Agatha from Brazil Shares Her Journey to the U.S.

Uploaded by EducationUSAtv on 23.11.2010


AGATHA OLIVEIRA: So I was interested in coming to study
in the US, so my mom called the US Embassy and they talked
to her about the Education USA office.
And then I visited the Education USA office and there
heard about the whole process of applying to a university,
and then I came back for a private session.
And then I talked to the adviser and I told her that I
had very limited funds to do all of my exams. And so she
talked to me about the Opportunity Grants program,
and that's how I heard about it.
And actually, the day that I went there was one of the left
days that I had to apply, so it was really lucky.
So the Opportunity Grants, they pay for the whole process
of applying to the US university.
So all the exams, the SAT exams, TOEFL, they helped me
getting materials to study for my exams. And then after I was
accepted into the university they helped me with the visa
process, and they also have helped with plane tickets.
When I was trying to choose which universities I would
apply for, she gave me a list of universities that usually
accepted international students with financial aid.
So from that list I chose my top choices, and then when I
was accepted the University of Pennsylvania they accepted me
with almost full tuition.
So I didn't have to look for anything else.
I work on campus.
I have a work study job, and that job really helps me.
I manage to pay for all my personal expenses with the job
and to buy books.
So it's really a wonderful opportunity for the students
to be able to pay for your own things.
I don't ever need to ask my mom for help.
And then it's really flexible in terms of hours.
If I have exams that week can work less or more, because
they understand that you're a student.
So it's a really nice form of income.
And it's really flexible among the hours I
have to study or work.

Based on my experience I would say look into what kind of
program you want.
In my case I'm in engineering, so from the initial list I
looked at the engineering programs of all the
universities and then some of them didn't have engineering
programs, some of them did.

So I just looked into those programs
and reduced my options.
Afterwards, I took those those options back to my adviser and
she helped me see from my educational background and
from my financial need which options would
be better for me.
So I think that you should start looking to your
curriculum and what you want to do with your career.