Bedford (TX) Public Library Virtual Tour

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Welcome to the Bedford Public Library. My name is Elissa And my name is Jose. Both
Elissa and I are teen volunteers at the Library and we are going to be your guides on this
tour. Ultimately, where we go is up to you. This is a choose-your-own adventure tour.
Make sure your YouTube Annotations are turned on to enjoy this interactive tour of the Bedford
Public Library. The new state-of-the-art Bedford Public Library opened in February 2011. It
is located at 2424 Forest Ridge Drive and is approximately 40,500 square feet. The Bedford
Public Library serves as the community s front porch for learning, for leisure, for life.
As you enter there is a vending area on the right for you to enjoy food and drinks. There
are also public access computers that you can use before the library opens. Just use
your Bedford Public Library card to login. On the left, you will find Meeting Rooms and
the donor wall. Featured prominently in the lobby is a historical 500-pound Rand McNally
Geophysical globe, the most accurate model of the Earth ever manufactured. In the lobby,
you will also find the Friends Bookstore which helps raise money to support the library.
We also have the materials return which automatically checks in your items. Now it s your turn to
decide. Do you want to learn more about the Energy Savings Design of the Building or Using
the Library, it s your choice. Energy Savings or Using the Library: make a decision. The
Bedford Public Library is an adaptive reuse of a former grocery store. As a result of
public surveys, it was clear that the community wanted a green and energy efficient library.
With the assistance of over $2.1 million dollars in energy grants, the new Bedford Public Library
saves energy and tax dollars. The City of Bedford also received $175,000 incentive from
Oncor. The new library is 50% more energy efficient per square foot than the previous
location. Architects added insulation to the walls and roof, LED ballasted lights, water
saving fixtures and landscaping to reduce energy consumption. In order to reduce energy
consumption, the library installed a geothermal heat pump system with 150 wells buried 250
feet below ground. This system uses the earth s core temperature to heat and cool the building
and can reduce energy consumption 25 to 50%. The State Energy and Conservation Office awarded
the City a $1.9 million dollar grant to install 824 solar panels on the roof. These solar
panels have produced over 750,000 kW of energy to date! You can track our energy savings
online or on the solar kiosk located in the lobby of the Library. A combination of natural
lighting, LED high efficiency light fixtures and occupancy motion sensors contribute to
significant energy savings. In fact, all the lights in the Adult Area of the library use
the same amount of electricity as your hair dryer at home! Where do you want to go now?
Do you want to learn more about the Using the Library or Technology, your choice. Using
the Library or Technology, make a decision. Apply online for your library on our website.
Then, visit the Information Desk with a valid U.S. government issued ID to pick up the card.
Getting your Bedford Public Library card is easy. Just bring in a valid U.S. government
issued ID and proof of Texas address. Children can get a library card with a parent or guardian.
The library has over 100,000 materials including books, DVDs, music CDs, audiobooks, ebooks,
Spanish materials, and more available for you to checkout. You can search the library
catalog at the library, from home or your mobile device. Sign up for the NextReads newsletter
to discover great books and find out what other people are reading. And if we don t
have what you want, library staff can interlibrary loan your item from anywhere in the United
States. You are going to love our self-checkout stations. The stations have a touch screen;
simply select your language of choice, scan the barcode on your library card, and place
your items on the black pad one at a time. Make sure that the numbers of items, displayed
at the top of the screen, match the amount you are taking home. Print out your receipt
your titles and due dates. If you have questions, our friendly staff is ready to help you! You
can return your items using the drive-up materials return or the one located in the lobby. Just
place your materials one at a time onto the conveyor system. I would like to introduce you to
HAL, our automated materials handling system. HAL will automatically check in your items
and sort them into the appropriate bins. With over 600,000 items checked out annually, HAL
allows staff to get items back on the shelf quickly and to focus on providing excellent
customer service! HAL is so smart that he knows when an item is on hold for another
person. The item gets sorted into a HOLDS bin for staff to check in. A slip is printed
with the first four letters of the last name and the first two of the first name. The slip
is placed on the spine of the item and put on the holds shelf for you to pick up within
5 days. Your HOLD items need to be checked out on the card used to place the hold so
be sure to bring it with you! All books and CDs checkout for 21 days and DVDs for 7 days.
