Şeyh Abdulkerim (r.a) ile SON sohbet - Last sohbet (English subtitles) - 28 Haziran 2012

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Medet ya Seyid u Sultan ul Evliya Medet.
Tarikat in a sohbet min hayrul bin cemiyet.
Our Prophet SAV told with prosperity that religion is advice
Religion, stands with advice
Who takes advice, who listens advice finds glory and honor
Who listens finds his way, who listens Prophet SAV's word his honor raises and glorifies
He makes it with this world and Ahiret too
Who drops SAV's word, will only reach bottom of hell
He can't go anywhere else
How many tried this, how many Ebu Cehil's came to this world
Only one? No, don't think only one, oh human, human
with his shape, his hand, his feet, not with his looks...
You'll be human with everything, inside and outside
You have a Rahmaniyet, a magectical appereance, comes from Angels
also have animalictic character
and satanic, egoistic nefs, all these three is on you
Which one you give way, you open the way for?
If you throw Prophet SAV's word under the feet,
you open way to nefs, ego and your animalistic side
Satan sits on your back
say now if you ever see a man, walking
carrying a donkey on his back?
Who walks around with a donkey on his back?
The one who is under his nefs/ego's orders, is worse then a man carrying donkey on his back
Who looks with the eye of the Hak, he can see, call that one a donkey!
He'll get upset, right, how you call me donkey?
If you call him you're like a lion, offf, he'll rise to the mountain Kaf
both are animal, donkey is useful, carries weight
Lion only eats, tears, smashes and eats
Allah gave the responsibility of the mountain to him
He is the king, the sultan at the mountain...
He'd say, who'll mess with me.
You are human, human.
Haaa, human, with the appearance of human, the look of human
That is easy, has nothing to do with you...0
in four months, you get thatshape in your mother's womb
Afterfour month, it starts, tiny hands
Tiny feets, his whole head starts
whole body is done, the spirit blown into him, done, human.
Pay attention, four months and after nine months, he is as human came to this world
A tiny human
You don't stay like that too, you'll grow
you'll advance, animalistic characters on one side,
nefs, egoistic one one side, spirituality should surround you
You'll move with the orders from angels, you'll move with the orders from the skies
If you won't then you stay with animalistic characters...
You'll live with that and die with that.
How you died!
Like an animal, not like a human, that's why
fond sufi's, loved ones, like Yunus Emre Hazretleri, he is not an ordinary one...
In his poem, says, " They call sela, saying Yunus died, animals dies, lovers don't"
If you say you died, then you passed away with animalistic characters
You left this world, as an animal, not as human...
If you're a Sufi, a fond lover, than lovers don't die, they just migrate from world to ahiret
They vailed from this world and appear in ahiret
Look at that now, how you going to make it, ya?
Ya, this twenty first centuray people
how they lost the compass, they are a mess!
They do everything, but, they don't know themselves, who are you ey human?
He forgot himself, can't even search himself, everything,
in fact everything is a vessel for you to take to Hakk, to Creator.
He says science, science, science, running after science now...
His target is science, but science is a vessel, a tool too.
Science will bring you from one place to another
Where will you go, with what science? The one in China? Looking for that?
Yes, ya, that's what Prophet SAV said...
Now they are very smart, shrewd kind, from young to old, men to women
Beleiver, non-belevier, what they say?
When they feel stressed, they right away say, "even Allah in Kuran-i Kerim says, read"
They complain now, that their kids they don't read, go to college, bre idiot!
Bre moron, does Allah say to read that?
Allah says you to go to Yahudi school and become a wangler a cheater?
Does Allah say that?
Or as our Prophet ASV opens and explains that, Elhamdulillah as we started with it "religion is advice, din-in nasihat"
cok shukur Ya Rabbi, what did our Prophet SAV said, go to China for knowledge, ask for it.
Go there, but what science what knowledge he refers, you have to know.
