"Drakensang Online" Video Podcast Part 4 | Bigpoint 2012

Uploaded by DrakensangOnline on 16.05.2012

Hi and welcome to the brand new Drakensang Online podcast.
I'm Robin, the lead game designer for Drakensang Online, and today I'll be showing you
some of the cool things we've been up to in recent months. This is the talent tree system.
When you log into the game now, you can press the "N" key to open up the talent tree.
Or look up above in the task bar – there's a button that will do the same thing.
Then a window will pop up that gives you an overview
of your talents, talent levels and your resets.
The talent level that you'll see first is the one for your Talent of Experience.
The other trees will initially be gray and you won’t be able to access them yet.
The Talents of Experience can be level up when you invest the points
you’ve earned leveling up in it.
Here’s how it works.
I now have a level 6 character who hasn't invested any talent points yet.
I simply press on the "Increase talent level" button and the talent level is increased.
As soon as I reach level 5, I can decide which two talents I want to select.
Once make a decision, though, you can no longer select the other talents.
The idea behind this is to give you the chance to individualize your characters.
While striving to reach level 40, you'll have to make eight of these “talent decisions.”
And as I mentioned before, those are only the Talents of Experience.
In the coming weeks we'll be introducing other talent trees as well:
Talents of Honor, which you can unlock by earning honor in PvP battles;
and, Talents of Knowledge, which you can unlock by collecting ancient knowledge.
A total of 48 talents will be available for the character classes, making your character unlike any another.
In the past few weeks we have been so busy with implementing the talent system
that we couldn't respond to your feedback right away. Rest assured, we read it all thoroughly.
In the next few weeks we'll especially need you to give us more of your feedback
so that we can make the right changes to the talent systems that are still upcoming,
and introduce the changes you want to see, thus making Drakensang the game you want it to be.