Mega Mystery Band - Paris (2)

Uploaded by megamysteryband on 20.04.2011

- Where is the manager? - No idea
He shouldn't be long now. We were supposed to meet him here
Ok, let's wait
Have you heard the news? Copycats pretending to be us in Spain, Greece..
I know! These guys claim to be us everywhere in Europe... What the hell!
- Even in Portugal... - This is insane!
WE are the Mega Mystery Band
- Who's got the wigs? - Yeah, who's got the wigs!
We have Charlie's wigs! Who could afford them just to pretend...
they are the Mega Mystery Band
You don't believe us? Impossible! You want the proof ? Look
There, the one clapping his hands : it's me !
Look. look at me. See? It's me
And we ate with this girl at the canteen
- I remember now... - See, we're not lying
We were in the forest of Fontainebleau, it was horribly cold
How could I know all these details?
- Yes. We are the Mega Mystery Band - That's us!
I can't even figure out how we've come so far!
Honnestly I don't know... We have to be in L.A. tomorrow...
There's another meeting planned in this room. Follow me, thank you