VSA 2012 Graduation Ceremony Flashback Section

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bjbj In the past we have always longed for graduation, always longed to be able to grow
up. We thought graduation day would be one of the best days of our lives. No more high
school and able to move out on our own and embark on the independent journey of university.
However, now we finally realized that it's one of the worst days in our life. Why? Because
its hard to say goodbye with your friends that have been through six and even more years
with you. We are friends that went through all sorts of challenges together, we are friends
that playing closely together and we are friends that grow up and share everyday life together.
When we were in year seven, we were all na ve kids that share many of our first time
together. First time wearing wool vest, first time doesn t need to carry backpack to school
and first time starts to worry about friendship and love. There were many changes that we
need to face. There were obviously more subjects need to take and definitely more homework
and projects need to do. Back then, we thought completing a five hundred words essay is the
toughest work to do on earth and teacher asking you to read English book, is the most annoying
teacher in the universe. We also need to take over many unforgettable challenges, for example,
design and perform synchronized swimming, doing two hundred pages of developmental workbook
for art and constructing database and animation for computer technology. Besides this, there
are also many delightful moments, for example exciting project week, sports day and end
of year party. When we were in our junior years, during project week, we would go to
each other s room at night playing card games for the sake of staying up late and hiding
from teachers. But now we would rather have more sleep, in order to be invigorative for
the next day. Throughout this journey, there are surely many incidents happened that we
will remember in our life time such as staying up all night for doing projects, losing homework,
being moody, experiencing everyday embarrassments and being overwhelmed with all the burden
that comes along with being a student nowadays. Nevertheless, this is what brings us together
and what makes each of us into an unique person. Last minute.com Romeo and Juliet Human savage
to be or not to be , and Telunus are all the secret codes we share and behind each of the
codes are unforgettable memories that are carved in our hearts. During these six years,
things just come and go in a fraction of a second. But this spaceship journey is so special,
that we developed a strong bond with each other, that regardless of where we are, how
old we are, we will always be nostalgic for the past. Seventy-four people, two thousand
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