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>> Gaston: My guests today on
"Sports Files" are former NFL
players Harry Schuh and Aaron
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>> Gaston: In January of 1967,
the Green Bay Packers were
crowned the first winner of the
newly created AFL-NFL World
It was a nice victory for Packer
nation, but from a national
sports standpoint, it was
nothing to write home about.
Tickets were readily available
and the game didn't even
The name Super Bowl was not even
used until the third AFL-NFL get
Today the Super Bowl is an
In fact, it's the biggest event
in all of sports.
Only on Thanksgiving is there a
day in which there is more food
consumed in the United States
than on Super Bowl Sunday.
The Big Game is annually the
most watched television event of
the year in the US, and Super
Bowl XLV is the single most
watched American television
broadcast in history, with over
111 million viewers.
It is also one of the most
watched broadcasts worldwide.
This Sunday the San Francisco
49'ers will meet the Baltimore
Ravens in New Orleans.
It will be the 10th time that
the "Big Easy" has hosted the
"Big Game".
And today on "Sports Files",
we'll preview the contest and
talk NFL football with two
gentlemen who not only played
the game, but played in the
Super Bowl.
Harry Schuh was a two time All-
American at the University of
Memphis, then Memphis State.
He was the 2nd overall pick in
the 1965 NFL draft.
He played 10 Years in the NFL
and was a participant in Super
Bowl II with the Oakland
Aaron Hayden rushed for over
2000 yards at the University of
He was a member of the 1991 SEC
All Freshman team and a fourth
round selection of the San Diego
Chargers in 1995.
He played four years in the NFL,
and was a member of the Green
Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXII.
We'll break the huddle next on
"Sports Files."
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>> Gaston: Harry, Aaron, thank
you so much for being with us.
We appreciate it.
As we get ready for the big game
on Sunday, something that both
of you had had a chance to
participate in.
A little different, I think,
from Harry's game and Aaron's
game, as far as the decades
But Harry, you played in one of
the first.
And back then, as I mentioned,
AFL-NFL world championship
wasn't even called the Super
A lot has changed since.
But what do you remember from
that game as the Raiders played
in that contest.
>> Schuh: Well, it was big for
us because we won the American
Football League Championship
with a 13 and 1 record.
And we got there.
It was really great to be
playing against a lot of big
names, you know, Ernie Davis and
a lot of good names.
The linebackers were out of
They tore your head off.
But they were that run a
four-three-four but they ran it
And Marty as the coach, he said,
"You run the sweep, you have to
learn to stop it.
"You're not going to stop that
>> Gaston: Jim Taylor, Ray
Nitschke, the stars for the
Green Bay Packers .
But you had your own stars as
But when you went in to that
game, knowing that, you know, it
was Pride, AFL versus NFL, but
obviously you didn't have any
understanding of how big this
was going to be.
Does it amaze you when you think
of where this game is now from
when you played it?
>> Schuh: Oh, yes.
You look at the highlights prior
to the game showing different
segments of the different years.
But the two big giants out
there, out in the middle of
Miami stadium, that was the two-
the Raider and the Green Bay
That brings back memories.
It's nice to know that yours was
And we did well that day.
But it was a lot of fond
Made a lot of friends on both
sides of the ball.
Play next to Billy Cannon in the
Had Jim Otto, hall of famer.
Had another one.
I had young man from Ole Miss,
James Harvey was on the other
Then of course, we had Shell..
No, the shell wasn't there yet.
He came the following year.
It was Bob was there.
Shell was the swingman for Bob
and I.
We went down hurt, he would come
And that's where he got started.
>> Gaston: So obviously, fond
memories from Super Bowl II.
Aaron, you played in Super Bowl
XXXV with the green Bay Packers
losing to Denver, 31 to 24.
Your memories of the big game?
>> Hayden: I just, I remember
the week doing in to it and all
the celebrity events and seeing
superstars out and the music
industry and the hip-=hop
rappers and the basketball
It's just, in my eyes, a lot
different probably than Harry's
because that whole two weeks-
that first week is all about
And you're trying to get to all
the events and make your curfew
and get back.
Then you go to practice.
So, it was a lot for me to take
Then about the seventh day,
you're ready to kind of settle
back down and get ready to play
>> Gaston: But were you able to?
Were you, as a team, practiced
the way you needed to practice
to be ready for the game?
Were you able to settle down
with all the distractions?
>> Hayden: Yeah, I think we
And with that team, it was back-
to-back Super Bowl appearances.
So, they were accustomed to what
they day and what the weeks look
like coming in to it.
So they had a kind of a dry run
the year before.
