Update to A quick how to make a thread earring video

Uploaded by ikologee on 16.04.2012

Update to: A Quick How to Make a Thread Earring
Feed the coil onto the teardrop shaped wire.
The wire inside the coil is a little shorter than the coil itself.
Straighten a couple of coils on both ends.
Then twist them together - making sure not to unravel or distort the coils below.
Use pliers to twist them together forming a post.
You will end up with this.
So, the coil is put over the wire and
the ends of the coil twisted together, then snipped off.
Place the coil over the cut post pass the stem through the teardrop gap and push it up into the coil.
This is side view - the tail of the coil has been passed through the teardrop hoop and pushed up into the coil.
Pull the tail firmly so that the coil sits snugly on the teardrop hoop.
Use pliers to shape a double ring at the top of the coil - for the ear hook.