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and welcome to s_e_c_ sports roundtable
This your host Shane Bailey and on the other side of the monintor is Drew Young
an Drew, what's going on?
i'm just happy to give another podcast in this week out for those who
new to this e csr kiwi do hehe
podcast i would say it's a great contrast when you're in
lowell puzzle together for a quick is
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yes no so and that in that instance you know it's it's a quick podcast at that
we do uh... almost every week
uh... we miss very few weeks here in our sixty-one episodes this is uh...
hard to believe we've gone that long without sixty first episode
being recorded here tonight as we speak
on the we take a look at the s_e_c_ at the week that happen in the week that's
gonna happen i had a nuisance does come across the wire that we think worth
talking about just going to give your opinions on
on the s_e_c_ from from offense perspective as you can see
uh... for those watching on youtube
or through face book or the web site
as she she s are key
andrea holds no bars about his contends low for
uh... tennessee
these were in the orange of on the screen in the lower third
unstained partial on right now but most seasons
forty eight hours away yourself from recording so
so that might change next week but uh... and it's a it's a sad day to be a
kentucky panned out
nowhere work
we are at a lame duck coach going on right now down in the big blue nation so
uh... you know just going to go in football this week available milo
research that that's a little bit about who you are
uh... we do do it we do this podcast on like i said every week and i can be
found or itunes
drew i don't know if it's just you know my searches so attuned to me looking at
things but
but the other hand a search on the contents
uh... in the uh... i was in store for s_e_c_ sports
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uh... issues just about how you can get a hold of this but i wanted to throw
those things out there talking to us
some need information just uh... i was surprised you know that only weakly
we did hubbard out there
uh... for a long time
in the top you know key enter some of it
you know i had had not checked in a while and
and even on one podcast there
i was pretty excited about that so testament to to you guys listing in some
thank you guys
diskette often say what did you like about last week
you know i mean that i guess what i like the most uh... think there if you are
like so i'll do some positives and negatives
that the big bottles l_s_u_ alabama gain was an unbelievable game again it did
not disappoint
ad was incredibly proud awaited l_s_u_ played i didn't think they would stand
much of a chance in this game
uh... that discussion uteach never count out relish you whom
uh... especially the night game because they they really played well in
will really close to poor much that i know that
less miles to get a lot of flak you're talking about a lot because he did some
international things go on for all four down
arlena gain the most of the wrong side of filbert
you know i think that's what he had i had to do a guy that had to say look i
want to be the matter of all worker trot out too when i think that's what the
looked at that's how they decided to play a game and that's what they made
and then i didn't care and uh... let it drop to where they get there that they
had a chance to win in a bed wonderful played a
that screen dot feel them and they won the game so
revelations uh... to alabama forget their their biggest challenge
but uh...
but i'll ask you about what a great game and and that's why we love the s_e_c_'s
there's just no there there's not a better than out there ameen
yeah there was a lot of good stuff this weekend look like notre dame in
pittsburgh in some other uh... some other game board right down to the wire
better because not only did the album art you can go down the wire it without
alarming was a closed and will play a game of all things as opposed to you
don't want to make a mistake so
i thought that was brought a highlight of the uh...
of the weekend
do you know i mean
you look at the the numbers on it i think the numbers were quite as high as
last year's uh...
no doubt that i think he is being you had number one number two in e_s_p_n_
the machine that they are
uh... as far as the p_r_ promotion more just all over that
a game last year but in almost out
i would say eleven million of well over to me and i will
uh... portion bursts and don't wash that ball game
uh... and the interesting stack that i saw or heard adams okay
armor words motorola's listening to you but
uh... at that time there were three other programs
that wrong
n_b_c_ had the breeders cup
uh... fox had usc uh... oregon
and a_b_c_ hand
was at interstate
yadkin state and local and state
some report for managed for sports programs going on on all major networks
and you can not be of the three networks n_b_c_
fox in n_b_c_'s programs they still not be equal the number of all on that one
and here's the here's what's crazy as you look at this david
ability to
if you look at some of stats look inside of it
ella she was tempered twenty on third l where all that was one for nine
uh... l_s_u_ segment heard through for uh... right at three hundred yards
uh... hell issue in
nadya hill rush for a little over a hundred yards tom possession l_s_u_ had
the ball for forty minutes
alabama at the ballpark twenty minutes
tara overs albert had to turn over till she did remove all over so for most
things were i mean you look at the stats and and
you you think well that was probably what do you know their way out but
that's well bava does they would football games and uh... mistress
another great when i got the one thing that you know if you don't have to
belize and i went for a poor bell the couple for down a couple thompson
and didn't quite get it so
i guess when they are saying that uh... maybe maybe
the matter will madden maybe should played a little closer to the best but
i don't know i liked the way that they went out and play and they said were put
in a large it just didn't work out for
i don't think he he
i would have done the same thing in his his situation probably you know and i
think probably almost all of those
uh... scenarios except for maybe the afford al fayed caught
uh... you know that was a little suspect because
and then if you look at the way alabama was defending the hotmai were expecting
and if they were they were they were willing to uh...
eighty seven when they were given on a on that situation but they were
they were expecting something from less miles in that situation and that warren
scenario that's the only one i would say that you know you probably want to see
the corner at least kuji
because there was no chance because their workforce and lavender something
ended bro pass the baton there
cropping on through her lips of that what that means the only one of you know
uh... personally would have any use use red
and the only thing i would say is that
some of the play called he called
the particular
set out that he brian
committee wasn't what you wanted to see
uh... in those scenarios not that he had a scenario was incorrect that he should
have my forehead not i went for something
uh... it was the play call it was actually called and if you listen to
some other
messed up today he was on our the college sports on axiom
you know him that he was you know you can really hear his voice he was he was
a lot of blame but himself without loss
uh... for some of the play calls that he he had made a and then anything that's
the only thing that that i think the cost of the game
uh... is if you are
selective colleges for
gadget places of posters
more more
in a regular scenario type plains indian art right now season get in touch dot
and most forecast situations but of manny
it was it was a great game than any other thing that i think that lost and
this is member
uh... you know me
all year long everybody's been lastly how he's not been able to perform on but
you get him on that stage in here next week to prepare
but mainly looks pretty good and here is best game against another brother that's
because in the country so
uh... that's very impressive
that bodes well for a man he's got another couple of years it
and analogy you so
maybe he's the natives remember they're gonna be really good so
who want does that
doesn't give you any indication and and
out so don't agree with the fact that there's a change in alabama armor
i mean you look at l_s_u_ elderly were they not the number one right
or number two retrograde coming into the season
you have a revised our bills he was going to have a good year i don't think
i mean aware that the women in death valley when is a win against l_s_u_ and
i'm just not going to take anything negative away from that no one alabama
doesn't really have much left until
the f_c_c_ championship in which the read other challenge but i wouldn't say
i think it was a big challenge
hanging in paris at
and reassure we yet your i dot e dot
it's just off i've got a point now where i just don't expect alabama luzon
because that doesn't say that the other big news
for the week is up a text saying him just brothel
uh... the city state
and yet they say there was a very good team so
your idea would be easy for
frelimo callously bottom out fully expect they'll then when the game but
the salient team is really really come to life
i mean
uh... is as an outsider not being an alabama fan
i couldn't see sale and those guys get down
uh... and it's not like me busy tired the last week
that's a whole other scenario is those guys
are not going to get a catholics is facing solvers that pat
yeah but i mean
the function alabama know-how
uh... men's aluminium has turned out to be in the
they just plain mississippi state
the week before so i knew what mississippi state and offer some
and it was a woman mississippi state
uh... the they saw how and missed
a template against l_s_u_
they just plain l_s_u_
so they understand this program and it's not a program that can take lightly i
don't think so idon't see them getting down for good you know you also see that
there's gonna have to be just natural emotional let down
uh... after such performance there in death valley to come off
and and basically still win
meters minute-and-a-half left
and marched down the field
they hadn't been able to mars don't feel like that at all you're all all night
long and also the do that
you know that's got a call on your most voters here at the end of the game
except her
ball in his eyes out in the estimates of motion
yeah in that game that you can say they're not going to be somewhat emotion
extent coming into
to play out on their are and it is gonna be home for alabama samantha bc
big bonus for them
and i'd like you think that we have it and i think that's a fact that some
if there was another team because he got on on the message directly right
it's like a clockwork africa theory is that is
stephanie cut their campaign next week
and then it's all over america ltda
haha i don't think i've been
i think that is
you gotta give credit they say they have been in the played really well against
mister the state is not a game and i saw a ton of the game but
so do the stats and that you know don't insult come in and after
fill the shoes of a of attaining hill and get in there and
and really
making his team this quick on the navy's you know he's talk about the heisman
it's a freshman
poor but they were talking about the heisman trophy in
uh... and he's really put up the stats and played well so
i think that i think bill bill gill marinade guy i think there's anything i
can go out there in
and uh...
ovoid elect down it's is alabama team i mean they're their coaches
union and you've got a lot of three tom national champion and and savin uh...