So, they knew exactly what they
could do.
And then at one point, the
captains, Reggie White and LeRoy
Butler, Brett Favre, would say,
"Okay, everybody needs to buckle
"Let's get ready for the game."
>> Gaston: You were giggling a
little bit when you talked about
First of all, in your game,
there wasn't two weeks
separating, right?
>> Schuh: Yes, there was.
>> Gaston: There was still two
So, what was that like back
When it wasn't the game it is
>> Schuh: Well, it's the same.
You really prepared yourself the
first week.
Get all the hoopla out of the
Then when you go down to where
you're going to stay, it's not
like it is today.
They swamp ya.
You won't have any breathing
room unless you lock yourself in
your room.
But we were able to do a lot of
Yeah, you had guys.
The ones they went after were
the Ben Davidons and the ...
They went after those people.
They didn't go.
They interviewed everybody.
They don't leave no body
untouched which is nice.
At the time, it's not nice.
But afterwards, it's great.
>> Gaston: You were in Miami for
your game.
>> Schuh: Right.
>> Gaston: What was it like down
there, just the whole
>> Schuh: It was nice.
We stayed up in Homestead.
We actually stayed down there a
week afterwards.
But it was hot.
It's been cool in the Bay area
and then you go out.
That's kind of warm.
The humidity is a little
It's like in the winter time,
you get the east coast teams
coming out west.
And they die in the third
quarter so you have a chance.
>> Gaston: Aaron, you were out
in San Diego which is
interesting because San Diego,
the Chargers, the team that
drafted you, and you got to play
with the Packers in San Diego.
What was that like playing out
I know it's absolutely beautiful
weather in San Diego.
>> Hayden: Oh, absolutely
And it was pretty much like
coming back home for me.
So, I was, unfortunately, the
event planner.
So, I had to get everybody, tell
everybody where everything is,
where you might want to go,
where you might not want to go.
And then I still had my charger
team mates who were calling me
and saying, "Hey, let's go do
And so, I had a ball.
I had a ball.
>> Gaston: What was-Give us a
story, maybe an event, that
happened leading up to the game
that no body knows about that's
something maybe behind the
scenes because we hear the
I'll get to Harry in a second
about the Packers and about
their, McGee, the receiver, and
going out and partying all
Was anybody breaking curfew?
Was there are stories that we
need to know here?
>> Hayden: Yeah, I won't say any
names because, you know, what
stays in the locker room.
What goes on in the locker room,
stays in the locker room.
But we did have some stars that
cut curfew the night before.
And they ended up probably
making the two biggest plays to
have them win the game.
So, um, some people probably can
figure out what happened.
But during that last drive when
we had the ball, there was maybe
an interception thrown and a
ball bouncing off a guy's head.
And those two guys..
>> Gaston: We're going to be
able to piece this together.
>> Hayden: I'll be honest, I'm
sure the story's out somewhere.
But I think that they're coming
to play, and a lot of guys, you
know, you kind of question that
when everybody's supposed to, at
some point, say, "Okay, we're
about the game and not about the
Super Bowl."
>> Gaston: So many days you can
have fun and party.
The night before the Super Bowl.
And we always hear the story
about Max McGee.
And he played incredible.
But what about with the Raiders?
Did you?
>> Schuh: He went out the night
before and then the tight end
got hurt.
And he had to replace the way
they replaced him.
He catches the first play when
he comes in the game and goes
40-some yards.
And he didn't miss a beat.
He got most valuable player both
>> Gaston: Which is different
than Aaron's story about the
players that he played with in
Green Bay.
But what about with Oakland?
I know you weren't breaking any
curfews but what about any of
your team?
>> Schuh: ..he didn't break
>> Gaston: So he laid down the
>> Schuh: The rules and
everybody, you were put in an
area and you better be found in
that area.
They had the coaches come in
there all hours of night.
>> Gaston: Let's talk about this
Super Bowl match up.
You have the Baltimore Ravens.
Most people, maybe not most, but
a lot thought the new England
Patriots would do what they did
last year to them and beat them.
Although it was close.
It was 23-20 last year.
Baltimore gets the revenge this
And it's the same situation in
the NFC with San Francisco.
They had lost last year and now
they have their chance to play
in the Super Bowl.
So San Francisco and Baltimore-
two good defensive teams.
Interesting quarterback match
We always talk about the great
quarterbacks of the Super Bowl.
You have a young quarterback in
Colin Kaepernick who took over
the job half way through the
And Joe Flacco who has done some
really good things, especially
winning on the road in the
Here's a University of Delaware
guy, a one double A, and a
University of Nevada guy in the
Harry, your thoughts first of
all on the match up and the
quarterback match up.