Two Hadith i Serif he said on this, second one is, "Science, knowledge is the lost property of Muslims"
He takes it where he finds it. That is the Hadith i Serif, Science is the lost property of Muslims, they take it where they find
He takes it from whom it comes from, that technology that science, positive science
They are running around now, our most advanced idiots, what they say?
We'll read a lot, we'll study a lot, we'll wrtie a lot and do all Nasa's Turksat.
E, Nasa is already done, that knowledge they have, you are not even capable of reading to understand...
Bre, that phone in your hand you play with, if they dont give the manual, you can't
even manage to use it, he invented that phone, inventor, he invented but
he spent billions, wasted billions for that factory, and you paid a small amount to buy it
and using it, here it is, it's the science.
What Prophet SAV told you? It's the lost property for Muslim, he takes is where he finds.
What that inventor runs for, for Dunya, for this world, what are you running for?
You suppose to run for Ahiret, after life, that is the Muslims aim, Muslim's path, Muslim's work,
it is for the future, what future? Ahiret, after life, not dunya, not this world...
Dunyam this world is only three days, Mumin has to know this! If you say you're Mumin,
this world is three days yesterday passed, tomorrow is a big question mark, you don't know if you even make it to tomorrow
It is only today, what did you do today? For Allah's sake what you did or how fooloshly you spent the day, for your nefs, ego
Do your accounting for today, would you like what you did?
No, no knowledge, science, what science? Read as much as you can, if you can't analyze yourself.
If you don't know your own self, don't know what you do, what you speak, who you speak to,what is your aim?
If you don't know that, what kind of knowledge you have? Do you know what angels wrote for you today?
No, Muslims live in heedlessness of course.
Eveybody took a path with their own thinking
According to my knowledge they say, who told you Islam is according to you!
According to you or me? According to our nefs, our own ego, is that so?!
Everybody runs around according their own ego, I want this. Either it's you or it's Allah. Only Allah exists, not you...
You are a weak creature who only appears to be in existance. Allah is the only one in real existance, Allmighty
Allah is the Creator, you are just another creature, can you understand?
He says I'm so free, run then, lets see how free you are, Allah gave you tongue, right, to speak.
Not to speak everything, be careful.
If you use your tongue wrongly, one day, it snaps off, freezes and won't talk
Be careful! Pay attention, Allah watches, all done perfectly, but as we said Muslims
what happanned, heedless, such heedless that never wants to awake, they aim to the ones,
who wants to wake them up, whoever wants to wake, they try to remove them...
Who, satan, soldeirs of satan, but end is near. Now take a look at yourself, take care of yourself.
Now there is two types of science, knowledge, Our Prophet ASV told us, on top of our head...
First, "Science, is the lost property of Muslims, he takes it where he finds it" That is posotive science,
Second, " even if it's in China go there for knowledge, ask for it"
What knowledge is that? That is the Tasavvuf, Tariaqat, the science that'll teach you who you are.
This is a miracle of our beloved Prophet ASV, as he told there are two nations
with the flag of Islam, one is Hicaz, Saudi Arabia, he says, Saud, who are you to become a King, you begger?!
Ha? Who made you sit there on the Prophets country? Your throne is shaking too, you're going down too now...
Stop it now, not United States, hundred United Stated can't stop it. Order came from above now.
Haa, that is one, the highest honered of the Prophets, Habib-ul Allah
Our Prophet, He came out from there and said I came to complete the religion.
Isn't that? He came to complete this religion,to complete the human kind, to pick humanity from the ground
to above to angels, to all animalistic ones that runs after his ego
they all attacked him, he was alone, only one, than became two, three, five, ten, became twenty
Forty, hundred and finally his farewell speech, Hutbe was to hundred and twenty four thousand Sahabe. It won't stop here he said
It'll spread to whole world, and it did, they think they'll stop it
These losers, idiots, these ateist tramps, they are trying to stop it. Now they know they can not stop
that's why they changed direction, to this way, saying that's fine, say I'm Muslim and live kafir style, live like non beleivers
There are thousands giving this order, calling themselves scholar, alim, running around.
