KWN Global Contest 2009 Awards Ceremony

Uploaded by ChannelPanasonic on 16.03.2012

The second annual Kid Witness News global contest awards ceremony
was held in Tokyo.
emcee “With the themes again this year being 'Ecology' and
'Communication,' the Contest drew entries from 617 schools
in 25 countries and region across the globe.
Twenty-two videos were entered in the preliminary judging,
and narrowed down to six in the final.
Representatives from the schools whose videos made it to the final six
have joined us here today.”
Journalists and educators from the global contest's judging committee
were also present.
Panasonic executive vice president Koshi Kitadai offered
a warm welcome, saying that“The experience of communicating a message
to the world through the now global KWN program is sure to be
of great value for every participant's future”.
First, the various category awards were presented.
Produced by Assumption College Sriracha of Thailand,
‘Buffaloes in the Rice Field’examines the role of water buffaloes
made redundant by mechanized agriculture and introduces
the agricultural practices in the students' community,
where environmental harmony has been achieved through
a return to traditional cultivation methods.
‘The Good, the Tag and the Ugly’ by Eaton Bank School of Britain
introduces the world of graffiti, from crude doodling to
artistic creations, and examines the meaning and effects of graffiti
through interviews with graffiti artists, the authorities who work
to prevent and punish graffiti, and the people who view it.
In ‘A Monumental Message - For Us Living in the Future,’
by Ida Elementary School of Japan, children learn of the tragedies
of war from an ancient stone monument, realize that today's world
should not have to endure military conflict, and appeal to children
around the world to work for peace.
Doing the rounds with a veteran refuse truck driver, in‘Dirty Work’
The Public Secondary School in Jerzmanowa, Poland, addresses issues
relating to today's modern lifestyle from a refuse-related
perspective, and highlights the need to increase
environmental awareness.
‘Planet Earth’ by Mooloolaba State School of Australia
is a dramatic report in which children playing the role of
doctors earnestly examine the problem of global warming and
possible solutions, while treating the planet Earth as a patient
suffering from a high temperature.
In ‘Listen・Love’by the Kowloon Tong School of Hong Kong,
a girl reflects on what her mother told her when she was little,
that in today's noisy and bustling society, “you can only understand
someone when you listen with your heart, and will then discover
how beautiful the world can be.”
A 50-inch Viera plasma TV was presented to the Grand Prix winner,
The Public Secondary School in Jerzmanowa, Poland.
Chief judge Atsuko Toyama concluded by saying that KWN is like
playing a team sport. By participating, the whole team learns
wonderful things and has a great experience.
Panasonic will continue to support international exchange and
communication among children all over the world
through the KWN program.