Let's Read! Let's Move! with Arne Duncan, LeVar Burton, and Miss America

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We're gonna have a little bit of fun here, and we're gonna read, and then we're gonna
move. Isn't that cool? And you're gonna do it with us, and we're gonna do it with you.
Isn't that cool? I am pleased to introduce Secretary Duncan and his guests. Alright,
thank you Brian. So we're gonna read two stories and then we'll take any questions you want.
So please ask these two guys all the hard questions, please ask me all the easy ones,
and we'll have a great great day. This is called Ladybug Girl and Bingo. This is where
we should put the tent says Lulu. She's excited to be camping and to sleep in her new sleeping
bag. Isn't this fun Bingo? We're going to sleep outside. The canoe glides onto the water.
Lulu loves the feeling of floating along. When they get to the middle of the lake, her
parents stop using the oars and they drift. It is so quiet that Lulu can hear the clouds
moving. It's peaceful and she doesn't have to worry about Bingo running off here. When
it's time to go to sleep, ladybug girl wiggles into her new sleeping bag with Bingo. I love
you Bingo Lulu whispers. It has been a long day and ladybug girl is a little bit sleepy.
But tonight, firefly girl is up. This is one of my favorite poets, his name is Shel Silverstein.
And this is one of my favorite poems. This is a poem called Peanut Butter Sandwich. His
sector and his royal gowns his regal throne and golden crowns were brown and sticky from
the mounds and drippings from each peanut butter sandwich. His subjects all were silly
fools for he had passed a royal rule that all that they could learn in school was how
to make a peanut butter sandwich. And then in a voice so faint and weak, the first words
that they heard him speak were how about another peanut butter sandwich? Give yourselves a
hand. And we have some time, let's have questions for Laura, for LeVar Burton or for LaVar Arrington
who you may know was an all pro football player, an amazing job. These are all extremely accomplished
folks, but what most impresses me about them is their willingness to give back. They wanna
help all of you guys be really really successful. Miss America I think that crown looks very
pretty on you and I like your smile. Aw, well thank you. But you know what? If I could just
tell a little bit about the crown, how many people think it's really sparkly and pretty,
raise your hand. Yeah. But you know, it actually means something a lot more than just being
really pretty sparkly being on my head. It actually stands for what Miss America the
organization stands for. So there are four different points on the crown and they stand
for four things, and that's service, scholarship, style, and success. So there's a lot more
meaning than just being sparkly and pretty, but thank you. How many books do you read
in a day? That's a good question. That's a very good question. Answer? I rarely get through
an entire book in a day, um unless I'm reading a book like the one that Miss America read,
um but generally I'm reading four books at a time. I mean not all at the same time, I
mean I've got four books that I'm reading currently. What kinds of books do you like
to read? I love science fiction literature, and when I read for pleasure that's what I
tend to read more than anything else. Guys you've been a fantastic audience, please give
another round of applause for LeVar and Laura. And now I think our other LaVar is gonna take
us outside, is that right?