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When I've taken every precaution to live my life so carefully...
Where did a jerk like this come from?
Huh? What did you say?
No, it's nothing.
Lady, type in your grandmother's address into the navigation.
What's wrong?
What are you doing out here?
Are they making us move out? Did they move out our stuff?
That's what I thought. That would make no sense.
Jin Rak, don't worry. This won't ever happen again.
Our webtoon is going to get signed. Let's stay strong. Fighting.
I was first.
I noticed her first.
Who the hell is that bastard!
Why is everything so easy for that bastard!
Okay, okay, okay...
How cute can you be?
I'll see you later.
Anyways, why did you get so angry like that earlier? Huh?
I thought I was going to die of embarrassment on our way home.
Huh? What was the problem?
Enrique? What's the problem with him?
'Zombie Soccer'? He did that way before us.
It's not like he could've come up all those characters within a month or two.
Don't talk about me and Enrique in the same breathe.
Speaking of Enrique... Is our neighbor and Enrique really dating?
You think something happened while passing notes back and forth about saving energy cost?
Shut up.
[Are there no such thing as white lies or kind lies?]
Stop the car over there.
No matter how I think of it, I don't think us going together is right.
You said your grandmother was in danger. What kind of a thing is that to say?
Did I... say that she was in danger?
I don't think I said that she was in danger...
When older people are sick, it's always dangerous.
We have to be good to our elders... we really have to treat them well.
Time waits for no one.
I only brought my cell phone. I don't have my wallet or my bag.
- I think I need to get back home. - It's okay. You can just use mine.
Why are you trying to go back there? I told you, we're in a rush.
As of this moment, we're nonstop. We're going to keep going until we get there.
Jin Rak... you really did get angry with me earlier, right?
What's wrong with you lately?
Even though I knew that you were kind of crabby, for you've never...
actually screamed out at me in anger like that before.
This is why the world has gone so awry.
When things don't go well, and there are money problems, people go into a rage...
What? Oh Jae Won?
Watch your mouth!
Keep your voices down.
Hey... keep watch.
A postscript?
It's like the time has stopped in this building.
Go Dok Mi?
Go Dok Mi...
She lives here?
- Go Dok Mi? - Go Dok Mi?
Glass slipper lady!
From yesterday...
Thank you so much... for yesterday.
But what are you doing here?
Ah... a friend of mine lives here.
What kind of a fate is this?
Which apartment does your friend live in?
I'm in 401.
You and I... maybe destined?
- You're so cool! - Oh my goodness!
Then the guy from yesterday...
Oh my... I don't even know your names yet.
My name is... Cha Do Hwi.
Wow... what a chic name.
My name is Yoo Dong Hoon.
Ah, my friend?
Oh Jin Rak.
Isn't his name something else?
It looks like a sudden flower bed over here.
Then what about you? Why are you so dressed up?
Well... you know me. Call me a butterfly in a meadow of flowers.
I just received a phone call while I was in the bathroom...
and my grandmother is much better now and she's going to the neighborhood spa.
I guess I should've have answered the call.
Hi, honey. Me? I'm at the library.
I think I'm going to have to spend the whole day studying.
No, don't come.
Whenever I see your face...
I feel like I don't need anything else in this world
and I can't concentrate on my studies.
Honey, I have to go, okay?
I'm with my parents right now.
Sweetie, I'll call you back later, okay?
What were you doing in the bathroom?
Who were you on the phone with? What were you doing?
What's wrong now?
Whenever I see your face, I feel like I don't need anything else in the world
and all I ever need is you. That's what I think whenever I see you.
- You promise you're not lying? - Of course!
It's not a lie...
Korean snack shops are the best. It's totally unique!
There are squids like...
With their arms all...
- Lady, I actually have something to confess, - I'll confess first!
My grandmother is fine.
I lied to you because I didn't want to go on the trip.
Once I started lying, it just kept getting bigger.
I'm sorry.
You have a right to be angry. You can get mad at me until you feel better.
I'm really... sorry.
Then we can just go back.
But I have something to confess too.
Your text about your grandmother being sick...
I got so flustered at the lie of a text you sent that I just ran out with
only my car keys in hand. So I don't have a dime on me right now.
I know that I'm hungry...
and the car's hungry too. What do we do?
I'm sorry. This is all my fault.
If you say you're sorry one more time, I think I really might get angry.
Okay... shall we take care of our problem?
You're so cute! So cute, so cute!
- Do you girls have boyfriends? - No, we don't.
I guess you three are here together since you have no boyfriends. That's too bad!
How about I pay you back when I introduce you girls to some guys in Seoul? How about it?
Just 10,000 won.
Why's he doing that?
My beloved uncles and aunts... See? It's me! I told you...
- Right? Right? - Yeah, you're right.