You're either Muslim or Kafir, non believer, there is no in between, either Muslim or Khafir. Who is Muslim?
Eshedu en la Ilahe ilAllah ve Eshdu enne Muhammed en Abduhu ve Resulluhu
He says it with hiw tongue, he believes with his heart and accept with his free will.
That one is a Muslim, when you become a Muslim, enter from the door of Islam than orders starts.
The orders of Allah on servants, to raise their honor and glory.
Muslim, prays five times a day, look at yourself, check yourself, what state you're in, he is complaining
Ninty five years, not even ninty five, not completing hundred,
Our ancestors Osmanli Ottomans, how they were and how ruined you are.
They don't like Ottoman, yes, those tramps, because they are running to become KHafir, Ateist
How they can like Ottomans? Of course they can not but what you don't like is coming back.
It is going to come back, lands of Ottoman Empire, ninty nine percent was praying, worshiping, now even nine percent can you find in Turkish Republic ?
Leave the Arab world alone, they are lost worse then you, if they don't beat them in the head, they wont even enter Mescids
Not theirs or yours, they are both wrong,
And these losers, banned Zikr, banned Tariqat, banned Religion.
They forbid the foundation of Islam, what they do? They give a piece of paper to Imam, say read?
Every Friday, go up for Hutbe, read from this paper, if so, he can do it, you can do it, anyone who can read, he can give Hutbe
What is this now? Give the paper, he'll go up there and read. Now this is appropiate, a story, once upon a time there was a Seyh.
He gives a sohbet a vaaz every day a hutbe, he tells something to people. And he has a book in front of him. Called, book of vaaz
Time to time he looks there and talks something, one day from cemaat there was a nerdy one
That one, when Hoca is not around, he start to open that book and start to read to people everyday
As he wants to show off, he thinks as it's written here, I can read to people too. So he'd go up there and give sohbet, and people from cemaat
They warned him, told him not to do it, we don't take anything any knowledge from your speech
Leave it to Hoca, he'll come and teach us, but he won't leave it alone, kept on doing it. So they decided to play a trick on him one day...
Let's remove this book of vaaz and pur something else.
A cookbook with recipes...
The nerdy one, goes up to bench again
Opens the book
Before start reading from the book he says, ey cemaat, always have your wudu, keep your prayers, same things he says everyday.
Than he says, let's see what is our hutbe today
He opens the book and as he thinks it's the book of hutbe, he starts to read.
Todays hutbe is, benefits of the beans!
As it's the recipes, he is going to read that
Eee, now Imam's today became like that.
Why did you ban tarikats Dergahs
Tekkes and zaviyes
What was the problem with people sitting down and saying Allah
Why did you ban,tell me?
Why you still keeping banned?
brothels are open, bars are open,adultery places are open,casinos are open,
Televisions 24 hours talking about prostitution
they are not songs they are postituion
they are not banned but saying Allah is banned
Why I am talking like that to day
to day is june 28th ,to night ,this time
28 june 2001 in Izmir police storm the house because I gave zikir like to night
they were almost going to make I military coup you think
they came with tanks ,guns,military and special units .
We thought greeks came!
we used to fight with Greeks in Cyprus all the time
but we looked these were Turkish soldiers
We said what you want man ?,He said you can not make zikr . really?
You can not say Allah, look at his now!
I said we are going to say Allah. we won't stop without saying Allah
it's faorbidden, I am not Accepting!
Alah did not forbid me so I don't Accept too.
They let everybody go but arrested me.
now I am looking my book ,how many of them came with me that day? Many of them are lost now.
Eleven years made it rotten, melted, squize them.
but they couldn't finish me, couldn't ,you are not going too.
