Hockey on the South Lawn

Uploaded by whitehouse on 18.03.2011

(children chattering)
Patrick Sharp: We're at the White House.
It's both our first time here.
We're members of last year's Stanley Cup Championship Team
and we were invited to come.
And it's also been a lot of fun with the "Let's Move!"
campaign with the First Lady.
And we're just having a good time.
First Lady: Hey, everybody!
You guys fired up?
Ready to play?
Children: Yay!
Brent Seabrook: They've got a pretty good game going on here which is pretty
cool to see.
Some of the guys are out there shootin' around and folding a
few guys up.
But it's pretty cool to see.
Seahawk Player: Hey, almost, almost!
Patrick Sharp: Each player has individual skills that they bring
to the team.
As you can see, Brent is a lot bigger than I am.
We have different skill sets, but at the end of the day we're
working towards the same goal.
I love being with my teammates and, you know,
it's an easy way to stay active.
First Lady: So today is about learning some skills and having some fun,
but it's also about getting the exercise that you all need to
grow to be healthy and strong.
So this is about fun but this is also about your health.
And you guys have to be the ambassadors for the other kids
in your communities and your school who aren't getting that
kind of exercise.
But for now it's time to have fun!
Are you ready?
Children: Yay!