself up and running with your personal emails on the go.
Once you’ve completed the set up, future emails will be available for viewing on your BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone.