Uploaded by NarhanRoss on 26.09.2011

I am fascinated with storytelling. Telling the stories of life and how love and passion
shape a simple task, washing the dishes, into a Cyrano, a masked lover peering in the window.
I am captured by themes that traverse the conflict of science and religion, that fantasize
edgy love scenes and mystical creatures introducing what we never imagined.
I love to sit on the edge of my seat, knowing the hero is going to get out it, but how?
I love the way movies play havoc with science and the spirit in arguments that sling Avatar
against Hurt Locker all in the family.
When I conceived the Quad I wanted to write a movie that did all this. I am from theatre,
I wanted the language to be literary and the scenes to inspire art from designers. I want
to roll commercially with the Hollywood big dogs with Red One cinematography Dolby Surround
Sound and Introduce a new Star on the block, LaMyra Kinzer.
But most of all I wanted to say to folk, You have not seen this movie based on a new science
and a new mythology.
Rachel, an immortal, formed and summoned 1 million years ago by the collective yearnings
of folk on their death bed, struck by war, pestilence, famine and disease, Rachel, born
from Tau neutrinos, formed and summoned by the collective quantum consciousness of the
hopeless. Rachel, tired, tired of catching folk in their last breath, tired of suffering
from survivor’s guilt, tired of eternity wants to know what it’s like to move on.
To die. How does one become mortal and earn a death.
Rachel knows humans use mediums to negotiate boundaries of space and time, communicate
with ancestors, astral travel, talk with god. Rachel chooses the doll. The medium that revers
the womb. The doll, the being that sews daughters into mothers.
Rachel, the doll maker, uses artifacts to make her dolls powerful enough to negotiate
Rachel must find a way to take a piece of Cloth from Tori, a daughter, a Stone from
Carson, a mother, a Key from rLily a daughter, and a Knife from Sertain, her former comrade
immortal, and a mother. She will take these four elements, make a doll that will win her
mortality. And earn her a death.
Rachel strategically befriends Tori, a world renown model, raised as a trophy daughter
by her mommy dearest, Carson, a mother who deserted her monster baby at birth, and Lily
who struggles with her inherited multiple personality disorder. Rachel manipulates them
with presents of dolls to get them to connect with the cloth, stone and key in magnificent
heart warming and heart wrenching, violent moments where Rachel forces each to transcend
their fate to reach their destiny. Rachel needs to drag them to their crossroads to
empower the artifacts.
Rachel takes the stone and Carson, leads her to her dying child; takes the key and Lily,
leads her to her dying mother, Karen; takes the cloth to Tori and watches her suck her
last breath. Visits Sertain and fights her to get the knife to consummate her death by
stabbing the doll. Can Rachel fight off the universe that tries to stop her experiment
in a vicious fight scene? And in her last breath, dead, does she suddenly snap awake.
Damn. A sequel.
So if you have seen the five 2011 Peoples Choice Award Winners, all paranormal and phenomena
Inception Iron Man 2
Toy Story 3 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Alice In Wonderland
And if you recall top box office gems of the same genre as The Quad
2010 INCEPTION $769 M Box Office Revenues 2003 MATRIX REVOLUTIONS $139 M “
2001 THE OTHERS $210 M “ 1998 WHAT DREAMS MAY COME $ 82.8M “
Then count The Quad among the top box office groundbreaking cult films you have never seen
to compete for major motion picture, DVD, web broadcast download distribution.