i mean evening kayaking coach football he can get a state repaired so
i think it's going to be a dogfight but i would say that elicited takes a dim
that they're gonna get every bit of alabama muppet
i dot again i can't say that a man who's gonna win that game i don't think any of
them a chance but
now would say that this is necessarily cupcake u_ about your next
and that's where i was going with it pal
you know the rest of the match-ups
uh... herring
this week there's not a whole lot out there to me
you know mississippi state no issue but
you know i i have been so disappointed in state over the last couple weeks out
of that later
players you know talked about so much maybe maybe i caught the caldwell
disease that did not have been about and was biting into it too much but
you know i mean we talked about this couple weeks here let's all those old
and i'll tell you that
misery they had not played anybody
either tennessee was whether topper barnes and hell everybody's been since
i think that miss it a state of rain in the harbor their schedule i think there
are a good football team there'll be no top twenty foot ball team in and out
popped him for quality
and when you get when you have to play texas a and and and you have to play
it by a large u_s_ probably gonna be able to talk slow for a group
uh... and they had a look good in either one of those games either so
i would say that misery says happy to be seven soon enough will expect you know
ellis you take your business but you never know what you know if you're going
to see you might see a legit played all over
and uh... i struggle with uh... with the opportunites down this year so
yang really here i can't believe you have not only huge and mississippi state
has a chance else you might be you know look at that they bought their second
game down a lot of heartbreaker maybe this might be a kind of a game where
they're letdown
this city state come in there
and uh... and and still win but once again this game is at l_s_u_ and tonight
game so
you know give the eventual jamin
i think a lot he'll bounce back but i would not be surprised if it's a close k
uh... minden many other matchups do you want to talk about your voice up here in
i think it's a big daily is a big game to tennessee and i think it's a big day
for their duly
uh... in the loop back if they gave a play this weekend
and uh... i mean
cannot talk about a little
uh... two different
as it says he found excited about the offense i mean this is an incredible
al gray broke again and paid millions
school passing a record and i don't care
you know what to eat your plants unseen
these policies play patsy pretty much every year
intro is not
you know the worst email they're they're you know their team that consist lee
makes a all day and they've had
fairly good team
their defense wasn't prepared for for
tennessean tolerate preferred three hundred and burke
fathered thirty yards from around that
but talk about their defense has just come in that day or so frustrating to
watch because
troy could not stop to see on offense antecedents dot royal and uh... on their
own defense so i mean it just
it was known as things where was back and forth in i'm glad to see a little
bit riyadh but i think it's a big game against missouri in
and that's a gain of their daily has to win if he does and i think he's done
well yeah i mean his you're sending four wins is that right
yet for firing out
and so you got
this this game vanderbilt kentucky
correct you decide to avaible volume probably three of them to keep the coach
yeah i am i'm losing those you are their kids
unlike kentucky and that's the news from the week and i think we can on it you
near they've got the land that can still prefer not ones
you know is no longer going to be the coach after the end of the season after
as not just a hahahaha performance against the roundabout program
uh... you wanted to see something on a kentucky at that point
uh... tutor
as a kentucky saying you want you want to see that in there just wasn't there
uh... i don't see you then
having any fight left in amman actively ron elving rally around
uh... generality triangular combo wins
for the programs that uh... in uh... with with sons were high no i think it's
a program has been reluctant to read
uh... on your wall i think thirty-three freshman started
too ridiculously high number
uh... for program like that in the s_e_c_ to have to too
stress that many freshmen apply
uh... and they've got him
next weekend
now you got a lot of next week it would be a benefit next yet
that it was a you know i thought i had a man has two things one
at seven
that's a bad lol spillover you know kentucky lose at home
or did nothing and shut out by vanderbilt and you know what or reports
i think that it will is a better team the kentucky i think it's a different
uh... they may book a pretty good football team and and they're not only
for about forty point and i i don't i just bears
i mean i would say they're showing the again for being there forty point but
wouldn't that be amenable yes you see
you should be given up
you know was about forty too many things
uh... specially made and also i mean i was again nothing kentucky got down
um... they had they discover they gave up on there and i don't know that have
given up other coated
and you're either day kinda rally around it and and say hey we're not as bad as
is uh... as this taking time to make these last couple games spending they're
just you're gonna academic program that's to be true to given george
everything they need
yet any retirement and now you're here to work it out of our you know win for
the national championship
if they can be alabama there they that good
and it was just two weeks ago the kentucky played a month and other than
what is the third almost fourth-quarter
and a little are four points
so no and you just understand what kind of kentucky program you have a there
and they've got to be better than what you're seeing on the field right now
i don't know i i just got frustrated that adults we had a
which i think you got a young team we don't sing the good is that they
they you know they can keep themselves in games and i think that we can because
george team and then you've also got a female young teenager behind his mentor
built may go over things go wrong so
that they lay down so i think it's just a young team that that uh...