>> Schuh: Well, I'd pick-both my
teams that I picked going in are
there, the 49ers and Baltimore.
Baltimore was coming back off
all their injuries.
They're players were coming
The key man who wants to win for
the last time announces his
Ray Lewis has really brought
them on.
They're coming on strong.
I just like-I like the Ravens.
But then you take the
Now I'm going to tell you what.
You better appreciate the 49er
He runs a full four forty.
He's 6'5" and a half and can
And if he gets that opening and
he runs that option, he's gone.
>> Gaston: You didn't have that
guy back in your day, did ya?
>> Schuh: No, I think I had
George Blanda.
George was 50.
>> Gaston: Speaking of that,
Aaron, with the Kaepernick, the
whole dimension, the read
option-Does that give San
Francisco the advantage or will
youth finally be a factor?
He hasn't shown his youth yet.
He hasn't shown his
He's taken all these big games
and he's run with it.
Will it finally come to a head
in the Super Bowl?
>> Hayden: I don't think so.
I do think its one heck of a
match up with the quarterbacks.
I think Flacco is very-He makes
a lot of great decisions with
the ball.
He doesn't take a lot of
Have some great receivers that
get separation.
I mean, they separate from the
I mean, they threw over Champ
Bailey, one of the best to ever
play the game, four or five
times in that game.
So, they have speed.
Then you have Bolden with the
They can run the ball with Ray
I mean, I just think it's a heck
of a match up.
But Flacco is more of a Joe
Montana type.
You know, lead his team down the
Doesn't take many chances.
And I think on opposite side of
the ball, you have Frank Gore no
body's really talking about
who's really going to be the
I really see the match up being
Ray Lewis versus Frank Gore.
If he can control the middle and
they can't just run the ball
when they want to, then you take
the read-option out of the
equation because you have Suggs
and those guys that can pinch
down and stop them.
So, I think it's going to really
be Frank Gore.
But I just don't see Kaepernick
I really don't.
I don't think he understand how
big it is.
>> Gaston: Yeah, maybe he'll
understand it down the road.
>> Schuh: It's just that the
linebackers are back and 100
percent for Ravens.
And I think if they get their
shots, they're going to take
their shots.
>> Gaston: Aaron talked about
Gore against Lewis and the line
backing core for Baltimore.
How about Ray Rice against the
great San Francisco line backing
core led by Patrick Willis?
What about Rice?
Will they be able to run
Baltimore on San Francisco?
>. Schuh: That's going to be the
thing about it.
The back is short.
What's he? 5'10", 5'9"?
And he is powerful.
He gets underneath you and
everybody wants to head tackle
these days.
No body wants to stick their
head down in there.
And he's right there.
You're going to feel it.
>> Gaston: Why do you think-
Maybe it's just the changing
We know the NFL's become more of
a passing league.
But scores in these playoff
games have been crazy.
Why, Aaron?
>> Hayden: Well, I think the
spread offense causes you to
change your personnel.
And now you have less
You may play with two
linebackers and 6 DBs.
And you're trying to play with
cover corners.
And you're safeties will have to
be excellent tacklers.
Now that's the difference to me
for San Francisco is those guys
are solid, back old school type,
Ronnie Lott type tacklers.
And when you break the
secondary, you don't really make
those guys miss.
On the other side, I don't know
if the Ravens-Its a lot of times
they leave it up to that read to
kind of come down like a line
backer and make plays.
And I could quite possibly see
that being a problem for them.
>> Gaston: Is it overblown how
We know Ray Lewis is extremely
important to the team.
Is it overblown that one player
can be that emotional leader,
that you can overcome anything
by following an emotional
I don't know if you had one per
say and you had one per say with
the teams that you played on in
the Super Bowl.
But can Ray Lewis, in other
words, reel them to victory?
>> Schuh: If you have a
cheerleader out there that keeps
you going and talks positive is
very good.
You have to know your teammates
and how you can handle yourself.
There's 11 different
personalities on that field at
one time.
And you have to know how to
handle each one of them
But he has the type of attitude
that he gets attention from them
all because this is going to be
his last game.
They're going to play for him.
They love the guy.
They're going to play for him.
>> Gaston: Lewis has been there.
He's won a Super Bowl.
>> Schuh: He's been there.
>> Gaston: He's an experienced
There's not a lot of them that
will be playing for either team.
How important?
>> Hayden: That defense is built
around Ray Lewis and keeping
people off of him in the way
they play their fronts.
You never get guards and centers
or really the fullback one-on-
one with them.
And only he knows where to be at
the right time.