I am Allah's weak servant but al least we are going to go out of this world with this zikir.
You are going to say Allah .What will you say if you won't say Allah, You will say shaytan, what else?
You are saying shaytan with thousands fancy words, what else you are saying?
Now I see on tv I am watching
Everybody open in tv.teaching religion, teaching faith.
Do you have faith and religion you are trying to teach people?
Check your faith where is it.
Let's come back to hadisi serif what Holy Prophet SAV said?
The Knowlegde even if it's in China go and seek
Go over there! Which knowledge ? The Knowledge that teaches to you to yourself
Ask for Tarikat Knowledge Ask for Sufizm knowledge.
Thats why this is miracle of the prophet ,"time will come, all this is going to be banned , where ever find it go over there,ask for that."
Did he mean that yes he did!
Even in knowledge in China go over there, Holy Prophet did not say go to the University in China.
Look Cyprus very small place people coming from all over go to the university here.
Isn't it like that ?yes it is!Kafir opened up University here,everywhere they did.
They are going to milk them, universities place to milk people . Like you milk the cows and they give a lot of milk.
They are saying we are going to milk them. How many kids do you have, Three, send all of them to scholl.
If you have some money this many years we have to milk you.
It's mandatory to go to school ,but tell me ,
do you find them jobs ? did you make that mandatory ? At least after you take your diploma
say that you are going to work for ten years!
make that mandatory too! Are you doing it? No!
They are saying if the man wants he works. So let be free if I want I will go to School
They are saying no, if we do that we can not milk you!.we have to milk.
Everybody lost their mind they have to study!
We all have to study,Prophet said ,"You have to have knowledge ".It's true !
What is that knowledge is saying?Ilmihal! How you going to enter Toilet and How you going to go out of toilet ,how you going to make wudu,
the things that concerns you ,What is the things that concerns between you and Allah?
You going to learn this, this is obligation yo every body from seven to seventy !
Where dou learn this?Your teachers, professors won't know to make wudu!
They are walkingg around without wudu say it it's other wise!
Even imams walking around no wudu , how the professors not going to ? you are not washing yourself in the toilet anymore!
let me not say I am going to get discussed you are walking around like that
You are walking with shit on your ass!
Tobe, Lets speak Turkish a lithe bit so you can understand!
Do you see everybody become very important person nowadays.
Men ,Women dresses up and some foolish ones says look they are very clean and neat!
You walking without wudu .You can not be clean with putting perfume,
the bad smell of ego coming from you even makes uncomfortable the one in the grave!
They don't like muslims.They don't like it when they are with turban , when they have beard ,when they have hicab!
They are right they can not make many like that on muslims
They find some pimps they are advertising this
So They can pull the muslim on that side . So they can this is hoe to be a muslim .
You going to walk around naked or the man has to open up their shirt till here like a tough
This is the situation of muslims.
What a pitty , where did you take this lesson, who thought to you?
Who else other than Shaytan?Shaytan thought to you
Or Allah? If Allah teaches that Prophet would live like that 238 00:26:59,068 --> 00:27:04,068 If you say Allah wasn't teaching .Prophet was living like that you are a kafir!
What about the wires of Prophet were they living like that?
they lost the compass 241 00:27:16,068 --> 00:27:21,038 for that reason most of the muslims leaning on that side
Clean! Paradise is Haq, Hell is also Haq!
Don't think that Hell will get filled with to many people
Don't think that if you say I don't want to go paradise and you will be stubborn Allah is going to be upset
He created so many like you and he can do more.
Allah is saying I will finish you and create new ones.
Who are you who are me? weak servants!You will find honor with islam
"religion is advice" this is a word of prophet
who ever takes advice will find honor
if you won't take advice you won't have honor or pride
people Who does not listen Prophets word his honor is only worldy
They will clap for you in the world ,thats right .
