Dietitians Dish on Grains and Your Preschooler: How Much and Which Ones

Uploaded by hnhucommunications on 07.09.2012

Grain products are an important part of your preschooler's diet. Canada's Food Guide
recommends that children age 3 have three servings of grain products a day and children
ages 4 and 5 have four servings a day. A serving is one slice of bread, ½ cup of
cooked rice or pasta or ¾ cup of cereal. Remember to choose whole grain products for
a fibre and nutrient boost! To see if the product is whole grain, check out the ingredient's
list. Make sure the first ingredient listed on your grain product says the words "whole
grain". Did you know that multigrain doesn't always
mean whole grain? That's why it's important to check the ingredients list.
Go for whole grain tortillas, cereals, crackers, pasta, rice and bread often.
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