you know that go to that is you never know whether it's a profit of added
charges brought in a bad way to
and uh... looking for
either all next week and they can
spent some time try to figure out what their they're going to do and i love it
now if it's a it's fun time for you i'm sure you get to start speculating that
you go to debate
hahaha like the rumor the often support internet mania
was acutely
their prevent
you know you hear what you're lester go staggered and
and ham for arkansas lot today here in there too
and they need to hear victory too
you know that i don't think he's gonna go anywhere near topper bills named
thrown out
but if you talk about the names are thrown out he's don't really know and
then thing about the disease job opens in europe thirty c l_ pity
antonella legislation there's a fourth were there's gonna be four
arkansas kentucky tennessee and offer
only a lower and uh... over to get shut down into the four programs in the done
thing is
is you've got a kentucky football program that
you would think that they own
there they would have to go to court made a route if you've got three other
s_e_c_ openings that they're not going to get the cream the prop there
i wouldn't think
i mean
you know it's worked well for me and somebody acinar i hate to keep still
outstanding products such as the points is true me
you look at some of the office of board members at about one of the plastic used
you get put into positions like that and running crazy outfits like that it just
might be able to happen and that might be working thank you need some sort of
excitement like that aretha franklin was an assistant was not yet he was
so you know uh... plaintiff and when he got his shot he was still an assistant
so i mean those most does conduct the political operatives father prior arson
uh... they don't bring that kind of excitement to kentucky but
when you look at all ur
when's the last time the taller display overcame the s_e_c_ cuz i mean they've
got georgia this week and then
uh... alabama
alabama and
would have to have somebody else in between there
no that's not as said susan's alabama and enter other upon
sandwiched between spared stared at the reunion
three advances and yeah that's going to be true
i mean thought about what have you done for me lately you're gonna have a got on
the national championship two years ago three years ago after this season
and uh... and then going to let go
death i mean by that
it just goes to show that you have to
the predominant
as a kentucky said i could take a little solace in that fact and know that
uh... you know alternate had three years removed from the national championships
lose their coach to demand
and i personally think a lot higher traverse alternative approaches down
yelp at least leases noorizan kentucky's mine
at championships in full
you wish they would have a bothered by favoritism basketball volleyball london
but what the how do you go there
how you are headed out
idea how i was going to see if you don't run out that our park rakhna
best way to talk about is i'm sure your site on the side to all watched uh...
got a little bit of tennessee exhibition game in his victory in
i hate those expecially names because you just don't know why
uh... the reports are not store the tennessean play like they're like a
scrimmage against georgia tech you look really good
they're all these good reports and and then they played victory and and and of
course documents about forty point win over anything but i just got a sluggish
net for stafford
and not very uh...
now very organized and discover couple and the bad then again you know
the big players agarwal stoves and lenin died in that the other people at like
eleven minutes so
hussein's where
i'm excited best of all seasons common uh... and i know for a fact that you are
so tell me where we are a lot
literally forty eight hours of shock from the time recording confronting
and uh... day kentucky starts off with a pretty big match up cuz
well they they stop of maryland in maryland
i mean they're not that the maryland involved that there are less recruit
what's better than
yeah i'm not sure ought to look it up to see play somebody but i think it's like
carson newman tepper something like that so i have got off for him in one second
cast-off state has also spirit
yes that stopped writing at that
uh... that's alright
and that's
i guess is the uh... missouri a cc
s_e_c_ thing with the holiday basketball
you know it and i i can't even speak to that i dodged only remember but
now i'm bob thomas polk is i'm just looking to ourselves not even a cc there
that he spends at least uh... s_e_c_ having to do that again this year
these towards our former place georgetown
friday as well so good that's a good opening game
eleven we'll be able to handle
i mean there's a couple of the semester logins to get off the the basketball
yelp com right off the bat science that's that's gonna
that we give us some more stuff to talk about that but i'll be happy too
uh... talk about at least the program i'll i'll sell
glad glad to see how things are coming right down the pipe
there are almost area i think that the other
abril with merrell dow carrier that's that's a big game to start with
roster we have we got our our sleep
we've got syracuse city of st paul actually opposed but because they need
looks like
sort of some of the big match-ups
lot seems an action there this week it starts all calcutta rats won't talk
about that
now on polyether s_e_c_ pull-up
don't see anybody else
really have an update
big match up that we can
let me ask your uh... thoughts on the uh... carrier games he said that you
would you like to see an s_e_c_ program take take part in that
is there were some other news a twenty cent the interior games you have entered
put in a basketball game on a uh...
of the area you happier uh...
what they put those north carolina this is a last year
yeah and this year you son
foul recent
and notre dame women are planned
he's saying here's playing somebody
echo a lot of which is supposed to play again on the moon or something like that
forget that where the s_e_c_ men will do will discover that was it was their own
now i'm not sure how it i would take it i mean i think that's why i'm sure it's
exciting for the
uh... the troops that are good to go watch a game in order to watch out there
and the players to get to play
it's hard for me to just picture day and all i can imagine a so might go to pass
the kind of album in stores off the shipper
fight not formally goes off ship but i'm sure looks like i'm in the middle of its
own yeah most things are so many consternation still not been still not
yeah yeah
i would take it i mean i don't want to miss differently fun i mean
and that is so i can't believe actively those things happened to that is that
when they did seem like that's gonna write up a rally into the playing a game
like that
well we are on e_s_p_n_ every week cell
do you know what i want posse
where i could see cal taken into the next level is hey let's let's just do
over in op off the shores of afghanistan or something
yeah you know where it's really for the troops because most of these
demeanor there are some troops there
uh... michigan stadium
you know i a m
begum your your dry dock right there
on u_s_ soil basically out
you know you're not really go anywhere
flowers guys out there and do it
uh... right there smack dab in the middle of everything you can see you can
see how making that kind of p_r_ move and that may be what he saw about for
what i've heard i heard that they were out there
that kentucky was gonna go in there and play i i just like a half court they
want p_t_ boats
uh... ho while they're fighting that's what got callously gets
obviously so
bigger places there's only one size has to be kinda like a
uh... you know you get a backpack three-point line
and that if you're going to be like
the the ones that you had down in uh...