When you go their office , they have a sing , writing like this.
so and so, doctor ,moktor,profesor,colonek ,Ofiicer they have sing , 255 00:28:31,080 --> 00:28:33,065 and it's writing like this on it
but ones you become retired they say take your sing and go home
don't walk around anymore show the sing to your kids and say I was this once upon times
Simdi ne oldun?Emekli oldum.
you become retired you are moving to the other side
You did not wake up until this today now you are retired you are OK!
for that all the imams and muezzin wants to retire 262 00:29:05,088 --> 00:29:08,054 You want to be retire huh?
become retired and you'll see what will happen
Allah created you for paradise but if don't follow Allah's orders and do all the forbidden actions that way takes you to hell.
notting else .Allah won't throw you in Hell.
It won't fits Allah Honor throw the weak servant in hell.
but He showed the way to the servant and said I created for you this reason.
I send you holly books and prophets
listen and hold on to these than you are for paradise
I don't want anything from you
if all the humans come together and say Allah is the great Allahs glory will be more?
No! if all the people says there is no Allah will Allah would be less ? No!
Allah will exist
Your honor will be more when you say Allah
as long as you make zikir of Allah
They are saying "O my friend you are saying this words but you have any proof?
asking the foolish ones!Lovers of democracy,communists,Fascists, fools!
They are saying is he exist ?secular ones, Kemalists.
There was a Bilal .Bilali Habesi.Do you know the meaning of Bilal?
No. Our Prophet SAV don't say anything to him. There was a Bilal.Who was he? A servant.
A servant , a servant that forgotten in the corner..How many servants like him they all passed,
Are their name mentioned? No,lasted.
What servant?How many kings come from that day,.
Say,how many of them do you know,ey grandchild of Ottoman?Let you say.
How many name of Sultan do you know? So any sultan passed with glory and honour,do you know their names?
No.But there was a Bilal,chanting Ezan,he falled in love with Prophet..But the others put a stone on him ,to kill him,the servant.
They have said to you..Give up,you are a servant,leave this bewilderment,say that I don't follow the Prophet Muhammed anymore?
Let we lift up this stone,and give you the freedom.
He said Muhammeds foot will step on me instead of stepping this hot red sands
I will find honor and glory by it . They did so many totures to that slave. He is on top of our heads Bilali Habesi Hz.
He's foot on top of our head on our face.Why?
He Loved Prophet and Allah raised his station.
it's going to raise up untill judgment day and after t that too .
What is that puts him in that Makam ?The Loeve he had for the prophet.
There are Thousands like him the all find honur and glory
they took the word of prophet and put top of their heads and they found honor and glory
One day Bilali Habesi Hz was sitting in the mescid and he realized
Alah Allah Allah Sukur Yarabbi he said.
He thinked and said . Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Sukur Yarabbi said.
Peygamber Mescidinde, Bilali Habesi Hazretleri onu diyor.
he says Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Sukur Yarabbi.
Sahabe-i Kiram looking, something happened to Billal. Lets call Holly prophet. Its like here Holy Prophets mescid here his house is just behind
Ya ResulAllah, Some thing happened to Bilal.
Holly Prophet he knows
He said what surprised you this much?
He said Ya ResulAllah, I was sitting and just found out that I should thank Allah, Shukur Yarabbi
that Allah didn't give the mission, the task to you to decide who'd be honored with Islam and become Muslim
Those who don't understand of course, asked what Bilal is saying.
Prophet SAV said, what you said is right Bilal, explain it
Explain why you say so they will understand
Ya ResulAllah, Bilal RA said "I thought" he said. If RabbilAlemin would give this permission to you.
And if it'll be up to your decision, who'd become Muslim, as you don't know me Ya ResulAllah
I was a slave in gaip, unknown, you'd give this honor to Ebu Cehil, before me
Because he was your relative, you'd give to your relatives ya ResulAllah
That is the truth ya ResulAllah he said
That is why I thank to Allah, Shukr Yarabbi, that he never gave the mission of honoring Islam, not to you not to anybody
Allah permits and servant turns that way.
