How to Shoot a BB Gun : How to Aim a BB Gun

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.04.2008

CHRISTOPHER HOWELL: Hi. My name is Christopher Howell. I'm speaking on behalf of Expert Village.
I'm going to demonstrate on how to use a pellet, aka BB gun, on how to use it and maintain
it. Now when it comes to using this pellet gun, I'll always, first, be aiming at the
ground. I like to use both hands. Keep my finger off the trigger, just like I showed
you before. Now lock both my arms out. Don't leave 'em really lose; you kind of lock 'em
out. Then you'll slowly draw up towards your target, and I will raise it just like this.
Once you have the gun facing your target, you will close one eye, depending on your--if
you favor your left eye or your right eye. The reason why I do that, is so it doesn't
really mess up your depth perception or anything like that. It's just much easier to use one
eye to view the target down field than it is trying to use both eyes. This is Christopher
Howell with Expert Village.