Uploaded by 1333cc7 on 18.10.2012

liberals only want a liberal president so they can say see we are not nuts check

us out everyone else is scared shitless because everyone knows liberals don't

know what the hell they are doing rommney has a big advantage when it comes to a


it's called that truth something the scumbag

dems cant understand that's why they pass laws in the dead of night on christmas eve

and rally to recall republicans that were elected by the people the jig is up

like i said yesterday about what was the dem bags last stand

who the hell would put in charge people who'Boo God

miserable mutts

remember it's michelle that's addicted to the bling and the jets but she has

no pressure

everyone loves her

brack is downright sick of it all and chilling with dave and joy and jay

it's pretty obvious he said fuck this if michelle wants the goodies let her run

he likes golfing and basketball

only six more weeks of the Obamas

and the Clintons

and janet napolitano

and kathleen sebelias

and joe biden and michale Obama YEE HAAA

knock knock?

who's there


Artharr who

Arthar any more beers in the fridge?