Prophept SAv said, you're right ya Bilal, we should all thank Allah, Shukr Yarabbi
How much you should be thankful, say now!
In this kufur, in this ruined world, Allah allowed you to be a Muslim,
Allah keeps you as Muslim, how much you shoul thank?
You are complaining, your complain never ends than, not in world not in Ahiret.
Come back to thankfulness, we are coming to the month of Shaban, to middle of Shaban.
We are going top speed toward Baraat Night.
Take your Baraat from the right, be written by the good ones, may be they will not write you from the bad ones this year.
If they write you from the bad ones, your case will be dangerous for the next year.
Try to be written by the good ones!
Whatever the hack you did, you did until today.
What good jobs you have done, you have done.
Make you job nicer, if you are doing nice job.
If you made wrong things, repent!
Start repenting from today on, at least repent until that night!
Let the pen write "good" one the Night of Baraat.
Towba Ya Rabbi, say I understood this, I did this wrong Ya Rabbi!
Say Towba for that, Towba Ya Rabbi. let's us all repent!
We are weak servants, let's all repent!
Fortunately our Lord did not give anything into our hands.
We are weak servants too, otherwise people's Pharaohness on the mount of Kaf.
Know yourself, this is a talent during this time.
Whoever knows himself has a talent.
Either fly in the sky or walk on the sea.
If you don't know yourself, if you don't recognize yourself, one day the fishes in the sea will swallow you.
If you fly in the sky, a mosquito will bring an end to you.
There was a Nemrod. When people's Nemrodness gets higher, then Allah's punishment would feel lesser to him.
He finished him with one mosquito.
There was a Pharaoh, he finished him with one cane.
This 21st century's Nemrod and Pharaoh people, they will be finished with one takbeer.
Knowing that, those days are at the door, because fake Mahdis are also everywhere.
Our Master (SAW) said so; before the fake ones come out, the real one won't come out.
Fake ones will come out, 30 strong Dajjals advocates will also come out in the open.
Today all of them are in the open. Their names are also written on the book.
Some of them think they are Awliya but it's written in the book.
Turn around, trun around, leave atheism!
Leave pimping also, leave shamelessness also!
Be whoever you are, you are weak servant, know this.
If you know this, everyday you clean your ego.
Stop there my ego, which stable are you trying to go to today?
No way, it's forbidden to you, you will be human, say!
Why did you do this job today, you did wrong job?
Why did you do this, say, put yourself into accounting!
Before you are put into accounting, you do it yourself!
Don't think that you are off the hook in the world, so you will be saved in hereafter life too, no way!
Not so easy, you will render an account of.
Allah is One not two, Allah's order is also one.
You will come for accounting said Lord of the universe.
If you did goodness as much as a mustard seed, you will get rewarded.
If you also did damage as small as a mustard seed, you will pay for it too.
For that reason, don't be one of the tyrants, Allah does not love tyrants.
The one Allah does not love becomes an unbeliever.
If Allah does not love, you become unbeliever.
Pu your head together, may you be a lord or a general!
Pardon, how could be, we are the president!
Let you may be president!
Eh to the king, let you may be the king!
How is the situtation for the shaykhs, wonder?
Eh, Shaykh is already aware of it.
If he is not in awareness, if in heedlessness he is not Shaykh.
One who stays in heedlessness, can't be a shaykh.
Today, Shaykh alikes, so many are going around.
It will come to you too, deputy will come to you too! What else?
It will come to me too, will come to you too, will come!
Look at your last breath, don't be arrogant!
Not that what I am today, how will I go out of this world, worry with that trouble, think of that trouble!
If you worry about this you will be in safety.
How a person lives, that's the way he dies, said our Master (SAW).
With what you are busy with, with that business you will die.
How you die, that's the way you will be buried. How you are buried, that's the way you will rise.