- Only 10,000 won? - 10,000 won is fine. You're my angels!
Why are you standing in my way?
- What's wrong with this lady? - How annoying! Out of the way.
- Hey! Did you push her first? - Is she an idiot?
- What did you do at home? Huh? - Answer the question.
- Tell us! Tell us the truth! - I told you to answer me!
Aren't you going to answer me?
Go Dok Mi...
Why are you sitting out here?
Aren't you cold?
Look at you. You're frozen solid.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Let's go.
- Let's go home. - You really don't look good right now.
Why don't we get something warm to eat, and warm ourselves up a bit first?
I said, I want to go home! Right now!
Dong Hoon. Here, hit some juice.
Oh... hit! You learn quick.
[You told me you wanted the drawing to be modern. You like?]
No, I don't like. Draw it again.
[No, I don't like. Draw it again.]
How can this jerk still draw so well when he stays out all night partying?
Even her handwriting is so...
it fits her so well.
I know you said you were hungry, and for insisting that we just go like this...
I'm so sorry.
Can you stop saying that you're sorry?
I turned the heat on.
Your seat should start to feel warm soon.
Relax and get some rest.
I'll use the navigation to get us back safely.
All set.
I said, I want to go home! Right now!
Because they're always protecting their goal while shaking like a leaf
inside the penalty box so that no one can get in...
They're lonely... and how should I put this... they have a tough time.
You're the goal keeper.
Can you...
Oh my!
I pressed the wrong buzzer.
This is... 401.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
But... haven't we met somewhere...
I remember!
You helped me out last night.
When I broke my heel.
You don't... remember me?
Ah, yes.
What a fate between yesterday and today.
I was trying to buzz 402.
You're here to see... 402?
Lady... I'm sorry about this.
I think I put in the wrong address into the navigation.
How is it that in this big world, you, and I along with the navigation...
It feels like we're the only ones that exists in this world.
She's not even going to say anything?
Wow... why is she reacting like she's seeing the ocean for the first time?
V! Hold up a 'V' sign! Don't be so shy!
- It's perfect! It's a perfect shot! - Behind you...
The waves...
She's not answering the phone.
Why are you hanging up so quickly?
What I'm saying is...
Even though it may feel like the phone may be ringing on the other side to you...
But the phone may not even have rung
or even if it had, she may not have had the time to answer the phone...
It rang three times.
It probably rang more than a hundred times up in Halla Mountain by now!
Wouldn't that be in Baekdu Mountain?
I was hoping to surprise her, so I didn't even call before I came.
It's not right for her not to answer her calls like this.
But what did you say? Cha... Cha...
Cha Do Hwi.
Countryside grocery store...
Hello, Grandfather.
By any chance, is there a big market in the area?
I dropped my camera in the water.
More than the camera, your shoes are wet. Your feet may get frostbite.
It's okay. They're not too bad.
but more than that, I haven't downloaded any of these pictures onto my computer.
Grandfather, may I borrow any dry towels that you may have?
Ah... it would be even better if you had a hair dryer.
Do you not know what a hair dryer is?
Hair dryer... can you not hear me?
I wonder if he can't hear me...
- Grandmother. - What?
It's a grandmother.
Ah.. grand... you're a grandmother.
Wow, Grandmother, you're a beauty!
With your hat and all.
I have a hair dryer, and dry towels too. I have them both.
Unless the camera got totally soaked, you can dry them off, so don't worry.
But you should probably eat first. Meals are an option here.
Oh my goodness! He looks like a blushing new bride!
You smiled, you smiled!
Wow... this fashion is really comfortable.
This is so good!
You can't. You have to drive.
That... that glint in your eye... it's like you're really pitying me right now.
That's not right.
That's so good!
Even though Tae Joon may seem perfect from the outside...
but his other side... he's not so perfect as he seems.
For example...
He's a rather stingy human being.
The object of your unrequited love isn't so perfect.
He's nothing but just another human being.
Stop saying unrequited love now.
I just thought of it as something
that I started on my own, and something I'd end on my own.
A secret that no one would ever know about.
It doesn't even compare to your first love.
But I did find out. I caught you.
It wasn't so secretive, and you know it.
How did you find out?
Because it was similar.
The way I look at Seo Young... and the way you look at Tae Joon...
it was so similar. That's how I noticed.
Things like that can't be kept hidden just because you try to hide it.
Are you and Go Dok Mi even close friends?
Of course!
Dok Mi and I went through elementary school and through high school together.
But I've been living here for three years now...
How can you say you two are close friends when you haven't seen her in three years?
Do you at least call each other often or something?
Or even texting? I'm not talking about group texting either.
I was overseas for a while...
And once I returned, I've been busy working at the shopping mall
and have been so physically and mentally exhausted.
So I haven't been able to keep up with my friends.
