Gyebaek - Warrior's Fate, 23회, EP23, #04

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Gye Baek.
Sungchung, Heungsu, help me.
We have to save Eun go.
Sit down.
You can survive in a tiger’s mouth if you keep your wits.
We’ve got to calm down and think.
But what can we do? The King is furious.
We’ll save her. Whatever it takes.
Aren’t you afraid of the King’s wrath?
First we’ll write an appeal.
She’s a loyal vassal. She may be granted a pardon.
If she dies, I die.
She’s everything to me.
I thought as much.
You busting her out?
Come with me.
No. I have to save her.
Is this the place to discuss it?
Sit down.
What will you do after she’s free?
I’ll take her where no one can find us.
And then?
Then you’ll have kids and live happily ever after?
And then?
I haven’t thought that far.
Then you’ll be on the run your whole lives. Your kids, too.
It won’t be like you think.
What good is the hero of Baekje on the run?
Not to mention our pledge to help the people.
What do you suggest? Just watch her die?
I won’t do that. I can’t do that.
I’ve got to save her.
- Gye Baek! - Don’t stop me!
- Sit DOWN. - Relax and sit.
Can’t I just hide her for a little while?
Uija would grant us pardons when he takes the throne.
It’s just as you say. Uija won’t let her be punished.
He’ll deal with it. You don’t have to do a thing.
The King is furious. What can Uija do?
Uija won’t let Eun Go die.
You’d give your life to save her. Uija is the same--
You know she’s very special to him.
We know how upset you are.
But you’ve got to wait a little longer.
Drawing your blade now may ruin everything.
Eun Go.
I’m been thinking for days how I might save you.
But any way I look at it, there’s only one thing I can think of.
Do as I tell you and you’ll live.
Say you’re carrying my child.
The law states a woman with child can’t be put to death.
How much more so with one bearing a royal heir?
It’s the only way I can think of.
Will you do it?
I can’t.
My uncle, my family, the guild I grew up with, everything has been torn from me.
How can I go on? How can I go on alone?
What would I do?
I’d rather die.
Then what about me?
We’ve been together since we were children.
We’ve been through so much, weathered so many storms.
When I wanted to give up, when I wanted to die…
you stuck by me.
It was like being reborn. I swore I’d be the King you wanted.
When I was poisoned and you saved me…
I swore then that we would be as one.
How can I go on if you die?
I’ll follow you.
My Liege… what are you saying?
I’m not here to get your consent.
Remember that. We are one.
If you die…
I die.
My Liege!
My Liege!
I can’t… How could I do such a thing..?
And Gye Baek… my poor Gye Bae--?
You think you alone can protect the star?
What you need to protect isn’t the star, it’s the firmament of Baekje.
The firmament?
Returning to the Temple requires royal sanction.
I’m not in the Royal Family. What help can I be?
Yet you will.
Already the heavens have need of you.
Uija already has a Crown Princess.
His legal wife and mother of his heir. How can you say such a thing to me?
Weren’t you the one that found the Crown Princess.
Your destinies were determined long ago. Isn’t that so?
How did you..?
Do you imagine the world dances to your tune?
Unfortunately, the world has a will of its own.
Can any of us go against the will of heaven?
Look at you.
Your Highness.
You brought this on yourself.
It started the moment you tried to convince Uija...
to reinstate the Sataek clan.
You have no one to blame.
You and you alone killed your family.
Am I?
Is that what happened?
The King has ordered a public execution tomorrow.
Rest assured, I begrudge you an easy death.
If this was all planned to kill me, why slaughter my family, too?
Sorry now, aren’t you?
Good. You should be.
Your Highness.
It’s not…
It’s not my destiny to die quite so easily.
Mok Eun Go, you have been found guilty of promising to restore the nobility…
in exchange for illegal bribes.
You are hereby sentenced to public execution…
as an example to others that this behavior will not be permitted.
- Calm down. - Eun Go!
- Calm down. - I have to go to her!
The Crown Prince isn’t here yet. Just wait.
Wait for what? For her to die? Let go!
Gye Baek, he locked himself away, he hasn’t even met with us.
He has a plan. If he didn’t, he would have asked us.
My Liege.
My Liege… My Liege…
…please… save her…
You’ll endure anything to save her?
Yes. Anything, even death itself.
Sire. We can’t kill her.
Stand aside. It’s already decided.
Sire, we can’t kill Eun Go.
Why not?
The law forbids killing a woman bearing a royal heir.
An heir?
Is this true?
Is it?
It’s true.
Punish me for that, too.
Your Highness, Your Highness!
Is she with child?
Just do as I ask.
But My Liege…
You served the King your whole life.
You can’t escape responsibility if anything should happen to him.
And when he passes, as he must, you will be held accountable.
But if you join me now…
your future as Royal Physician is assured.
The pregnancy pulse is unmistakable. There’s no question.
What do we do now?
As the Crown Prince said, it’s unlawful to kill a woman bearing a royal heir.
We must wait until she delivers.
She is to be confined until she delivers.
Yes, Sire