Look at what you are busy with, what your heart is busy with, you look at that!
If he is busy with provocation and treachery, on the Judgement Day he is saying, you will come not according to your deeds,
you will come according to the intentions of your deeds.
Hey, Master sir, you make us to be scared a lot saying, people are sending messages to me.
different kinds of messages, nonsense messages too, from right and left.
I make myself to be scared. These words are for myself, first.
If you are a sane person it is also for you.
If you are a special created servant, that I don't know.
But, if you are created from the sons of Adam, and your Prophet
is the Last Prophet Muhammed (SAW), you can't come out of this line.
However, you have reared Imams who are saying there isn't punishment in the grave.
That one, the one who raised that one too will see well the punishment in the grave that time.
Is it there or not, you will see when you enter.
If you like, communicate with the ones in the grave.
There are those ones you keep on top of your head. You go and salute too,
Ask him, how are you here, say!
Tell us a little bit, give us news!
We are continuing your orders, however we can't continue any more now.
Send us some news from there, say!
Let's see, what news he will send to you?
You see, your mind is not enough for that.
Ask to those ones that gets the news, they tell you.
What can we say. Keep them on your head as much as you like. Look, they didn't put Bilali Habashi Hazretleri on their head, those people
Yet, no matter how much you don't want him, you must say his name everywhere.
Billions are using his name, and will use.
Unbeliever America, unbeliever Europe, what should we say to Turkish countries?
Could we say that, let's not say that, cause they are sayinig we are muslims.
They are saying the Shahadat. To Arabs, let's not say to them too, come on.
Let's say unbeliever America. In America, they are keeping his name on top of their heads.
They will, look at the One whos is making them, Allah Swt is making them.
He says I love them and you will love them too.
Even if you don't like them, I am going to make you keep their name on top of your heads.
That's what happened. One international prostitute came to Istanbul.
International prostitute, let me talk simple so that it may be understood. Be careful they can sue you.
What suit? May she go to the bottom of hell!
She steps of the alphabet of the Kuran and walks around.
They made a video clip. I am asking to those making clips, how much do you spend when making one clip.
How much do you spend? Is it casual like this? That international prostitute stepped on the veres of the Kuran.
People started to argue saying it is not a verse from Kuran. Even if it is not a verse from Kuran, it is the alphabet of Kuran.
She stepped on it, good. I will step on your religion.
She said I don't recognize your religion and our ministers and representatives sent special invitation for her to come to Istanbul. She is against Islam.
Yes in Istanbul, and some pimps are defending her now. Look carefully, get to know me, a weak servant of Allah SWT.
I am not scared of you nor the ones behind you, I am not scared of nobody except Allah and He gave one life and He can take it any time He likes.
But, Pharoah jobs of your Pharoah ego's desires are not going to take place until one servant remains on earth.
Allah SWT is going to fill this earth with fame and honow again, with Islam.
Go ahead, whoever wnats to destroy it, it will be destroyed. This place is Cyprus, we can talk in America too.
Open the door to Turkey and I will come. I am going to make Zikir gathering in a park like this, come on..
Here is June 28th, they attacked on June 28th, tonight is June 28th, around this time. I was making Zikir. Don't make Zikir.
They said Hodja, we can't let you go. I said really, I will make Zikir in prison too. Are you going to stop me in prison? No, I don't just mae Zikir with people.
I will make Zikir of Allah in prison too. I made Zikir in prison, I did not stpo and I came out, I came out.
Some forgot, I came out. What is in Izmir, what is that place? Fair. Isn't it Izmir Fair? Important place. I went to Izmir Fair.
There are some who forgot me, I made their wedding there. Yes, and I made Zikir outdoors there too. Wow, wow, wow, I am continuing and I will continue.
Whoever wants can join, we are making Zikir for Allah, whoever wants can come. Yes, Cypriots are very brave, I will invite you to a park soon.