There are extended use fees for items that are not returned on time. Remember to sign
up for Library Elf to receive courtesy text messages and emails before your items are
due. Now it s your turn to decide. Do you want to learn more about the Program and Services
or Technology, it s your choice. Program and Services or Technology: make a decision. The
state-of-the-art Bedford Public Library features 61 public computers, early literacy computers
and wireless access. The library was designed with over 420 electrical outlets so that you
can plug-in all of your mobile devices! The library computers can be reserved from 20
minutes to 2 hours at a time. Simply sit down at any computer that says available. Enter
your library card number and you can start surfing the Internet. You can even print out
your work in color or black and white. The Jim and Becky Wilkes Technology Center has
free computer classes. The Copy Center has two copiers that print in color and black
and white. There is also a scanner that can save electronic pdfs to a flash drive or send
them to your smart phone or gmail account. We also have a community bulletin board with
events being offered in the City and community organizations. The library also has equipment
for people with low vision. The Low Vision Room has two CCTVs, a digital magnifier and
a tabletop magnifier. There is a portable magnifier that can be checked out from the
Information Desk to help your read small print on spine labels. Our staff is always happy
to assist you with locating any items you need. The Library s website provides access
to online databases like Learning Express Library, Legal Information Center and Mango
Languages. These databases can help prepare you to get your dream job or an A on your
research paper. Where do you want to go now? Do you want to learn more about the Services
offered by the Energy Savings Design of the Building, your choice. Services or Programs:
Make a decision. With seven study rooms, a conference room and meeting rooms, the library
has become the place to hang out, study, meet and learn. The meeting rooms are even available
to rent for special occasions. You can find people all over the library reading, surfing
the internet and enjoying artwork. Visit the Quiet Reading room where you ll find current
magazines and newspapers. You know librarians are the original search engine! The library
staff is a great resource for helping you find information, answer questions or teach
you how to download free ebooks. You can come in, call or visit us online for the information
you need! Librarians can help you locate books and suggest other authors, titles and series
you might be interested in reading. The Marketplace showcases new and bestselling fiction and
non-fiction. Fiction is divided by category so you can easily browse for your next book.
Other high-interest areas, such as Home & Garden, Health and Fitness and Self Improvement, were
created to make finding new materials quick and easy. In the Children s area, categories
such as Read to Me, Learn to Read, Explore & Discover and Just for Fun entice young readers
and their parents to discover new items. As the community s front porch, the library provides
programs for all the stages of your life. From baby story times to how to find a job,
the Library has a program for you. We partner with various agencies and city departments
so that you have the information you need. To foster a love of reading, the library offers
story times for different developmental stages and ages. Just follow the yellow brick road
to the Storytime Theatre to enjoy a variety of programs. Our homework help program partners
academically successful teens with your child for tutoring. The Summer Reading Club encourages
the entire family to read all summer long and win prizes. t forget our special events!
You can always spot your favorite characters at the Seuss Festival each March. The Friends
and Foundation host book sales and the Mardi Gras Casino Night & Gala. But my personal
favorite is the Tree Lighting where we get to decorate cookies and watch classic Christmas
shorts. You know all of these programs are a success due to the active teen volunteers.
When the teens aren t working, you can find us playing in the teen room which has a stereo
system, wide screen TV and a gaming system. After hours programs are offered for teens
on a monthly basis. Adults can enjoy book discussion groups, Do-It-Yourself classes,
and learn how to use computers. Some of our most popular services are for job seekers
to help learn about job leads, resume writing and using online job related databases. It is
easy to find out what is going on in the Library. You can stay in touch using the event calendar,
or checking out our Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and blog. Now it s your turn to decide. Do
you want to learn more about the Technology or Energy Savings, it s your choice. Energy
Savings or Technology: make a decision.