Cartier - Behind the Scenes Destinée

Uploaded by Cartier on 09.01.2013

The thing that most clearly symbolizes marriage for me,
is probably the exchange of rings.
I'm saying something very unoriginal but it's true...
The willfulness of wanting to be bound to the other,
and by the other.
I would say it’s the story of a group of friends
that gathers together for the reception at the wedding of two of them.
In particular, it’s the story of a boy and a girl
who are guests without knowing that they are guests at this wedding
because they were a couple in the past
and they aren’t anymore when this party begins.
I play a guy called Nick.
He was in a long relationship with a girl called Claire.
They broke up, so he sees them all for the first time again,
and he ends up seeing Claire for the first time
and he realizes what a fool he’s been.
He runs to the best store in the world, Cartier,
and buys her a ring because he realizes
how much he loves her.
The moment
that the groom puts the ring on the bride
it means that it’s a promise for life,
and I think that is very beautiful.
There is a great deal of inspiration and values
behind Cartier.
It’s about tradition in a way
that pushes the future ahead.
Cartier is the most classic brand.
This brand has a history, and I think
that anything that can last for a long time
means something.
It’s quintessential French and Parisian;
it’s also about the chic of it.
Anyone that is in love in Paris is incredibly lucky.
I have been in love in Paris, it was perfect!
Both Michelle and Oliver have been treasures to work with.
Oliver is a golden boy,
he’s very elegant, handsome
but also is tridimensional I would say.
Michelle can command a place and a group of people,
you see that she really is a star.
It’s a subtle performance the one she gave,
and it’s a great one.
It feels like we have the same kind of values,
of how much we cherish our work.
I liked it a lot when he proposed to me,
I felt like his acting was very sincere.
I was really touched.
Taking a chance is always romantic!
The idea of feeling that there is the one,
that one person in the world, who is for you,
that’s very romantic to me.