the uh... louisiana area those big name those yeah exactly tentative
if you have to use one offer artists out there
now i don't know why are we would cut jumped the gun talk about basketball
but yeah i decide about that not our out there for anything like that any kind of
uh... set yourself apart get publicity for your saying that some brewers world
purchase a you know if anything that
he could do to promote the program
and tell the calvary activity guide calc intellect
their you know they're championship speak of in a row after thump their
chest as much but
but i like that i like them to come from it's hard for me like i can get on james
franklin for doing these things uh...
well i could for profit so i could have stepped out there
and it's hard to know as much as i hope the kentucky was is there a game of
basketball because they're winners and i'm just tired and wedded
uh... you gotta respect the way calvary does it didn't get a insult and his team
on e_s_p_n_ and get the recognition for the program that he does
not meet let me ask you you were you you mentioned
since i'm not talking to my head about franklin
have you seen the new hats for the basketball program preventable
okay i can say that i have
instance that same music and seeing that they need to do with franklin was a
whole new
with a clear something like that
you know i'm talking about yeah similar thoughts about automobiles until they
were not for that
reflected in this last week
sidewalk why would you use that when you have known players left
of course is going to be a whole new way to look at them because you get a hold
of the yeah and
i worry about where to go back to those hearings that we don't want that
yeah quite a bit in understatement i think
like the
parker feared and they've got you know the cajun johnson
but i mean you know your when you lose when your availability list three
players the n_b_a_
that's that's a pretty big loss from and taylor
urging kids and as the lead sir
these are offered as it may give a roster statement
now i just got they got a they got drafted or or
leper played overseas free you'd be a guy that made the roster so
anna that's up to replace
uh... disagree apt
i'm curious to see what kind of program vanderbilt's able to roll out this year
so that's going to be
and is going to be interesting let's let's take us back around the phone
offer a few more minutes before we close this thing out
and and i i i gotta stop on content is back on the kentucky football which led
the kentucky basketball
uh... and then basketball in general but let me bring them back around because
what also wanted to see was what do you think your thoughts are
were you chances august weekends
and there's a reason for program at the scene franklin back
yeah i mean i think that this is a struggle with uh... with james franklin
there but here's the deal says he's got a struggle
uh... the true troy's offense and then
there a struggle with uh... vanderbilt but it will score amenable to his work
forty points almost everybody's four forty
but the bigger they are not so right now is doing a
billy said that sell via is gonna go take a little bit of a back seat you
gotta said no he wants to be more involved in
and and some serious going to be up in the booth in
and uh... problem the
the because of acts coach is probably going to be more ball calm plays
so had to stop flashback insyaallah
transmit for kentucky it's also the travelsmith s like with regret recruited
correspondents don't ask him where in the fact that you know i would have
guessed that what they do not have to monitor it sounds like wait a minute
connecticut what they'll get on with your business is the big stuff i mean
it's got to see fans and uh... open rule were the rear
some say resurgent
he is like the adequate so that our defense but not as upset
about that inspired walter their data decides the border track
for pittsburgh
without thinking about you know your defense gives up of forty eight points
to trolling their players that they already have heard it was a coordinator
is more upset over
uh... some other teams the whole day
i mean blood's thicker than water
now the s_e_c_ it's not i'd do it but it is a meeting when it boils down to earth
that's his son
well as a result of that so that was program
uh... enhanced that silent on monday night
it and everybody has done that
understated you need a lot but you're saying go the hot seat anyway
you don't need i mean i'm not saying you can't think that
and he might've altered as he was by albany my notes on that
you know a great day
just to say something like that when you get to see if it is mad as in crazy is
does he pay thor
sense of what that is this like it when you go inside the car
a member
again today to him what's it really matter me and you look at their
uh... in duly goes in the staff to eliminate tacticians sweet buyouts um
and he could sit there on the sidelines and say it's like unemployment you know
yeah i'm looking for a job
well i think that i think that all these coaches i mean yes
they're doing
if he gets fired issue tickets paid five million dollars a month for jimmy at the
bottom they know that they're doing it's what goes on c_ effort three years
antennas on the job of fills them it difficult for him to get back on that
track here's another based on job
and uh... if you have to go back and let you know that the only at the way that
the other
five six seven years before it started as a hope they've left the dvd
that these codes is what he let go
died many many they're still assistance out there that are still denied that i
could find an assistance program
or i_b_m_ is just another program somewhere and not skip a beat in the
year two
appellee at a much of a pay cut at all
if any
by the way assistants are starting to get paid today added voting rights
now if you're right billy it's gonna be i mean that's a big step back for him
uh... because you go back in the star goes to get you to go back to the
you know a program like middle tennessee or western kentucky where you're getting
a million two million dollars a year
uh... and uh... and nothing like you're going to get that she she caught my eye
