Splinter Cell Blacklist - ComDev Q&A #1 video [UK]

Uploaded by ubisoft on 20.07.2012

What's going on guys? I'm Zack Cooper, your Splinter Cell Community Developer, and this
is the first of what will hopefully be many ComDev Q & A's.
We're going to start off with a question that many of you have asked and some of you
know the answer to already and that's the idea that non-lethal combat is indeed back
in Splinter Cell Blacklist. You've seen the Karambit in action before
in our trailers what you have not seen, are the non-lethal elements. It works like
this: It's a basic toggle. So if you're approaching a guy, and you're looking to
take him out with close-quarters-combat, if you've got the knife equipped needless
to say, that bad guy is going to meet his maker.
If you do not have the knife equipped, you're going to experience one of the many incapacitating
moves. We're talking about: chokes, chops, bends, twists, breaks you get the idea.
Devastating stuff and it's very cool. We'll be able to show that off a little bit later
on. What I barely got clearance to communicate
to you about was the economy system, and how it all fits in together.
The key takeaway is the idea of remaining undetected. So if you can do that if you
approach a guy, and you take him out whether it be through a kill or a KO, you will be
rewarded handsomely. We can't really talk about the extent to
which that plays, necessarily to the stealth element just know that it's one of the
many ways that we are emphasizing the importance of stealth.
We'll be talking about the other two playstyles and how they fit into the economy system a
little bit later on.
Another comment that I've seen popping up, is the idea of darkness and how much you
as Sam Fisher will be running around in the dark.
Now the short answer is: plenty. What I want you to know is that we've got
maps in the night, in the morning, broad daylight, in rainstorms, indoors, outdoors again,
the takeaway here is: variety. I like to think of it as, you know, terrorist
activity or anti-terrorist activity, as it were doesn't exclusively get conducted
between the hours of 8pm and 8am, right? So just know that there will be plenty of
shadows for you to hide in. We're out of time for now but, as always,
we are open to your thoughts, suggestions, comments, feedback on all of our social channels.
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