Laybacksound Interview [Eng Sub]

Uploaded by KoreaBillboard on 08.01.2013

Hello, we are Laybacksound.
I am Laybacksound’s guitarist Yoo Hyun Chul (U-turn).
I am Laybacksound’s vocalist Han Kyul.
I am Laybacksound’s producer Cream. It’s a pleasure.
There’s this technique called lay back that is used in African-American music.
Because we are a team that creates music, we attached the word “sound” to “lay back,” which was taken from there. Thus, we named ourselves Laybacksound.
“Tookago” came from the lyrics, “When I touch it, you fall.” The song is about a confident man that feels like can get any girl with his touch.
It’s been about three months since we released our music. We haven’t had any big events, but we are working hard on our individual parts and growing.
We will be releasing our next single album in the middle of January so we are striving to do even better then.
Our new track has a completely different feel from “Tookago.” The previous track has a popular style, but I think the new track reveals a lot of our colors.
The title is “Snatch Up.” The track illustrates one’s dream where he goes to some place and snatches a girl. It’s somewhat of an exciting song.
Our second digital single comes out on Jan. 11. We are planning on releasing our EP sometime in July or August.
I think we will be preparing our full-length this time next year.
As musicians, we can’t venture into a completely different genre of music because there are just so many genres.
However, our colors might show and we want to make music that the general public can enjoy.
Furthermore, we want to be musicians that will depart from music, create appeal, and present our own personalities and colors.
We will work hard to create better music that will remain for a long time. Thank you very much.