Stampin'Up Funny Card for the Serious Shoppers

Uploaded by stampingonthebp on 15.12.2012

hi this is karentitis from stamping on the back porch dot com
today's card is for those of you are feeling
feeling a little harried getting all your shopping done this christmas season
so it says keep calm and
shop on
this ia an apt description of racing from place to place
or maybe you know someone who would appreciate a card like this
so this is really a quick card to make
just started with a base piece six by three
of cardstock
and then that's layered with a piece of designer series paper
two and three quarters by
five and three quarters
and then to do it
we start with
with a piece of whisper white twelve
and i just might do not want one edge to two and a half
and that the other to0:01:02.390,0:01:07.700 five-and-a-half and then just cut the line across so it looks like that
now we need seven
layers out here
to get all these little bears on here at that paper
so i started at one and a quarter and i went into one and a quarter at each side
and in the middle two it's just one eighth closer
say you'll even notice that right here in the long
it's just a little bit smaller but you know you didn't even notice that intil i said it soits0:01:32.030,0:01:33.360 perfectly
here seven
ways around here end of this delightful
polar bear bearing gifts is from the polar party set
you just know he's totally enjoying all of his shopping
and the words come from the
carry on stamp set
still keep calm and shop on
little advice for the holiday season
again this is karen titus from stamping on the back porch dot com
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