You can put a back up in there
but it's not as easy for that
guy to know where to be.
This guys been doing if for
what-16, 17 seasons playing in
that system built for him.
And I can remember playing with
Brett Favre.
And it can be the most
strenuous, stressful situation
in a football game.
And you know, you're starting to
tense up and he'd come in there
and crack a joke and just relax
Or like, I was the running back.
So, I stood next to him.
And you know, I played in the
days where you could hear what
was coming over the mic, the
plays they were calling.
And I could hear the play.
And then he'd look at me and
smile and call something else.
And that would just relax you so
And guys would just rally behind
it because they wanted to see it
work so we could see Mike
Overton get mad as we came off
the field with a scoring
So, yeah, I think a guy can will
you to victory sometimes.
>> Gaston: Can you imagine being
the father of the Harboughs, Jim
and John?
This is crazy.
>> Schuh: Mom was sitting on one
side and dad is sitting on the
I think they're going to switch
this time.
Change jerseys on the way
underneath the tunnel and
>> Gaston: Probably the only way
to do it, right?
>> Schuh: They've done it but
they stayed on each side.
>> Gaston: It just says an awful
lot about the father, obviously,
the coaching genes.
Came down to John.
Came down to Jim eventually.
Jim has been amazing.
We know John has been very
consistent but it says an awful
lot about this family and that
Of course, the mom, too.
But I'm talking about from the
coaching standpoint.
>> Schuh: One's more fired up
than the other.
>> Gaston: alright, let's get
some, uh, let's get some
predictions here.
Baltimore, San Francisco-Who
wins the Super Bowl and why,
>> Schuh: I like Baltimore
because they're playing on a
play for a fellow that everybody
And he's there.
He don't care how hard he plays
this time because it's his last
He is now season retiring.
And I think they'll just rally
around him.
If you notice, they got their
offensive line back last week.
And they really played great or
played fantastic.
It's the best I've seen him
He got off the ball quick and
All the linemen seem to be good
because Flacco, he has to stay
right in the pocket.
He's not one of those really
running out of the pocket.
And he's staying in there.
And they've got to make their
horseshoe in there for him and
keep him safe.
>> Gaston: Alright, Aaron, how
do you see it?
>> Hayden: Um, I'm a little torn
I played my last year in Philly.
When I tried to come back out
there, I was hurt with Jim.
Jim was the special teams coach
and he is just a great guy.
He's a great person.
And then I grew up in Detroit.
Of course, John was at Michigan.
And I kind of grew up loving
John Harbaugh.
And then he went to the Bears.
So, I'm a little torn.
And then, I want to see Ray
Lewis win.
But at the end of the day, Xs
and Os, I think San Franciso
wins simply because they can put
pressure on the quarterback,
they can run the football and I
think with Crabtree and Vernon
Davis will be the key.
I really believe Vernon Davis
will be the key because the
Ravens won't be able to play
seven in the box if they can
stretch the field with the tight
>> Schuh: I just hope it's a
nice, good, close game.
>> Gaston: yeah-competitive
game, absolutely.
>> Schuh: Even if they're both
scoring, you know, a high
scoring game like it's been
going on.
A lot of high scores but you
want it right down to the wire.
>> Gaston: Final minute-Is there
a Super Bowl that stand out for
you that you've watched over the
>> Schuh: Yeah, the last one.
The share was $84,000.
It was $42,000 for the losers.
I got $7500 for the losers.
>> Gaston: You got $7500 for the
>> Schuh: Yeah..
>> Gaston: $48,000 for the
losing share.
Yours was-
>> Schuh: 7500.
>> Gaston: Aaron, what was
>> Hayden: I think we got 85.
>> Gaston: You got 85?
So it is really increasing from
the mid-'90s.
That's pretty amazing.
>> Schuh: There's a lot of
change falling on the floor.
We just had to grab it and run.
>> Gaston: Harry, thank you so
Aaron, an absolute pleasure.
Stick around though.
We're going to talk a little
tailgating and Super Bowl party
because we know it's a big event
coming up on Sunday.
We'll take a quick break.
We'll come back with Overtime
right after this.
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>> Gaston: The biggest dilemma
for people on Super Bowl Sunday
is not who to root for, but
rather, which party to attend.
It's become a rite of passage to
treat the day like a holiday.
In fact, the "Monday after" is
normally a day where work
production across the board is
at a minimum.
It's commonplace for people to
call out of work citing, colds,
flu, migraines etcetera.
Of course, we all know better.
It's a case of partyitis.
So with that said, we went to
school on Super Bowl food.
