Fieldsports Britain News - 19th December 2012

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First, the appalling school shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, which has left America
split on whether or not to ban guns. Democrat senators are said to want a ban on what they
call assault weapons, while some republicans are calling for teachers to be armed. The
American president gave his reaction.
We are going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies
like this, regardless of the politics.
Last week, we reported that around 300 of Scotland's estimated 500,000 airifles were
used in crimes last year. This week, the Scottish Government has launched a consultation on
airgun licensing. It says it is committed to introducing licensing for low-powered airguns.
Anyone with an interest in airgun shooting in Scotland can make their voice heard. For
more information about how to do that, visit
Meanwhile, the usually animal-loving Daily Mail newspaper has come out strongly in favour
of country sports.
In an article entitled "How game hunting is thriving again" the popular newspaper reports
that: "Thanks to the support of a new generation of Royals, notably the Duke and Duchess of
Cambridge, and celebrity fans such as film director Guy Ritchie, field sports are enjoying
a moment of retro cool."
Costa Rica has become the first Latin American country to ban hunting as a sport. The country
has almost no sport hunting industry, and what there is is it mainly for puma - but
not necessarily dancing with them as this film shows.
An America boy shot in the head in a pheasant-hunting accident by his father is out of hospital
and looking forward to going pheasant shooting again. Both Ryan Rearick and his father Chris
took hunter safety classes six years ago. Chris Rearick says he shot his son because
he fell over as he was about to take a shot at a bird.
And finally, if you are wondering what bait to use if you are after catfish in the South
of France, you could try whole pigeon.
A school of catfish there have taught themselves how to leap out of the water and catch pigeons
to eat. If you are watching this on YouTube, click on the link to see the full film.
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