I am going to make Zikir in the park, I am going to see how many brave men are there. Not sitting inside the dergah like that, not like that.
They are wrangling, no, come to Lefkose city center, Zikir at outdoors. We are going to close the casino and we are going to make Zikir.
Magosa is Ok too. Magosa and there is an Ottoman cemetery in Magosa.
They tidied up the Ottoman cemetery, atheists built casino on top of it. Go to hell! Yes Ottoman cemetery. Ottoman gave 70,000 martyrs
until they conquered Magosa, 70,000, easy to say.
70,000 people's head were cut off or they were killed with arrow. This is 70,000 for one castle.
Ottoman gave 70,000 martyrs for one castle and those martyrs were buried there in Magosa.
Outside the city walls, they are buried outside the door of the castle.
Kutup Osman Efendi Hazretleri is there too, they buried those martyrs there..
They tidied up the cemetery and they built a casino. Shame on you!
And then Allah SWT is not letting us succeed, He will not let you succeed, it will not go smooth. A government is not a guarantor.
Even if you have 100,000 governments as a guarantor, your affairs will not go smooth. Your punishment is big.
Repent, turn to Allah, give back their rights, say Towba Ya Rabbi, say we did wrong to Your dear servants.
May be you will improve, otherwise your affairs will go down. Wa min Allahu Tawfik.
This is enough for the one who has intelligence. Whoever wants can jump up and down, bounce, get angry, be happy. I don't speak
for you to get angry nor for you to become happy, I speak for Allah. The things I lived through are not right.
I am looking around, in this world, in this country people are not living correctly.
We became corrupted, we have to correct ourselves. Awliya Allah, Shaykh Efendi Hazretleri is saying this for the last 90 years.
Did he sayd the opposite? I did not hear. He is saying this, he said this and he lived through this. He lived by himself too, he lived by himself.
He stood up by himself against these tyrants, with 5 or 10 men.
Alhamdulillah, we were a kid then. Alhamdulillah he did not let us lose the way, he showed us the way and we held on to him.
We are continuing, Alhamdulilah. May Allah not let us to lose the way, Allah will not let the one lose the way if he doesn't want to, Allah does not let His servant to lose the way.
Allah does not leave His servant, servant leaves Allah. Servant loses the way, becomes arrogant, forgets his past.
He forgets his past, becomes arrogant and then shaytan bothers him and misleads him.
Today there are millions who went astray, check yourself again.
Check yourself. What is your excitement for and what is it against?
Is it for the ruling of Allah's orders in this world? That excitement should never end..
It should always be alive, even if you get old that excitement should be alive.
People will say my aim is La ilaha IllAllah, this is what people in this world will say.
This is what they shoud say, this is what we want.
They should say Allah and they should live according to the orders of Allah, this is our aim.
May Allah not mislead us from this aim. Don't run around, agent, poice, this and that. Don't try to scare me, I am not afaid.
Allah did not let me be scared until today and may He not make me scared after today. Therefore, even if you have 100,000 police
I am not going to be afraid, they can watch me 24 hours, I am not afraid and I will not be afraid.
Not in font of me nor behind me I have nothing to worry, so to say!
For those who are with me they are connected to Allah with me, they are protected by Allah too.
I am a weak servant, therefore we have an aim. Islam has fame and honor.
Our aim is to keep the fame and honor of Islam high. Islam is high but we as people put it down..
We are going to keep Allah's name, Prophet's name on top of heads again. We are going to have this on our congress too, we will have this everywhere.
People are going to walk with BismillahirRahmanirRahim, no other way, no escape.
If I live in this world too, I am from the citizens of this world.
I have a right to speak. I lived in this world, I worked for this world and I put an effort.
I have a right to speak and I speak too.
You speak in congress and I speak from here. This much is enough, Fatiha...
Astagfirullahil Azim ve Atubu ilayh, yes, this much is enough for us now.