Assorted gems, 41회 EP41 #04

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Good evening. This is for Miss Goong.
What is this?
Jade, have some abalone porridge.
Ok. Do you know how to make abalone porridge?
Younggook sent this through his secretary.
They put abalone generously…. Just go ahead.
I’m so touched by his heart for you.
Seems their maid made it.
Aren’t you gonna eat?
Why don’t we share it with two grandmas?
Give these fruits to Ruby’s sister. Fruits are best for a cold.
Did you buy this for her?
Thank you.
No problem.
Isn’t Ruby home yet?
Well…I think she’s coming.
I like to invite you to a dinner in my room. Kinda room-warming-up party.
Did you order foods?
Please say “Thank you.” to the maid.
Ok. Try to eat even if you have no appetite.
I ate much.
How is she?
She’s ok.
Can I stop by you tomorrow? I already miss you.
Spend time with your mother.
Let me see you just for one hour.
Please come in.
Wow. It’s nice with the wardrobe.
Now I feel a human touch in this room.
Was it like a den when I used this room?
It just felt empty.
Those wardrobe and dresser change the entire atmosphere.
As for a house and a woman, the look depends on how they adorn it.
That’s right. You are really beautiful.
Oh….I rarely adorn myself though.
I don’t go to a massage shop or a nail shop.
All I do is to put moisturizing cream and comb my hair.
Even so, you look like an actress. You are a born beauty.
Come on, your mother is more beautiful than I am.
My Mom is….
Oops, my mistake.
My Mother sure takes good care when it comes to her appearance.
Oh, I envy her.
Well….The sushi might get bad.
Please help yourself.
Aren’t you hungry?
I had some snacks at work.
I like to fill your glass.
Ok. Wait!
Where did you get this? Is this ours?
I bought it.
Oh, thanks.
Bro, lady first.
I know.
No thank you.
Come on, it’s just a champaign.
I have another bottle.
You do?
Seems you got a money green gone stain.
I think you speak Korean better than Koreans.
I think so.
Let’s toast.
It was challenging to move in here. Please, let me have your favor. Thank you!
So good!
See when Jade is available tomorrow.
For dinner?
Yes. You decide a restaurant and make a reservation.

Get some rest…
Umm…this isn’t farmed fish. Very chewy.
I ordered it from my favorite restaurant.
Can you tell if it’s farmed or organic when you taste?
Of course! Farmed one has poor texture.
I thought he’s a vegetarian.
He didn’t join the Buddhist priesthood yet.
Are you trying say that I shouldn’t eat meat and fish?
No. I like people who are not picky about food.
By the way, wouldn’t be uncomfortable to sleep on the floor?
Resident doctors can sleep anywhere.
It does a young man good to suffer some privations in the world.
Let me fill another glass for you.
How much can you drink?
A bottle of soju.
Aren’t you gonna empty the glass?
When will she smile at me?
Up to you.
I try my best but she doesn’t give me a chance.
Would I move in if she weren’t that cold?
Women can’t let go of their hurt feelings easily.
So men better not hurt their feelings. Never. And be very nice.
I promise, I will be nice to her.
Talk to her.
Ruby, how can I win your heart back?
My heart and my mind say different languages.
Explain to me…
You know you have to forgive him but your heart doesn’t want to, right?
Should I shave my head as a sign of repentance?
I can shave it for you, now.
No way! He’s a doctor.
How old are you? Acting like a child.
Why, he’s cute.
I had sushi to my heart’s content.
A war of nerves between Kyle and Byonghoon.
I know.
It’s all because my beautiful wife bore a beautiful daughter.
Your flattery gets better and better.
Come on. I mean it.
If you’re gonna marry him, you’d better not make him wait too long.
I heard a man would make his wife pay back later if she played hard to get.
I also feel uncomfortable to see him around.
You know….
In one hand, I like to wait till my true love comes to me.
On the other hand, I’m afraid I might regret turning him down.
You can’t see the blue sky when there’re clouds.
Get rid of greed, if any. And you’ll know the answer.
Gees, I know the answer.
As I see you, I learned what’s really important is love not conditions but…
I’m not sure if a true love would find me.
Seems you’re meant to meet Youngguk but,
somehow, I feel I’m not.
If it’s not my destiny to meet a true love, would it be wise to accept him?
I’m in dilemma. I even want to go see a fortuneteller.
You have a reason for saying that.
There are two categories.
A marriage preceded by love.
Or a marriage bound by destiny.
I’m not sure if a marriage with Byonghoon is my destiny.
But he seems he’s so sure about it.
Then why not from the beginning?
Had he insisted his way in spite of his mother, I wouldn’t feel this bad.
I know….
Gosh, I feel like I’m being punished.
What are you talking about?
We have the same parents. We’re in the same shoes.
While you’re working so hard and saw the man’s inner heart,
I was blind for money and looked for a good catch regardless of his personality.
I think God is punishing me for that attitude.
No way. You are so loving and kind-hearted.
To my family only.
I’m calculative.
But as I look at you, I reflect on myself.
And I feel ashamed that I hated Younggook.
It’s because you cared for me.
Between Kyle and Dr. Yoo, whom are you drawn to more as a man?
Well…Kyle is devoted Buddhist.
I didn’t even count a foreigner as a man.
In fact, he’s more like my family than a boyfriend.
Mom, I can’t sleep. The floor is too hard.
Just try to sleep.
The icy air chills me to the bone.
I’m afraid you might get a cold.
Man, I can’t believe people live in this environment.
Settle with her immediately and come back.
And they don’t have a bidet.
You know I suffer from piles so I need a bidet.
Don’t give her a sign that you have piles.
Of course not.
Why don’t you install one?
Yeah, good idea.
I hate you.
If you had granted my wish from the beginning, I wouldn’t suffer now