But... I happened to run into her again yesterday.
It was so great to see her!
But... did you say that you've been living here for three years?
It didn't break.
My shoes are drying off...
I guess I should change my clothes.
Then... since you have to sober up... the ocean...
Want to... go see the ocean again?
You want me to sober up so that we can get home?
You like being home that much?
Doesn't it feel suffocating to stay indoors like that all the time?
A human being's existence on this earth...
means they wash their face when they wake up in the morning and while walking around...
they have to give off their scent into the world. Haven't you ever heard that?
But do you find it scary to go outside?
Is it that you don't like to wash your face?
It doesn't feel suffocating.
I like it.
And I feel at peace in my tiny place.
I like it.
Do you... draw manga?
It's not easy to do that.
You're saying drawing isn't easy?
No. What I mean is that...
it's not easy to go through elementary school through high school together like that.
You don't do anything else... but you only draw manga?
Once I start webtoons, there won't be enough time in a week.
Then... you have a different job, and manga is just a hobby?
Since you allowed me to wait here so I don't get cold...
May I take you out to dinner?
Why don't you try calling her again first?
I'm going to leave.
Cha Do... Hwi.
No, I was going to ask you to stay for some tea.
Why don't you stay for some tea, and try calling her one more time?
I take back what I said yesterday.
Love is over... it's broken...
I don't think expressing it like that... was really right.
Because love is over... and it's broken...
We're able to say, 'Yes, next guest, please'. Don't you think?
Everything always works themselves out.
If we leave everything on their own, they all find their way back.
Lady, lady, lady...
I think seeing the ocean is opening up my heart and I feel better.
I feel like it's totally opening up my heart.
Why don't you answer it?
It's been ringing all day.
Dok Mi!
Dok Mi, where are you? I came to visit you.
Surp... rice?
Surprise. A surprise visit.
Where do I live?
You don't' know where I live.
Ocean Village, apartment 402. That's you.
When are you getting home?
Tell her you'll stay here until she gets home.
I'll just stay here until you get home.
I'm really far away from home.
Don't wait.
Let's remain strangers to each other.
She says... she's really far away from home.
Then is she not coming home tonight?
Does it make any sense for her to stay out all night in this scary world we live in?
Call her back and ask her where she is.
I know her because I've been keeping an eye on her for the past few years.
She's definitely not someone who'd stay out all night like that.
As her friend...
Rather than the Dok Mi who never stayed out all night for several years...
I much prefer the Dok Mi who has the reason to stay out all night.
What kind of a bullcrap is that!
No... that's not what I meant.
I'm sorry.
I blurted that out without thinking.
I wonder if she's in any trouble?
It didn't sound like... she was in any trouble.
But... what happened to that tea?
I think I'm catching a cold...
I think I'm catching a cold...
I'm feeling feverish.
Dok Mi said she's not coming home tonight... are you going to still stay here?
I'm... going to head out.
Are you... here for apartment 401?
- Yes. I'm here on court business. - Court?
- Are we being sued for plagiarism? Wait... - What are you doing?
Only Oh Jae Won himself can sign for this.
There's no one by the name, Oh Jae Won here.
What's this? What are you two doing?
Ah... so this is why you so casually kicked me out?
But I came home too soon, didn't I?
What bullcrap are you spewing now?
She came to visit 402, but no one was home. So she was just...
- Why don't you get going? - Then...
Our place is a place for secret dates, huh?
By any chance... are you Oh Jae Won?
Mister... I told you there's no one by that name here.
Yes. That's me.
Yes. May I see your ID, please?
Why is this so slow?
Did you check his ID?
I just asked if you checked his ID!
That guy... is Oh Jae Won, right?
Mr. Oh Jin Rak...
I mean... Mr. Oh Jae Won?
Okay, so with some interest that Zombie Game garnered and the trouble it caused
it's understandable you could've chosen to use a fake name.
But... don't you think that at least I should've known your real name?
Here. Since the court permitted it, Oh Jin Rak is my real name now.
I don't have any other names.
You changed your name?
- Why? - I'm not a criminal, so no need to be scared.
And even if you're going crazy with curiosity, don't ask.
There are always young kids like you asking around this time.
And I always respond like this...
The bus back to Seoul already stopped. So you need to stay here for the night.
I'll give you a good price.
And... breakfast is an option.
That's right, Lady.
If you keep insisting, I have no choice but to drive drunk.
I didn't want to say this
but I'm not someone who can cause trouble in the news.
I just checked online for times, but we have to wait about five more hours.
Let's wait just a little bit longer.
I offer overnight stays.
Thank you for all your hard work tonight.
- I'm so tired. - I'm sure you must be tired.
You never just go home after the demonstrations.
What are you looking at now?
Hey... I told you to turn the light off on your way out, didn't I?