so he has been a completely change his lifestyle and his chances to get to that
up to your program you know i don't think so with the assistance
if anybody and do
if anybody higher so it's a redirect their defense the laughter what is it is
on the job training within the state and then
that's a pretty sad
program if you have a step back and go back to a positions coach i think he's
got he does
they are they're making a lot of money i mean
right now sells megan senator bell's note here anyway
so yeah i'm sure he's happy to get you know billy dollar buy out or whatever he
gets but i don't think anybody wants to be fired and they're going to be able to
are looking for it so nobody it's i'll be coming from the end of it you know
you're going to be blacked out there's no there's nothing to say john except
three more wins
and even then there's still no guarantee battle of the there's free programs in
tennessee's backtracked
i don't know tuesdays i mean i agree with you
here's the bad thing is the other day yahoo the last i guess i think i've made
the mention that
until the intensity of the top twenty-five team
ahmed take that back down because i don't think there are about forty five
day and i think they're a bottom twenty five two a week of the defense
and i think they're a top ten g when it comes to office
that says the offices unbelievable and i think that's the reason look at whether
defense is in look at the fact they were able to play with florence south
carolina georgia
in the city state they were one probably bi polar stains and it's one
hundred-percent on that all sense uh... act
all the questions that you have a pill offenses are open to blog availble
blocking up on some of that can run the ball
is break it it will step up patterson gotta be good is harder going to be good
well they have that background her step of probable tidy a every answer has been
tennessee is done everything they need to do an offense to
to get the program back to where it needs to be the promises they've got the
worst defense of my life
as intensified
uh... i think that tennessee how did you ever in accountancy allen one of these
games specially if these retains because our office is so good but the bad thing
is that i can never haha can't even
say that i'm fairly sure it would be kentucky because
thirty-seven kentucky's you know they could make that up
tells kidder towns get look what
joe david back there
uh... we would like to achieve anything
i think the good news for kentucky this usually serbia quarterback tractors
coastal waters here
that might not be a good thing for courtesy
for you guys got a great deal with the girl receiver right there
ryan allied i'd like to see last year's offense against your you can use this
huge defense we might actually for a couple touchdowns
uh... they threw it out
there and they will if your children this is
with that and
that run back and little a career was
roughly a little or someone decorator
i mean there they would've yes they were having a lot of
even with that wide receiver right there on television there is four points
against this defense archit rehab actor and kentucky can score points i mean
with informs you can get some some returned to that office and can get a
couple of third downs
argued about sixty points that the disease
office to serve
estimate ugly game train which watch together
kimberly merman
it absolutely that so that's a necessity
bag had today
anything else that you were bids on your mind
i think we we biggies forces now down in florida's got i mean just to go over the
that'll at the last
to everyday isn't laura's got louisiana lafayette a nation of trouble with
uh... there's a decent sunbelt team but they should draw with them
south carolina's got arkansas at home
uh... i'm still goes i mean i think that you never know what you're gonna get
with arkansas but i think i think you're probably going to get a little less than
died over there they will handle south carolina south and soccer along with
that in the last game
we've got a whole mess uh... at home against arkansas purveyor got what state
about the state is one of those two days to become a world
and uh... that's that's a big stated for a br a comment or a big step for freeze
i might go back and say that
your home arkansas is awful
uh... on top of their roommate make intermec attorneys start improved
not on that stain
and you're talking about a lesbian unchanged handy bowl eligible here
i hate so much improved
always program but you look at the kalamazoo for arkansas
they should have been no reason they lost that game last week
i'll disagree i just looked at him
wherever they lost for owner would go the the overdue now
i don't know i just think that
i keep a look and think in they've still got uh... tyler
wilson those aren't our wilson back yes
and they still got here they are cutting hamilton a receiver and they've got and
jobs and lynn davis and they still got those often said weapons and i would not
be surprised if a
could pull off an upset like that but on the other hand
yes you're right
they're not to get the whole thing
i mean we're talking about south carolina program that that's kinda
couple times but they're still pretty good
dalia definitely good
i'm sure you know
without uh... without
lab or that's gotta hurt
uh... o'connor schulder that you know a good core back i mean
agreed to sell this coming you know the last few years we've been talking about
we all thought south carolina going to be improved because you've got garcia is
got all that alan as a password
was in south carolina for about fourteen years of c mon
and uh... and in the schedule go nowhere inshaallah who
has been unencumbered looking much better his bid for that program then
garcia he has been the difference
they have a sakura has turned the corner because they've gotten song correctly
it's just inside of garcia do it last year
ansh all over the last year they got short again this year
yet manure on amendment will go back to the one you know that you didn't mention
a few minutes
then about invoking both programs planned for a uh...
