A New Approach to Help: AutoCAD 2013

Uploaded by Autodesk on 12.09.2012

We’ve redesigned Help to give you search-based access to the information you need.
Let’s say I want to learn more about arrays. By default, the user type filter is set to
show all content, and the Search is set to include Web results like knowledge base content,
discussion groups, and blogs. You can refine your results by choosing the
user type that’s right for you. For example, choose "User" to see only end user content.
Now let’s say you only want to see commands or system variables. We’ve added filters
to help you do that. I can filter on commands, or system variables, or both.
If you want to see an alphabetical list of commands or system variables, these links
on the Home page will take you there. If you’re interested in seeing which commands
and system variables were added or changed for this release, search for "New Commands"
and you’ll find our topic "New Commands and System Variables," which has related references
to updated commands and obsolete commands. Speaking of Related References, at the bottom
of every topic you’ll find links to that topic’s related tasks, references, and concepts.
These links will guide you to more information. Specifically, you’ll see that every topic
has a "Commands For" link, which takes you to a list of commands and system variables
that are relevant to that topic. By the way, if you are a Developer, you can
set your user type to "Developer," and then filter on the language you’re interested
in. Although our Help is now internet-based, if
you need a copy to use when you’re offline, you can download it from the Home page, or
from the Help menu. By default, Help content is accessed online,
but there is an option to turn off accessing online content if you prefer.
In the upper-right corner of every topic, you’ll see the Home, Favorites, and Share
buttons. You can add topics to your Favorites list
or share a link to a topic. Let’s go back to the Home page, where you’ll
find links to additional content, including our new "Hitchhiker’s Guide to AutoCAD,"
your guide to the basic 42 commands you need to create 2D drawings using AutoCAD or AutoCAD
LT. This is a great place to get started if you’re
new or it’s been a while since you used the application!