NEX-FS100JK買ったから自慢 レンズ交換式デジタルHD|Brag my brand new camera.

Uploaded by megwin on 07.10.2011

I finally bought this!! NEX-FS100JK Camera,Cost 800,000yen!!
I wanna brag my brand new Pro Camera
Cord Cord Cord!!
Some kinda tool!!
Finger stall!!
Warranty!! Clicker!!
Something!! Something!!!
This is a grip!!
Finally...Finally This is the Lens!!
In&out In&out lol
And..finally You guys ready? This is the Main body of cost 80,0000yen camera!!!!
BTW This Camera tripod cost 10,0000yen!!!!
Camera what do you say? Guys This cost 80,0000yen!! I think no one have this this is awesome!!
Hey let me see it!! Let me!! Wait Wait Wait!!!! Don't touch this!! Don't!!
Danger Danger Danger!!
Now We got brand new Camera,So We can make good video right? Yes!!
That's the way our bounds become tight