debo eligible
and who would have well i think we book will contain about rapidly particle
but not the united nations shot that
there are no i don't think that that
all messed with would get their main they've got a couple with the main now
by at the end of season with all baby doll renewal i thought that he or cancel
here's the problem is they've got a lot in this way if they don't you know elegy
in the city state in the season i think they're going to be left you know come
knocking go or not get there
uh... whereas vanderbilt
i mean i want to put their schedule report uh... vanderbilt
i know they've got to see left appeared to have a work force
we're going with that outing
they will be well paredes games
you look at it eighty four
but are they bill statue fragment they do that
but you know you look at that and mohammed that symington
nathan eighteen four oh i mean they would be less i mean just wanted to use
them to do a better idea would
when they got it is a math uh... they would
you know they were imported level-headed m georgia available headed in south
carolina would be a double header them alabama a_d_m_
l_s_u_ the city state
so they're probably look at it even though they're still going to be looking
at how a m using case well i think they might x the seven th best even might
would be in a
and they could get into uh... likha
triple a ball maybe they could get into a gator bowl
i having their date still be right there in the database bigoted views on the
and you get the shorter bowling you got cotton bowl
perhaps owners are not sure all that you get to be c_s_ games you've got
cotton bowl the capital one bowl
ballot that ball the gator bowl
within the next we'll probably the chick-fil-a delay
and then you've got to music city and then you got it
bargaining and more of it is in the memphis delivery bull
so yeah i know that the is is
when it comes down to it
if you're asked me who do you think you're the triple a ball do you think of
the city stating
freedom at the same
i think of a city state in over many secular people travel better and i think
you know they're going to be looking at
you're looking at probably the same type a record
and yet you might be a look at it
you know vanderbilt you know and i'll even stated josiane
and that's what sizes they can realistically like he said he
rattle off three more wins the eighteen for and still be no better off than if
they were six insect
yet you're right
uh... in nashville united customer demand about her fans in the way to
travel in the past
you know let me talk about these disabled my hope is that we are looking
to the state of when
bring more games and
if they're not gonna be able clay like a new year's day below what the gator bowl
or something like that
out probably for the use of the votes of the treasury of the water so
yet and your backyard but i think that's a good has been disabled at doubleday
uh... you play the a_t_c_ at its gonna be at they really good team
so can i gain
uh... it's fun it's been five had a great time against north carolina now
i'm having a great great opportunity to talk a little call but it's still a
great games great match-ups
last year last time that this is an awesome now dot i got a little bit got
to go to sleep so
uconn as director of the world record in the light in a
bill you know if he did suites of house fire
but you have to admit it's a different when i walk from our last week
it's hard to go back outside
you know not which had seized was doing a really good at i was really cheer a
lot danielle like to be a part of a crowd but
but man
as i get older all of a lot of those games this week
so dies i mean the summit beer food your lab rubina
you know refrigerator colby rightist documented too much about her situation
uh... i'm not gonna disagree with you utterly since we talked for blogging
myself but
and uh... you know some of the atmosphere
obtain out there in the in with the other
other fans even though you're your right there in the u dot s you can actually
remove the glass in the open air is still a different feel
to watch a ballgame sweaty
uh... outdated a daily you tell me to give a option
on a bittersweet nine out ten times
audience we're going
uh... well
i think that's about anything you want to throw out there for the open market
no rent design on the opera a couple things out there were congratulate
myself you know if only a
biology of daren the uh... better you know not had user for
for fears now would finally decided to go out to be up in a way that awful bob
to come out and finally had in stock
uh... the only negative it is a night
opcode five years ago has four g
uh... i'm excited about it i go to the titans gain and not only do i get forty
eight times day
i could even get three g tightened
knows service whatsoever and it
just pissed me off it was horrible
the times were good reelected chertoff as he's gorgeous i mean it was the worst
my first experience with often follows a little disappointed and uh... in the
now workbook how you want to scrap wants france for the socks mens
spurred this is horrible are you want desperate have algae here in nashville
but that's the thing is where on though that when you go to a stadium in
here's a paid by still isn't as if you ever wonder why you don't get service
av status because it everybody's on the same broadband everybody's on three g
antique lots of the networking and then it goes up much slower but if you have
four-g_ realty
there's not as many people are on that
and that's why it's so below first what's faster anyway but they're snugly
people on their so my last refund i had i had i had really and i could title i
could set it to be four g
and if it a bit of a single award on the harmful and it just it's like intuitive
it if there is a signal automatically pick it up
it has never picked up canada scholar that's when i was in that he was on top
of the places you going to enable l_p_d_ cousins
forgione of l t e on the file
well i don't know the difference between the two but i did have a normal
we won't waste time here but i think there's a saying to make sure you have a
healthy eternal and i didn't know it all is said that i could not afford remain
on the pad
yeah i'm i'm pretty dull with some of the stuff but i i i thought they were
last posted let let me ask you to sprawling nobody's listening jazmine you
anyways right now to start
from just talking
uh... deed
depended on the times have wifi now
no they don't pay them and they've got wiped out search for a lot harder to
media la femme
and it'll be filled with they'll be filled ones locks so
was your response to have free maja that you can imagine when they did a a great
they put their current lifestyle antennas all over that stadium can turn
enable that i guess there are some sort of
glitz to get that rolled out what they wanted to but they were supposed to have
while hot for that very reason you have heard that an update as on the uh...