Don't you remember 402's suggestions on how to save on energy cost?
The urine?
Urine is the only thing you remember, is it? Just the urine?
And don't remember anything else?
You filthy jerk.
This will be much better than freezing out in the car.
But... things like this always seem to happen around the new year.
That's strange. This place isn't' all that easy to find.
The spirits are pulling you in.
What do you think the reasons are for a woman to be staying out all night?
Could they be she's trying to escape from your love?
[Is it because they're trying to become hermits?]
[They just don't like you.]
[They're trying to run away from you!]
[Maybe they're scamming you?]
I can't believe how low these people are.
What happened to everyone that are interested in speaking the truth?
Why isn't there a single one?
Where did they go?
Shouldn't' there be at least one?
Why are you being like this?
That kind of hysteria and chatter is something a woman would do.
Jin Rak... just eat your food, okay?
Let's just eat.
Why don't you start dating?
I heard that you've never even kissed anyone before?
Who told you that?
Who said that?
I was just guessing, but I see that it's true.
Jin Rak, the woman from earlier... she's not perfect, she's close to my style.
But... she likes you.
Her eyes just sparkles when she looks at you.
Her standards in men are perfectly low level.
If she's your type, then why don't you go for her?
Okay? I heard that she's moving into our building soon.
Are you saying that she's not your type?
Unbelievable. Is this your way of dissing her?
Okay then.
In that case, let me hear about what your style is then.
Lady... does it make you feel bad to be called a lady?
I haven't given it much thought.
But what is it that you do anyways?
I do editing.
I edit to make sure that there aren't any errors before a book gets published.
Then you must know a lot of difficult words.
No... I use a dictionary when I do the edits.
Yeah! I knew I wasn't that bad of a writer!
I'm good at talking, but I'm bad at writing.
This feels so nice and warm. Right?
Because of me... because of my lie...
I did it too. The lying.
So there's no need for you to be sorry.
It means we've lied to each other.
What did you lie about and why did you do it?
I already told you why I did it.
Go Dok Mi...
Why did you leave a warm building to go sit...
out in the cold shivering on the park bench all by yourself?
Rather than run into people, you prefer to freeze to death?
Are you that afraid of people?
When you were asleep in the car...
I realized I didn't want to take you home.
Because without a doubt, if I did, you would go back into hiding.
If you're afraid of people...
Why don't you try getting closer to the world first?
I bet if you did, you'll find you can stand being around people.
Until I go back to Spain...
I'm going to take you around and show you the whole world.
I have a favor to ask.
Call. Sure... tell me whatever it is.
I'll grant you all your favors.
When we get back to Seoul... can you not acknowledge me anymore?
Even if we run into each other by chance...
Can you just walk on by without acknowledging me?
Don't you think that you're being too cruel when you already know the situation I'm in?
And we both...
already know so much about each other.
Because you know so much about me... it makes me uncomfortable.
That's why I don't like it.
Do you find that to be even possible?
How can we not acknowledge each other when we already know each other?
Isn't that... cowardly?
Don't talk like you know me when you've only known me for a few days.
You don't know who I am.
Although I'm sure there won't be any chances of running into each other...
but even if we do, just ignore me.
To be able to say such a harsh thing so easily like that...
You say it so casually.
Do I also have to feel uncomfortable since you now know a lot about me too?
Okay, deal.
In that case...
Instead of saying that we don't acknowledge each other...
let's just say that we've never met before, okay?
A woman who knows how to concede first...
A woman who knows how to say "I'm sorry" first.
Things like greed? A woman who doesn't have such a thing.
Also... a woman who stays honest even though no one in the world is watching.
What is all that nonsense?
Is the Nobel Peace Prize winner your style?
There's such a woman.
What would a young person like you know?
Why wouldn't I know?
A woman like 402?
Jin Rak, by any chance...
Jin Rak, that woman...
Do you really like her?
What is your truth?
Tell me honestly.
Whenever someone asks her that... she would always keep her mouth shut.
Truth is something that appears like sweet piece of candy or chocolate
when it's outer wrapping is peeled off.
Just like skin is needed to protect the blood and flesh underneath...
a lie was needed in order to protect the truth.
I have a favor to ask.
When we get back to Seoul...
Can you not acknowledge me?
Rather than to remain honest and reveal all her wounds...
Pasting a bright smile on her face and lying... felt safer for her.
The spirits are pulling you in.
Lady, what's wrong?
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What have I just done?
It was an accident.
I wonder how she's doing in there by herself.
Whether she's eating well.
Whether she's happy in there by herself... I keep wondering about these things.
I'm going to pull you out of there before I leave.
You just wait!
- Lady. - Don't ever come back again.
Did you confess to her or something?
Go Dok Mi...
Don't go.
Just stay.
Lady, are you crying?