The awarding ceremony for the Panasonic Eco Relay, the Eco Picture Diary Global Contest [Panasonic]

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We received passionate messages
regarding eco-friendly activities from children.
We adults learned many lessons from them.
What pleased me most was …
the fact that all children (throughout the world)
have the same spirit.
Hello, everyone.
Now, we are starting the awarding ceremony
for the Panasonic Eco Relay, the Eco Picture Diary Global Contest.
We were really pleased to have looked at many picture diaries
that children worldwide wrote and drew carefully while thinking
seriously about the eco-friendly activities.
We received more than 20,000 eco picture diaries
from 13 countries throughout the world.
The eco picture diaries received were evaluated first in each country
and the best picture diary in each country was selected.
These are judges Mr. Thane Camus, a talent, and
Mrs. Tomoko Nakajima, an actress.
We are announcing two picture diaries receiving the Kids School Award.
I am very moved now.
Because I did not expect to receive the award, I am really pleased.
I believe that since Chile has a passionate child like her, people
in Chile will not worry about their future.
I am very pleased because I did not expect
to receive the award like this.
She is very good at drawing pictures.
I believe that she can think up more ideas about the environment
if she imagines how different the society will be
from the current one when she has grown up.
We are introducing two outstanding picture diaries.
I am really pleased. I would like to thank Panasonic Corporation.
She drew a cheerful human trash box in a hat, creative
which is really and unique.
I am very moved.
I am a bit nervous, but I am very glad that I can be here.
The vivid pictures made me understand that they are conducting
eco-friendly activities during a really enjoyable everyday life.
The Best Picture Diary Award goes to
Ms. Anyerli Alejandra Calle Jaramillo from Panama.
On the first day of the diary,
she wrote her enthusiasm for this picture diary
and the reason she determined to work on this.
On the last day, she prayed to God, asking leaders throughout
the world to act more responsibly.
She has a wild imagination and humor, and is good at drawing pictures.
I was assured that we do not have to worry about the future,
after listening to the voice of children.
I would like each of you to remember your friends (that you met today)
and do your best after going back to your country.
I hope that eco-friendly activities and the Eco Relay conducted by
Panasonic throughout the world will further expand in each country.