Chef Gentry, at L'ecole
Culinaire gave us his Super Bowl
picks, on food that is.
>> Gentry: Hi, I'm Chef James
Gentry coming to you from
L'ecole Culinaire, Memphis,
We're located on Germantown
Today we're going to make a
twist on nachos kind of favoring
the San Francisco 49ers.
This ones going to be tuna and
in place normal tortilla shells,
we're going to use wontons.
Another little twist that were
going to do is basically with
the dressing that you would
normally put on top of the
So let's get started.
First, we're going to go ahead
and make the dressing for the
And we're going to start with a
little bit of mayonnaise.
We're going to add just a touch
of sesame oil.
And then everybody's favorite.
This is where you can make it as
hot or as cold as you want, as
far as heat wise preference for
you or family or guests or
After that, we're going to go
ahead and set that to the side.
What I have here are normal
wonton tails.
We're going to take those and
deep fry them, just until they
get nice, golden brown.
Pull them out.
Lightly salt them.
We're going to go ahead and set
those to the side.
Next up, we're going to go ahead
and start prepping our tuna.
Now you can do this two ways.
You can go ahead and just slice
it like normal sushi tuna or you
can chop it up and mince it.
Me, personally, I'm going to
slice it so it looks like sushi.
We're going to slice it.
Now I'm going to take that and
set it to the side.
What I've done here is slice a
little bit of Napa cabbage.
Napa cabbage is an Asian style
of cabbage.
We're just going to take that,
slice it up like this.
After we slice it, we're going
to throw that to the side for a
Now it's time to play.
So on this, what we're going to
do is go ahead and throw our
wonton shells down on your
serving board, plate, whatever
you're going to use.
I'm going to go ahead and put
the sliced tuna on top of the
wontons slightly scattered, just
It doesn't have to be perfect.
From there, we're going to take
and put the cabbage over top.
This is going to act as our
lettuce for the traditional
I'm going to scatter some
cilantro leaves, a couple of the
And of course, if you don't have
cherry tomatoes or roman
tomatoes, you can just dice some
tomatoes and throw those on
Throw those on there.
Then we're going to take our
sauce that we made earlier,
spread all over the top of it.
And there ya go.
Real famous style of pizza in
California is the smoked salmon
This one's going to be quick and
easy for you at home.
Everybody loves pizza on the
Super Bowl so here's what were
going to do.
We take a pizza shell.
We're going to take it and roll
it out.
If you want to, you can do this
in the oven or you can do this
on a grill.
So you take your pizza dough,
throw it on the grill.
Let it start to puff a little
Give it about 10, 20 seconds on
one side.
Flip it and do another 10, 20
seconds on the other side.
Basically, you're wanting the
whole thing to look crispy to
So if it's not completely done,
go ahead and flip it back over
on the other side and then flip
it back over once again.
Basically, you're just trying to
make sure that it's done but you
don't want it to burn at the
same time.
After you've done that, we're to
take and make a little bit of
spread to go on top of it.
A little bit of sour cream, a
little bit of fresh dill.
And a little bit of fresh garlic
if you have it.
If not, you can use the
granulated garlic that you keep
at the house.
Mix that together, spread that
on the bottom.
Take and spread a little bit of
the smoked salmon all over the
top, just random slices all over
the place.
After that, we're going to take
and put some arugula.
We're just going to dress with a
little bit of lemon juice.
Scatter it all over the top.
And there ya go, smoked salmon
Bon appétit!
>> Gaston: Thanks Chef.
Well Harry and Aaron, we got a
special treat for ya because
we're getting ready for the big
party on Sunday, Super Bowl
Sunday party.
This is called a taco square.
This is a recipe that Jenny
Fuente, that's Justin Fuente's
wife, the head coach, of course,
at the University of Memphis,
gave us to make.
So we want you guys to indulge
in this.
Have a piece.
Tell us how it is.
That could be a part of your
Super Bowl Sunday party if you
like it that much.
So what do I think about
Sunday's game?
Well, I did pick the 49'ers to
get there so it should be an
easy call for me.
I had the Pats knocking off the
But with that said I think the
Ravens will take it.
I like the growing confidence of
quarterback Joe Flacco, the
ability to run the ball with Ray
Rice and if you believe in fate,
Ray Lewis is suppose to ride off
into the sunset with another
Lombardi trophy.
Isn't he?
Baltimore 31, San Francisco 27
in the first ever Harbowl.
And that will do it for this
week's show.
If you want the recipe for the
Taco Squares or to see any of
our previous shows go to our
website at WKNO-dot-org and
click on KNO tonite.
Enjoy the Super Bowl!
[instrumental music]