Order Flow Live Alerts daily report 2nd Jan 2013 Euro USD 6E Futures

Uploaded by WinningMoreTrades on 02.01.2013

Welcome To The Daily Report For The relevant order flow events
surfaced by sceeto and follow the bots for the Euro USD pair
in either the futures or the cash markets forex
Today is Jan 2nd 2013 the start of a new year
and the so called fiscal cliff has been avoided for now
sceeto users are off to a great start and we have
already received many thank you emails today for the great high frequency
trading signals we generated for the Euro US Dollar 6E futures
Just pause the video to see just how amazing our signals are
you can clearly see when you see buy programs waning or sell programs waning
how the trading bots are simply running your stops
combined with our other order flow event alerts you can catch some
great moves using sceeto
we have a great free trial so why not try it for yourself you will be
shocked at how quick it is and accurate
a lot of people use sceeto in conjunction with their other older indicators
that they are used to as because sceeto is real time you can wait for our indicators
to confirm a move is actually going to happen