yes it is going to have that
but it's it's just not it's not and i it was in an area could have been away on
advertise it
there's two things about the privacy
and just to kind of get off topic a little bit but i go there and tell you
all these stadiums talk about the the fan it's crazy get more people out there
in the face he football and all the other games or lose it out on so many
people that just would rather stay home and watch all the games and you know
about the red zone channel
they sit there and talk about we're gonna show you the rhetoric and i don't
know why every
dahmer's stopping by
they should just have the red zone why why not do that
i don't get why they would show that and show me the games are showing other gave
me a lot of you can do it during the play is but
every tv commercial
and every
uh... and at halftime of the twenty fourth th injuries on just perot the red
zone on their own sonya
you have to stop people that they were excited about it
i don't disagree and i don't know if there's some sort of regulations within
a family member crazy but that's not bad
i don't know how i've been
uh... operas william penn if i don't go to the sweet have grown up in about a
minute to settle
uh... area that's a better way to do it because you
specially in this way that i didn't see a murder that they'll you'll have all
the other
unity with the other games on the scores and
or the name of your own personal battering
warm sweetened
yet brenner
travel firm in the experience in northwest what season tickets cost for
for the titans uh... you're right
or a promo money together like all above what is on top of that responds game but
uh... the more i think about that or the just or that money and and and just
ippo big tailgate party
at what model to jump in and what about people over his watch football and
and that people there's you know that that would be that's
already that back it's hard to convince my brother in
some other bodies that i go with the
drop it like that
anythink time starting in may be that many options you can a little bit mass
i mean
you can say what you want in on them
you know i don't have any other team that reform but it's a lot easier to go
to games and it's a lot easier to get excited for many older women and it is
uh... they so that's fair weather fran
but i'll never brought about the
or unless you know i think in terms of the pleasure of the world mu
public holiday in colorado dr dot org
uh... broncos games and cheer for
but uh...
where there was a vicious hard to really get up for especially is bad the weather
lost a game this weekend system
to the f_a_a_ and stuff times to be a titan symbols for him
in kentucky football
but just thought that triangle we we we have there between the three cities it
is too bad
is the bermuda triangle of football
i know it sucks right now but
we'll get back
truoc mohammed kentucky ever had in fact sound
will get back with at least tennessee i would
and that's the thing is out they were my allegiance la jolla trade
you know five times wins for one
bolden so
and now
would have worked more union for county net over their and knock so
mike tyson jonny word
realistically rehearing
i know i don't know sham still of the
of the hama let it play adam if they lose avaliable all that i think it's
going to be tough for than the people middle
but i don't i just don't know i'm not on board with getting rid of them and less
you've got a big name coach it's going to come over
i would say you wait one more here
he's done ok job recruiting
he's deftly built the talent backed up
i would say u_n_ one more year when the bounce much lower
and if he doesn't get done in macon improvement
it letter dated a day because she was so hard to get somebody
the last time i just don't know that you have available just jump in on the job
so i'd rather wait for
cried big-name
let me ask you this let's find out that it is and i have not heard too many
people talk about haiti
let's keep doing around are they going to be wholesale changes again this year
with coordinators if that's the case
well after the court is not going to go anywhere i don't see how you get rid of
him use these
with what he's done such a knees cheney's fun
uh... i'll like was the coaches are
heights is so hard for me because
actually where the defense is that no change in from a four three two three
four you're gonna have some pickups
i can say that i'm happy with what sells in series done but how i wouldn't be
upset with the change but
party has a slight
hollywood you're hired a deep in the coordinator of the only get them
seven days a games
ash is now a lot of times had to get a change made so
how it's going to do is still there that i don't think they're making changes and
also since a repeal is he came in late you do not
was the one of the ones that came in
yen is after uh... it was kind of in the middle recruited i think uh...
you know they when wilcox and and peter started left to go to washington
and it was it was tough so i i i don't know sham i would i once again if if you
can go if you can go out and get a
and everybody laughed but if you can get a job router you can get a uh... i
really do you get like it or what's wrong to come
out the vote for literally that's a great name
you get that he's proven so much more than they really has cab
and getting it should go to covers a reason
in a big names and then do it if not those and i say
it on order status to go out and buy i wrote you know you know your coat
they're going to take that he'd are probably know your coach
in our summer that's done or bring back form rabin abhi ek report
how they
well think any of those are gonna be options for it to you can certainly be
frustrated all year long rather than from what i hear it's it's a ton of
money so
road and they've got the energy they have since got
billion dollars in pile of money so
i'm sure he could pony up some catch more benefit
bring overstated what they said that
well he he
he's not afraid of you know christopher dairies the s_e_c_ movies
done now if you don't have to get into the e_c_ standing out
leading landowners you're welcome to react
that's true
alright yahoo we we can completely
took over the airwaves remains intrusion conversation so we hope you enjoyed it
uh... if you did you probably were less than thus far in this podcast anyways
uh... but if you are thank you for listening will be back next week and
with that we're gonna call this podcast now
of the court