Matthew Barton: GI's Return as Heard on Radio & Music - Part 7

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(male narrator). Millions of lights twinkle
on the Christmas trees tonight.
In little towns across the land which are
homes to the people that live there.
And there are many, many Americans at home in those
little towns this Christmas Eve, for the first time in many long
and weary years.
The names of some of those towns are as familiar as the morning
newspaper, and some you've probably never heard of.
So, this first peacetime Christmas Eve, the Cavalcade
America takes you on an imaginary train ride, swooping
all over the country, seeking after names of places which
stand for home in such a special way tonight,
these Names on the Land.
♪ [music playing- no dialogue] ♪♪.
[train whistle].
(Frank Morgan). All aboard, all aboard.
(male narrator). Frank Morgan the
conductor on tonight's magical train ride,
will not only call out the stopping places, but in
addition will tell you how some of the
names actually came into being.
How where you're going, got that way.
[train whistle].
(Frank Morgan). All aboard.
(female speaker). Where's this train
going mister?
(Frank Morgan). Oh, this train follows
Ole Saint Nick tonight, goes everywhere you see.
The steamed up alphabetical train, that runs from A to Z.
[names of towns].
(woman's voice). Scrantonville, that's where
I'm going, surely you've heard of that?
(Frank Morgan). Excuse me lady, I
haven't got much time to stand around and chat.
But before I let you on this train, now don't be highfalutin.
Did you get that there [unclear audio]?
(woman's voice). [unclear audio],
you're darn tootin.
[train whistle].
(Frank Morgan). Ok lady that's five tickets,
step lively up inside, there'll be no ticket,
just the name of the town, that's
the price of a ride.
This train goes down the alphabet
from [unclear audio] to Zion.
And if we don't hit your town, it won't be for lack of trying.
The men and women on this train are here for just one reason.
They wandered up and down [unclear audio],
both in and out of season.
Exploring it and founding towns and giving each a name.
The name that's stuck down through the years,
and brought each place its fame.
They'll tell you when and how and why, each of his own accord.
And now we're ready for the letter A as I
said to all, All Aboard.
♪ [music playing- no dialogue] ♪♪.
(Frank Morgan). A is for Athens,
a name of renowned [unclear audio] ain't
got it down by the Real estate agent.
He wanted to sell 90 acres of land,
[unclear audio] named for a lady.
But this strange first pause at [unclear audio].
(Mr. Barton). And this is from the
end of the program.
♪ [music-no dialogue] ♪♪.
(Frank Morgan). Last stop, the letter Z.
[train whistle].
The Bible tells the tale of [unclear audio]
who fled from sin and greed.
Men of good will in later days sought haven for that creed.
They built their town in wilderness, named it from Bible
law, the sun was risen in the earth,
when first they entered Zor.
So our train's gone down the alphabet from
[unclear audio] to Zor.
We stopped as often as we could, wish we could of more.
In most of the towns we managed to get to, and in most of the
one's we had to forget.
The men have returned, the best possible Christmas present,
so far as we're all concerned.
Well, ring the bell [bell rings] this Christmas train shuts off
the air in just four minutes flat, time left to hang out a
mistletoe and let it go at that.
We hoped you liked America, wrapped up in tinsel bright, to
each one Merry Christmas, and to all a fond good night.
[train whistle- whistle says Merry Christmas].
(Mr . Barton). I've leaned so heavily on
Bill Mauldin's cartoons I'm going to let Willie
and Joe have the last word here, "Wish somebody would
tell me there's a Santa Clause".
Thank you.
[audience applause].